At the park today my kids were playing with some other youngsters who chanted “no guts, no glory!” as they performed their feats of derring-do.

“You know it, girl!” their mother encouraged.

I’ve never taught that phrase to Tigger, but it could still be her personal motto. This child lives for novelty, excitement, and bragging rights. She will take on any reasonable challenge, and she inevitably triumphs.

I say “reasonable” challenge, because she’s smart. She doesn’t like to get hurt. She gauges risks and acts accordingly.

On another park outing, we watched a pack of teenaged boys flying around the ramps and jumps at the local skateboard park. We also watched them crash and burn. A lot. Without helmets, pads, or protective gear of any kind.

“Mommy,” Tigger asked, “how come there are only boys skateboarding here? Are girls even allowed to do it?”

“They’re allowed,” I explained, “but they don’t want to. Girls are too smart to hurl their bodies into the concrete like those boys are doing.”

Watching a young man skid across the hard, hard ground on his bare back, Tigger winced and agreed.

Back to today… Along with her speech therapist, Tigger gave a presentation to her 1st and 2nd grade class about stuttering. Doing the presentation was her idea, and she spent weeks preparing for it. I had warned her that drawing attention to her stuttering might cause her peers to tease her, but she was unconcerned. Tigger has absolute confidence in her coolness.

The presentation went off without a hitch, in spite of an invasion by a bug large enough to make the teacher scream. Tigger rolled with the interruption and got right back to business.

When I was eight years old, no force on Earth would have caused me to stand in the spotlight like that. I am in awe of Tigger’s bravery, pluck, and resolve.

She’s got the guts, and she earns her glory. Rock on, baby girl.


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  1. The first of many proud moments, I’m sure!I’m not talking to my two this evening as they pissed me off by punching each other repeatedly on the way to our car after dinner! I’m sure they will do something tommorow to make me proud…(Heck I was proud before they began bruising each others arms like idiots!) lol

  2. I am not surprised at all at your daughter’s guts and bravery.  I have always heard that people who stutter can become outstanding public speakers.  She is definitely in that category. 
    Moses stuttered too, you know!

  3. Tigger personifies no guts no glory.  Those skaters with no gear on probably personify another of my mother’s old sayings…”No sense, no feeling.”  This was usually used (complete with eye-roll) whenever myself or my brothers had been particularly foolhardy climbing trees etc! Not much sympathy in our house for anything less than a severed limb or at  the very least a broken bone.

  4. That is awesome, her giving a speech. I think speech therapist are the greatest. My son had speech therapy when he was in the younger grades and now he speaks flawlessly. He even likes giving talks in front of the class. I think there is something about going through that, that gives them confidence or something.

  5. Awww… my 18 dd has a moderate stuttering problem…thank God she’s always gone to private school where they made the kids do 10 million oral reports from K on up…so she got very comfortable speaking/debating in class…:)
    Yer daughter has got the right attitude…:)

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