As you all know if you’ve been listening to me mouth off for a while, I am no fan of the Bush administration. Pretty much the opposite of fan… what would that be? In any case, I’m also not much enamored of Condoleezza Rice, who collaborated with Bush in his war-mongering as National Security Advisor. Well, now she’s Secretary of State. I fully expect to disapprove of her for the next four years, but damn, you’ve got to give it up for her.

Look, I grew up in the 70’s, and back in those dark ages, a black female S.O.S. was unimaginable. Think Henry Kissinger. Old White Guys still ruled everything in those days. Gloria Steinem made headlines by refusing to get married. There were a few powerful black women, Shirley Chisolm, for example, but she was an oddity, an exception.

Rice is smart. She keeps her cool. She takes care of business. She wields her power comfortably, naturally, as if she knows she belongs there. Many people dislike her politically, but no one doubts her qualifications. In a country that has been wracked with racial strife from the beginning, Rice’s symbolic value cannot be overstated.

So rock on Condi. I, for one, am proud of your achievement. Now please, girlfriend, get us the hell out of Iraq.


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  1. That’s so funny–I feel the same way.  I personally think she’s a “tool” to conceal all that is wrong with the Iraq crap, but YOU GO GIRL!  I mean, they could have had a male tool…she has to be one damn intelligent woman to make it that far. 
    Bush??? HE SUCKS!  Bush told Barbara while masturbating in front of a mirror admiring his big ears…”Let’s spend over $40 million on the ol’ inaugural parties, but let’s NOT put enough armor on the Hummers in order to avoid more unnecessary deaths in Iraq…cuz that wouldn’t make much sense would it?  Using money appropriately and maybe cutting down the 9 inaugural parties to say, maybe, 2???  Oh no, that would be bullshit to a big spender like ME, G-Dub!”  BLAH

  2. I think that true power is standing up to power.
    Condi and the rest of those in power should do what is right, but I agree with your assesment of how our society has changed.  Now lets have an openly lesbian S.O.S. and things will have truly turned the corner.

  3. I guess you’re right in that in DC power was always a white man’s game but when I was a little girl (in the 70’s as well) I saw lots of powerful black women with dignity that could make your head spin. I had teachers who put plenty of fear and awe into me. Maybe it wasn’t power in the big business/politics world but what did I know about that? In my world they had plenty and maybe that’s why Dr. Rice doesn’t wow me so very much. She pales in comparison.

  4. Well, as things “turn the corner” as far as gender and race relations are concerned, we should stop and think. There will be good leaders and there will be bad leaders, regardless of whether they are black, purple, female, gay, hermaphrodite, or whatever. I have struggled with the Rice issue also, for at first I welcomed the idea of a female and a black gaining such political power. Frankly, there is nothing I would like to see more than a black female president. But unfortunately, Condoleezza Rice’s beliefs do not coincide with my own. Her judgements over the WMD were poor, and she was part of the triad who’s lies and deceit pushed this country into a war. (Regardless of the outcome, the premise with which they invaded were at best, poor judgement and bad information, at worst lies and deceit). I have come to believe that she is simply a bad leader. It is unfortunate, for she held so much hope that she would further some of the other causes I support, such as racial equality and equality for women. This war mongering “girlfriend” is not going to get us out of Iraq. Her comments during the Senate hearings last week (see my posting) are not in line with my beliefs that war, although occasionally necessary (as in Afghanistan), is always a failure. One cannot support a person simply based on race or gender. One must also look at their politics.

  5. Perhaps it’s just me, but every time I see George W. and Condoleezza standing next to each other, I can’t help but think of the cartoon mouse duo, Pinky and the Brain.

  6. Hi. Found your Xanga by clicking away. I agree that “Condi” is one intelligent lady but I also don’t think she would have made it without “yes sir-ing” Bush. Bush surrounds himself with people who like to kiss up to him. Had he been our first president he would have crowned himself king and Condi would have worked his fields. The fact that Bush is always calling her “Condi” shows that she is too close to him. I personally think he should show that he respects and values her opinion above their friendship and refer to her as Condoleeza. He never referred to Colin as “Coli”. That whole “Condi” thing shows he’s pals with her and will remain pals as long as she defers to his judgment. She thinks she has power. She has none.I am all for a female president and if she is black even better. But I really hope it’s not Ms Rice. She has the power to tell Bush what is really going out there but she’s acting the best-pal and telling him only what he wants to hear. What a waste of intelligence.

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