Having finally read “DaVinci Code,” I continued my mission of catching up on best-sellers by reading “The Secret Life of Bees.” It is completely different from “DaVinci Code” in genre, form, and style. But I was quite astonished to find that the two books share, at their hearts, a common theme: the yearning and the search for the sacred feminine.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise, here in the 00’s, that popular interest in the goddess has resurfaced. The Age of Aquarius has finally arrived, and we seek to find the female half of divinity that the relentlessly masculine monotheistic religions that dominate the planet have denied us.

Oh, and along those lines, I’ve also been skipping about Karen Armstrong’s “History of God.” Armstrong suggests that monotheism by its very nature encourages, in fact demands, the violent suppression of other faiths.

Look at it this way. If there’s a whole pantheon of gods to choose from, and you happen to be a devotee of Mithras, you will not be unduly concerned when the crazy gardening lady next door starts sacrificing slugs to appease Priapus. What’s one more god hanging around the neighborhood? But if you are a monotheist, and the slug killer moves in and starts conducting peculiar moonlight rituals, you’ve got a problem. If you believe there is one god and one god only, then the person who worships another god is not just different, she’s Wrong.

History shows that human beings have a limited amount of tolerance for Wrongness.

Suppose your children witness the midnight slug rituals and become interested in Priapus. Now you’ve got an even bigger problem. Your son might marry the daughter of the crazy gardening lady and raise their children to sacrifice slugs instead of worshipping your one-and-only god. You can’t allow that, can you? It would be Wrong.

You can see how, in the right circumstances, this could spiral out of control and result in violence. As it has so many times in the past.

Anyway, I’m done with Priapus. Gods don’t get any maler than that. I’m looking for a deity without Y-chromosomes. I’d better read some more popular novels.


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  1. If you seek a divinity without a Y-chromosome, you might want to check the section of the universe where the real work takes place. She’s probably washing dishes, killing slugs, paying bad old Priapus’s bills and wondering when the hell she’s gonna get a little credit for cleaning up his messes and making the universe function. She’s also very likely pissed and more than a little drunk. Then again, that might just be me. . .

  2. I agree. Anytime you tell someone (either literally by telling them or simply by believing other than what they believe) that whatever they are devoting their lives to is, well, a sham, they tend to get testy. I guess it also doesn’t help that people believe that as long as they are doing something for their god (ie killing a bunch of people), he/she’s got their back and won’t mind too much.

  3. CHARLOTTE HERE! WHEN YOU FINISH WITH THE BEES TELLING SECRETS—–read THE DANCE OF THE DISSIDENT DAUGHTER written also by Sue Monk Kidd.When I was in the Adirondacks this past June I read it and followed it with the entertaining DaVinci Code. You will be touched I believe. I recommended it before on my blog.Peace and perseverance.

  4. Fun Fact for the Day:  YHWH (God of Hebrew Bible) who later became the basis of worship by the monotheistic Judaisms and Christianities may have occassionally had a consort.  There is a pot sherd found at Kuntillet ‘Ajrud which has a picture of a female deity seated next to a male deity with bovine features with the inscription above it “Yahweh and his Asherah”  (you may recall that the God YHWH of the Hebrew Bible had bovine features from enduring flannel graph lessons as a child with the creation of the golden calf …. or maybe I was the only one who had a twisted childhood.)  Some scholars get their panties in a wad and try to say that the inscription really just refers to a hypostatic pole called “Asherah” so that YHWH was just hangin’ out with a pole.  But if you look closely at the pot sherd you will notice that the writing was added over the picture rather than vice versa.  So it looks like Yahweh may have had a wife … my question … so where did she go? 

