My, you’re a curious bunch. Ok, I’ll tell it like it is, just because I love y’all.

Q: Were the high school officials I remember as stupid as they seemed?

A: No. They were much dumber than you realized. Look at this. Some kids at Snohomish High School call themselves “Snohos.” Makes sense, right? Not to the school officials, who banned the Snohos t-shirts because the word “hos” is embedded in it. Dudes, please.

Q: Does the government ever do anything useful?

A: Yes. Just recently the governor of Illinois issued an emergency rule requiring pharmacists to fill prescriptions. You might wonder why this was necessary. It seems some pharmacists believe it is their job to decide what medications people, especially women, should have. Hey pharmacy dudes, there are other people who do that job. They’re called “doctors.”

Q: Can real, grown up women wear thongs, or do you HAVE to be under 25?

A: Ever the investigative journalist, I have spent the day discovering the answer to this question. Yes. They are surprisingly comfortable. Those of you whispering “who would want to see your 39-year-old butt anyway,” please keep it to yourselves.

Q: What was the most happenin’ event of the year so far?

A: Without a doubt it was Tigger’s birthday party yesterday at the Build-a-Bear workshop. All of the luminaries of the second grade were in attendance, and the evening was capped off with a decadent feast of pizza and cupcakes. Sorry we couldn’t invite you all, but it was tres exclusive.

Well, that’s it for today, kids. If you’d like to submit some more questions, Transvestite Rabbit is always here for you.


Some commenters expressed doubt that the picture above is, in fact, Transvestite Rabbit. Well NO, of course it isn’t. Nobody sees my butt except Technogeek!


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  1. hahahaha you are awesome.
    shoalin soccer by all means was ruined. not that i thought it was a particulary good movie, but i think stephen chow is a very HK star, he makes movies for hk ppl or ppl that speaks cantonese at least, thats where all the jokes are coming from. but disney is buying up his movies because they made alot of money in hk and try to put it out in the usa, which doesnt make any sense. so they end up butchering the movie to tailor it to us audience. its sacrilege. leave it as it is or dont buy the rights.
    just venting. but simply put, any movies that is changed, is wrong.
    i think g strings are more comfortable than thongs.

  2. Those school officials need to get a life. As for the thong story, so I take it you’re aren’t posing for the sports illustrated swimwear anytime soon?

  3. Hey if you want to show your butt, it’s your site, it’s all good…. I think it’s total BS that a pharmacist has authority to deny someone a prescription – I don’t care what the prescription is, the doctor had a reason to prescribe it, presumably with sound medical judgement and experience in the profession and of the patient’s history behind it – and some person behind a counter with little experience with the patient’s history and nowhere near the medical knowledge of a practicing doctor can veto the prescription? Don’t even get me started on the “zero tolerance” policies in our schools….there are shades of grey in every situation and rules should be guidelines, not the be all, end all that these people are pushing… Just my humble opinion… Of course I could show them my sword collection too…

  4. IF that’s a 39 year old butt, it’s a pretty damn impressive one!  lol  RYC; The government may gather all of the information about me they care to. Everyone already knows I’m an anti government anarchist at heart!

  5. ryc: I already drive a truck so going to a unibog would just be going to a cooler “truck.”as for your post today, hmm answers seem ok to me i guess, don’t know how a thong would be comfortable though but hey i ain’t wearin it so what do i care?!?!?

  6. I appreciate your comment on my blog, thanks for that. I wish everyone thought the same as you. Interesting ID you have. 🙂

  7. Thongs are comfortable because most women’s underwear had a tendency to migrate into wedgie territory on certain asses. Less material = more comfort.

  8. It’s ok to wear any kind of underwear at any age. Its going to be covered by clothes after all… Now on the beach would be a different story…. Personally I found thongs to be very uncomfortable. I felt like pulling at them constantly.

  9. Interesting…it actually never occurred to me that you might have posted a picture of your own thong-clad butt. I love the emergency pharmacy rule. Pharmacists tend to think they ARE doctors, not unlike the way court clerks tend to think they are lawyers. But hey, I can understand that…it would be very frustrating to be smarter and more knowledgeable than some decision-making professional up the chain from you, when all they have is some silly additional higher education to differentiate them in the first place.

  10. Those of you whispering “who would want to see your 39-year-old butt anyway,” please keep it to yourselves.
    Hahahahaha — you are a braver woman than I.
    As for the pharmacists, they’re just trying to save these women from themselves — how could women possibly make decisions about their own bodies?  What’s your problem, anyway?  (Inset double eyeroll here.) 

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