Dubo yubou pubeopuble ubunduberstuband thubis subilluby lubangubuage? Muby dubaughtuber jubust lubearned ubit, uband wube spubeak thubis wubay uball thrubough dubinnuber subometubimes. Wube lubaugh uband lubaugh.

Uband wrubitubing thubis wubay ubis hubarduber thuban ubit lubooks!


20 thoughts on “

  1. Put “ub” before every spoken vowel.Pubut “ubub” bubefubore ubevuberuby spubokuben vubowubel.Be careful about reading it – the “ub” is always pronounced “ub” and not “oob” or “yoob”. Maybe it should be written with double b’s.Consider the following:Wube wubent ubon thube rubolluber cuboastuber.According to normal pronounciation rules:Woobee woobent yoobon thoob roobolloober kyooboastooberIn ubby dubby, it’s really:Wubbee wubbent ubbon thubbuh rubbollubber cubboastubber.(That was in yesterday’s rabbot blog).

  2. We called it “Ibenglibish”…it was just a little different because your inserted sound was “Ib” (long I).
    Hibow ibare yibou tibodibay?
    Isn’t it amazing how our brain filters the extra stuff out so it’s still pretty easy to read?  I read somewhere that as long as the first and last letters of a word are in the correct order, the rest of the letters can be all mixed up and our brain will still process it:  “Berkanig Nwes!  Hruiracne haeidng for Txaes!”

  3. Some friends of mine speak in Abs.  “Habow abare yabou tabodabday?”  I can’t understand a word they say when they are speaking it, but it’s really easy to read.  They’ve been speaking it since elementary school and now we’re all in college and they still speak it!
    I always just preferred pig latin.

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