I can hear y’all thinking, “Good lord, what is Jodi on about now? How is she going to connect those things?”

There is a common element in the subjects listed above: lies.

(I know, I ranted about lies just recently, but that was an anti-Republican rant. This is about different lies.)

Let’s start with Cuba. In the 1950’s, Fulgencio Batista ruled the country. He was a dictator and all around bad dude. So the people were thrilled, THRILLED, when a youthful, charismatic rebel named Fidel Castro overthrew him.

Castro promised reforms of all sorts. Justice for the poor. That sort of thing. He looked like God’s gift to Cuba until his firing squads started running around blowing away “enemies of the revolution.” It’s pretty much been downhill for Cuba ever since.

That’s what I’m talking about. People who try to advance their own interests by pretending that their interests are something else.

Take the endless abortion debate. There are people who want to end legal abortion in any form, for any reason. This has proven difficult, because a lot of other people don’t like being told what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. (This explains tattoos and genital piercing as well as anything can.)

Having failed to pass a law banning abortion outright, they now try to ban it bit by bit.

Recent arguments centered around the dilation and extraction method of abortion. “Look how gruesome!” they cried. “Let’s just outlaw THIS kind of abortion, because it’s icky.” (Like any abortion is pretty.)

The anti-choicers looked so stunned and hurt when anyone suggested they were using this LITTLE abrogation of reproductive freedom as a stepping stone to further impositions.

They lied.

On to guns. The NRA and other gun rights organizations protest loudly over even the teeniest restriction on gun ownership. Efforts to make it more difficult for criminals to acquire guns get squashed. Devices that make it more difficult for children to fire guns are shot down, as it were.

Why is the NRA so unreasonable? Because they know damn well the gun-restrictors are lying. Each small imposition on your rights makes it easier to get a bigger one by you.

Israel-Palestine. After all these years, the solution to this conflict is obvious to everyone. Divide up the bloody (literally) land and live on your own part of it. It has never been resolved because everyone involved is lying.

The Palestinians claimed they wanted a peaceful settlement all the time they were blowing up nightclubs and school buses. The Israelis claimed they wanted a peaceful settlement all the time they were continuing to build houses on the disputed territory.

Side note: I was astonished to read that a Hamas official condemned the bombing in London, saying that attacking civilians on public transportation is unacceptable. HUH? Apparently Hamas only applies that rule to non-Jews outside of Israel. Liar.

Conclusion: whenever you think someone is being obtuse for no apparent reason, ask yourself what they believe their opponent is lying about. Chances are they’re right.


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  1. It’s best to listen to both sides of an issue and realize that the truth is somewhere inbetween. Except in the of the Israel-Palestine case. I’m just beginning to think both sides of that debate are fucking nuts beyond help. Must be something in the water over there.

  2. You are now officially by hero. I’ve tried to explain to other people the logic correlation between the abortion debate and the gun control debate a hundred times, but I keep getting blank looks. You just explained it perfectly. I’m so thrilled that somebody else out there looks at it the same way. I’m not alone (sniffling)!

  3. Just like sitting in Civics class.  Yes, politicians all lie.  The lies get them power.  The lies sway popular opinion because only a portion of the public really listens to them.  Most of the sheep just go with the flow, believing they are going to be okay in the long run…”it made sense at the time.  I didn’t have time to look at all aspects of the issue because I had yardwork to do, I had to change my oil, I had to feed the kids…”.  For most, they really don’t care.  I have a co-worker that voted lock-step with her reactionary husband because he tells her to, and her parents voted that way.  She hasn’t had a chance to think for herself, and when she does, she’s kinda liberal.  Blah..enough! 

  4. I don’t want to sound like I’m disagreeing, but did you know that Cuba has the latest in medical advances, the largest collection of national parks, and they are making scientific advances there on a scale unheard of in America?
    As for the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, I have the solution. We move the Israelis to an unihabited section of the Canadian wilderness, move the Palestinians to South America, nuke the Holy Land to a sheet of glass, and if any make it back there, they take their chances with radiation poisoning. Religious extremism needs to be eradicated by any means possible.
    Great post otherwise.  

  5. Extremism,  in any form, is very detrimental.  I get tired of all the rhetoric and B.S. that is thrown out there.  And yes, they may be right about the lies, but what themselves?  In those situations, no one word is the truth.

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