  5. As a member of humanity with a Y chromosome, I understand the worship of the divine female. Women are just so much more (insert your favorite adjective here) than men. In fact, I have created my own deity, I call her Evelyn. (Evelyn because I like the name, not because I know anyone named Evelyn) She is a 300 ft tall black woman. Not black as in African, African-American, Haitian, or any other race, simply black. She has six breasts, because who doesn’t like breasts? and she is more like the original Gaea than any of the other religious deities out there. She is fun, she is caring, and she doesn’t care if you worship her or not. She needs no proselytizers, and she can manage her finances well enough that she doesn’t need a church to take $$$ collections from her worshippers. She is because I say she is. Whatever she is beyond that is totally up to those who see the benefit in having a female deity to recognize.
    I figured out her various bodily dimensions by multiplying the measurements of a normal human woman with the number three hundred. I came up with some anatomical dimensions that will make you say either WOW! or EEW! depending upon your level of tolerance.  

  6. Thank you. Someone else who recognizes the ridiculous implications of monotheisim actually exists. Most violence in the past and present stems from differences in religion. More people, both martyrs and innocents have died in the name of religion than for any other cause. Better to just accept everything or nothing at all than to ruin lives over something as trival as religion.

  7. Priapism is a medically emergent unending erection infamously associated with the antidepressant Trazadone, I wonder what the connection is? RTYC – All throughout knowing “Tito,” I had a certain prurient wish that he would flip and tsunami his anal aggressive impulses, if for no other reason than…well…what a unique opportunity witnessing that special kind of greatness, but alas it was not to be (and fortunately, the docs, even the interns, don’t have to clean the shit, we just inspire the behavior).

  8. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. It means a lot to me to get some support. I love all my friends here! And, although our religious beliefs are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum I respect your right to believe or not to believe in any faith/religion you choose. It is my belief that God gave us free will to make choices that we feel are best for ourselves. I proudly admit that I am a Conservative born again Christian. But, I don’t believe that means we can’t be friends and give comfort and support to each other. That would, after all go against everything I believe in about treating other people as I would want to be treated. I most always end my posts with a “God Bless!”. You can take that how ever you wish. If you just want it to mean that I am a person who truly cares about the other people in this world and it is my way of expressing my wish for love and peace in your life, please do. So, God Bless!! And feel free to stop back anytime. : )

  9. Hmmm…maybe I should read TSLOB. The DaVinci Code was a good read. I don’t care if my kids end up with slug sacrificers or not. Well…maybe, since I disdain sacrifice of any sentient creatures (within reason, of course.)This does beg an interesting question, particularly where kids are concerned (for my DH et moi, specifically, I guess) and that is, what to do about religion. We live in an area where all the wee ones are getting CCD lessons and are working on 1st holy communions, and where our kids have seldom been inside a house of worship (except for a couple of UU classes which basically taught about being a kind person while doing an arts and crafts project) and do not know anything of prayer – how do we approach an explanation of such things when we do not buy into the monotheistic religion thing or believe in the beliefs that their friends and our neighbors do? Do we just teach them about as much of everything as we know (age appropriately, of course) as a comparative religion course (and just let them decide when they are older) or should there be some foundation? And what kind of foundation, other than one of being a good and kind person?Oh well…it’s too early in the AM for such things, and besides, I have to get my wee ones ready for their first day of (arrrrrgggghhhh!) school.This was an interesting, thought provoking post.

  10. I think being a Libra has given me an improportional, uncontrollable, unrealistic need to right all the wrongs of this world.  It sucks. 
    btw, how were the kiddies’ first day of school?  : )

  11. To the one who pointed out the consort of Yahweh – you ROCK.
    She was also known as Shekinah (as in, the shekinah glory of God that would occasionally descend on the people, the goddess being more personal than the god), and YHVH stands for “Mother, Father, Son, Daughter.”  However, the Levites weren’t too fond of the whole “feminine divine” bit, so they canked it. was the website I learned all of this at.  Glory be to the gods for knowledge.

  12. My only concern is that the New Age cult doesn’t represent those of us that are serious and will not move on to the next religious thing. But a most interesting blog. I joined the site, if that’s ok.
    RYC–yeah, my first two books were published through iUniverse. There are pros and cons to trad and self publishing. iUniverse has just gotten to the point where they’re pricing themselves out of my market and giving me nothing. But that’s just me, I guess.

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