Fact Sheet: Iraqi War
Length of official combat operation, Operation Iraqi Freedom: March 20–May 1, 2003.

U.S. casualties:

Deaths March 20–May 1 (official end of hostilities): combat, 115; noncombat, 23;

Total, 138.

Deaths March 20, 2003–May 22, 2005: combat, 1,244; noncombat, 386;

Total, 1,630.

U.S. soldiers wounded in action: 12,350 (May 2005)

American POWs: 8 (6 captured on March 23 in Nasiriya; 2 pilots shot down on March 24 near Karbala). All were rescued.

U.S. cost of stationing troops in Iraq: $4 billion per month

Pay attention, people. On May 1, 2003, President Bush declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq. Since then another 1,630 American men and women have died there.

There’s a word for that.


George Bush took us to war on manufactured evidence of a military threat. Nearly 1,800 Americans have been sent to die in the pursuit of Bush’s personal agenda.

There’s a word for that.



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  1. RYC:  Oh, you’re no fun, but have it your way.
    Solemn post indeed.  You’re right–we’re no closer now to whatever it was we were trying to accomplish in the first place.

  2. At first I could say that I don’t know how Bush can sleep at night. Then I remember that a person who never listens to criticism and surrounds themselves with only “Yes-men” probably has the illusion that he’s never wrong. Bet he sleeps just fine.
    Sigh, the best we can hope for until the jerk is out of office is that he finds another pretzel inbetween one of the couch cushions. 

  3. Oh how I wish there were reason, and that we could with one fell swoop remove this demigod from his perch atop the nuclear arsenal and greatest military might ever assembled.  I wish he would stop sepnding my money to kill people needlessly for his own personal aggrandizement.

  4. MORE of MY brethren died at the hands of the NYPD than they did in Iraq…so as the chickhawks see the shit hit the fan & the bodybags i grew up with come home to roost, WHY should i care

  5. I miss being proud of my country… he ruined it!  I was visiting the JFK museum and was talking with some people about how sad it is that the country is going to hell and people don’t seem to notice or care enough to stop it, he has set us back at least 20 years. Thank you for this post.  Who do you think will run in 2008?  I would die if it were Hillary Clinton vs. Laura Bush- hahaha j/k on that idea.
    Excellent blog, very brilliant posting, keep up the great work!

  6. And how many funerals of the brave people has Bush attended? Our PM has attended NONE of the British ones. In sharp contrast to Margaret Thatcher (and I guess Ronnie Reagon) who always felt as if such lives were important to the country.

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