Years ago, before I met and married Technogeek (can’t seem to stop calling him that), I celebrated the Winter Solstice each year by going out to the wilderness with Gungaboy and conducting a pagan ritual we devised ourselves. It usually involved candles, solemn speeches, and some meaningful movements or arrangements of symbolic objects. Believe it or not, no ingestion of mind-altering substances was involved. We did it for fun and out of a genuine desire to celebrate the changing of the seasons, the inter-connectedness of life, and other such spiritual stuff.

Fast forward to the present: Tgeek and I now have a Christmas habit we cannot break, because children are involved, even though it has no particular meaning for us and indeed becomes more irritating and burdensome with each passing year.

And so, to give our annual bout of American drone behavior something resembling a point, today we again visited the woods with candles and speeches.

Gungaboy, who has become an honest-to-gods Pagan in the intervening years, put together a brief, child-friendly, deep and meaningful ceremony for us. We expressed our love for each other and beseeched the sun to return for another year. It was beautiful and sweet and didn’t require us to spend one single moment at the mall. Praise be.

Of course, when it was all over we zipped over to Starbucks for peppermint hot cocoa. We are very modern Pagans.


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  1. good for you! that’s beautiful. thank goodness for no visits to the mall & a child-friendly pagan ceremony! we do *not* do the whole santa thing. as parents we refuse to be bullied into christmas by americana pop culture. i put a tree up, but there are absoulpty NO christian ornaments on it!

  2. Ooooh…I’ve just been DYING to try that peppermint hot cocoa. But DH keeps telling me how many calories it probably has. :)Truthfully, it’s the eggnog latte I crave.The Demon Starbucks, it really truly has me under its menacing, sharp-nailed thumb.Sounds like a beautiful ceremony.

  3. We had a solstice party with friends last night.  I am kind of a whore when it comes to religion I guess and I take what seems fun and true from many of them.  But I’ve got to say that on a whole the pagans are the nicest smartest and most fun of the followers.  ps–starbucks is addictive. 

  4. Modern pagans…good one. I’m a pagan too. I put up a tree and worship it till it biodegrades. Some say I am lazy, but I call that an infringement on my religious freedom. Bah.

  5. Fun and meaningful.  It’s everything I always wanted my church to be, but then I grew up in a fringe cult “Mormons”.  Eeeewwwww. 
    Have a great day Your ever faithful (Now with boyfriend)

  6. Haha, very amusing. That little tradition doesn´t actually sound all bad, though over here, the Winter Solstice in historical perspective, is the one night to stay inside, as this is the night where all the dead people from the past year rises to enter the caravan heading to the “dead lands”, and they´ll take all living with them if they can… (insert some sort of spooky music).
    Of course, maybe now a days one could escape every one kilometer, as the caravan would stop by every Starbucks.. Modern times, yes..
    Then have a happy, whatever

  7. That rocks. *Applause* for doing your own thing in this brainwashed country. Whoops. That was a bit….extreme….sorry.
    I hope you have a fantastic end of 2004 and a fabulous 2005 as well.

  8. Your closing two lines made me laugh. This year I officially did not celebrate Christmas. I’ve been slowly working up to this point since 2000. Unlike the previous years, this was the first Christmas season where I didn’t feel a sense of dread resulting from participating in a yearly event that I only followed because of family tradition. Hmm? I could use a venti caramel frappucinno right about now.
    Happy Holidays to you and to your family, Jodi!

  9. That sounds great…and I love Starbucks! By the way, I haven’t been to the American Girl store, but my little cousin is crazy about that store! Now I’m definitely going to have to go and check it out. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Nice to get outdoors, reconnect with nature, and then reconnect with caffeine. Paying tribute to the ultimate modern god of all, that being money and NOT Starbucks, is definitely a pagan ritual.Happy Holidays.

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