Well. Having read John’s post and the many overwrought, hysterical responses to it, I can only conclude that Xanga is largely populated by slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging morons.

To sum up: John is a Xanga god who explained that sites with pornographic content will no longer appear on featured content, no matter how much traffic they get. He did NOT say that such sites would be removed from Xanga. The porn posters can continue on their merry way, collecting hundreds of comments and pRopZ as they always do, human nature being what it is. They just won’t show up on the front page.

He also discussed a possible plan to institute a self-rating system, kind of like the movies, so that readers would know what kind of content to expect on any given site.

What the knuckle-draggers thought John said: Adult content will no longer be allowed on Xanga. Teenagers will no longer be allowed on Xanga. Patronizing oppressive grown-ups feel the need to shield the eyes of world-weary jaded teenagers from the grim realities of reproductive urges. Xanga will now monitor your every word. Xanga owners are Nazi fascists. Etc.

Here’s the thing: the site owners can do whatever they damn well please. It’s their site. You get to use it for free (or pay a nominal fee for extra features). They owe you nothing. You are entitled to nothing.

There are some very good reasons for the owners to be concerned about porn on their site. It is illegal to provide pornography to minors. Xanga is entirely unrestricted right now- anyone can view those posts without even clicking a button that claims they are 18.

Then there are copyright issues. A large number of the pornographic images appearing on Xanga are stolen from other web sites. That’s also illegal, and the individual who posts it is not the only one who can be held liable. Xanga can too.

And here’s a big shocking thought for the self-important knuckle-draggers: maybe the owners don’t really want to run a porn site. Xanga is a very broad community with all kinds of users, and they probably like that. But, when featured content is dominated by hard-core pornography, a visitor might well think “Oh, Xanga is yet another internet porn site. I think I’ll go someplace else.” If enough people get turned off that way, we no longer have a diverse community of writers but, well, yet another internet porn site.

A few intelligent commenters brought up valid points about targeting porn and ignoring racist or otherwise offensive material. A few expressed concern about the slippery slope of big brotherhood. But most of the knuckle-draggers simply failed to grasp John’s point, and are apparently incapable of grasping anything but their own ill-considered, self-righteous rage. Some of them threatened to leave Xanga!

Don’t let the door hit ya!


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  1. Ha, I read some of the comments left for him….yep, most of them were completely missing the point.  You are entirely correct in this matter, I think.
    I do so hate idiots.

  2. only those who cared about the ‘throne’ of featured content will be heartbroken…and if that was why they were posting that says something about shallowness…agree?

  3. i have to agree with you 🙂  I commented, not like it will matter 🙂  All some users think about is themselves.  Hopefully they find  a brain :)Carrie

  4. My comment: “So, you are just saying that they would be filtered to be kept off the front page? That they can keep all their subscribers and continue to post whatever they want? They would only be missing their free front page advertisement? Sounds fair to me.”
    They should just dump F/C altogether… seems to bring out the worst in some folks!

  5. I think you said it all, girl.  So true, so true.  (Maybe next time, the knuckledraggers might just actually read the post instead of just a few words from which they draw erroneous inferences.  Or not.)

  6. So after you left a comment on my site I looked at your name and was afraid to check it out.  Normal for me to judge a site by name only and not by content.  Glad that I went against my normal reaction and stopped by. 
    Don’t expect to see a mud filled pic of me in the near future though.  Snowball maybe. 
    Have a great day Rabbit.

  7. I suppose I’m a bit of a knuckle dragger because I feel like none of this would be an issue if parents just watched their kids in the first place. My goodness, if mom or dad would just walk over to the computer every so often to see what junior was looking at we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    I think it’s called something like “child safe software”. There are many programs out there parents can utilize if they are afraid junior might catch a glipse of naughty bits. I guess it’s a lot easier to blame Xanga.
    Gosh darn! Now I’ve got rugburn on my knuckles! heh heh, just being silly now. 

  8. I posted something to John, but I kept my knuckles above my knees. Featured Content is just a popularity contest. I have had a few people show up when my posts got there, thru no fault of my own. I would rather smart and over 18 folks would visit my site, instead of 14, 15, and 16 yr old kids wanting to know how old I am and they want me to AIM them. Well, I am rambling, so I’ll stop now.

  9. Another salute to you, from me. I agree completely with your sentiment. I don´t mind pornography, but really, isn´t there plenty sites outthere to cover that need? I come here for the words and the insights and the humor, the conversation, and I´m aware I´m here on somebody’s terms, which means: their house – their rules.
    Thanks for bringing some sense into that discussion. Well put indeed.

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