A few days ago, Neuroticfitchmom mentioned that she had a “Xanga crush” on somebody. This made me realize that I have one too.

When I was in college, we called this kind of thing having a “scope.” A scope was somebody you often saw on campus but didn’t know. You found him attractive, and looked forward to walking by Whatever Hall at 12:15 when he was always walking by in the other direction. (Contriving to meet your scope for real wasn’t done. Scoping was a fantasy game. Getting to know him would destroy the illusion. Or something.)

Anyway, I have a scope here on Xanga. Somebody I find attractive, not because of his gorgeous blue eyes or the manly way he strides across campus with his pack slung carelessly over one shoulder (and I never did find out that guy’s name), but because his site, his blog entries, his profile pics, and his occasional comments all suggest that he is someone I would be attracted to in person.

No, I’m not going to tell you who he is. It’s not anyone I’ve mentioned before, and it’s not Technogeek (I know him, after all, and he doesn’t post often enough to be interesting anyway). But if we had a big Xanga party in the ballroom at the Ritz, he’s the one I would wander around looking for. He’s the one I would spend the night hanging out with in a far corner, splitting a bottle or two of red wine.

Don’t worry, I would still go home with Technogeek. Scopes are just fantasies.


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  1. !!!!ALERT!!!!
    XangaNazi Strikes Again!!!**************************************************************************************************************************Fourth site to be shut down this week.Please support FreeSpeechOnline, support Non_Featured_Content.

  2. I think many of us have people that we admire like this…I see so many great minds in xanga that I would be amazed to gather them in a room and just talk amongst them…

  3. That’s cute.  I wonder if we’re all “scopin” on the same Xangan.
    Actually, I fessed up about all of mine, on my recent Xanga Love blog. . . and Papa Bear’s feigned dismay (in my comment box) cracked me up.

  4. “…gorgeous blue eyes…”
    I have brown eyes so I guess that takes me out of the running. Ha ha! Well, at least I have an official “transvestite_rabbit honorary 20-year friend” membership card in my wallet.
    Which reminds me…
    Helen Hunt is who I’d cast as You on your sitcom. She’s smart, witty, funny, attractive, and is very well received by audiences. Hunt did  a great job in “What Women Want” plus she has TV sitcom experience from her years on “Mad About You.”  I can see Hunt easily portraying a female “Dave Barry” type character who writes a popular nationwide humor column about life, the world, her daughters, her Technogeek, and her GungaBoy, and how the combination of them all drives her happily crazy.

  5. I hope it’s me…RYC Here is the site where you can read about the guitar manufacturer. one’s we have are 3/4 size (Jay Jr.)They sound great, even with factory strings. I don’t think the 3/4 ones are on that site though, but they are here…'s where we bought them, and they were great. Shipped Fedex to arrive on New Years Eve. Good stuff… there is a site that shows all the colors, but I can’t remember where that is. I’ll ask Carrie tomorrow, and send a link.Jay

  6. Xanga_Nazis  = people doing their jobs and getting rid of people who do not follow TOS, which they agree to follow once they sign up and create a blog. Sorry, but the whole Xanga Nazi thing, in my mind, is ridiculous. Especially when the “Xanga Nazis” are shutting down sites of 14 year old girls that are showing their bodies all over the place. Every place has rules, Xanga is not excluded from that.

  7. Ha, great story. I have a few “scopes” on my commute to work on the subway every morning, but they all seem to be 10 years my senior and already married.
    RYC: Since we’ve decided that the prefix -exo comes from a Latin word that means “outer,” “outside,” or “getting rid of,” we can deduce that the suffix -ex or -ax, when attached to the root ‘TAMP’ or ‘KOT’ can only mean… well, yeah. It may be encroaching on being a little too gross to take this etymological discussion any further. As for Tex-Mex food… well, ditto.

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