Dear George,

You’re getting older now, buddy, and maybe it’s time to admit that your hearing is going.  There’s no shame.  I didn’t design you guys to last as long as you do.  That’s what happens when you make animals intelligent.  They find ways to circumvent your intentions.

Anyway, George, for the record, I did NOT tell you to go strutting around Iraq, killing a bunch of Iraqis, pissing off the Arabs, and putting American soldiers in jeopardy.  When you thought I said “invade Iraq,” it was really “Cracker Jacks.”  I just thought you needed  something to eat.

So get a hearing aid, grab yourself a snack, and get your country out of this mess. 

Love,  God

PS… there’s another letter for you here.


22 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t believe Bush thinks God told him to invade Iraq.  I think he just needed an excuse to take out his anger over the crappy prize inside the Cracker Jacks.

  2. I’ve read a few accounts of the fact that he didn’t say this. Or would those be non-accounts? Not-accounts? In any event I wouldn’t accept a BBc report on our president. (If I could help it)I will admit it’s funny…how you copied my topic again! 😉

  3. RYC: yeah, the half a toddler was WAY over the top, but when you are unemployed, love Halloween, and have time to think of WHAT really scares folks, bad things happen. Exploring your dark side, creativity mixed with idle hands and too much time on said hands can be a bad combination. I am unapologetic, though. It was a learning experience.
    I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.

  4. This is part of the reason I go to church.  Where else can you get such crazy ass stories?  A few sundays ago a man reported having a vision of heaven. Why do people always have visions of heaven?  So expected.  At least hearing God telling you to attack people is so whacked that it is entertaining.  Props to Bush for the entertainment factor!  Unfortunatly his entertainment leaves behind it suffering, death and destruction.

  5. Funny funny letter, boy is he confused! My “liberal” ass can not stand that man. Jeez, I wonder if his daddy is impressed yet? That is what this war is about isn’t it?

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