Text of a letter I sent today:

October 16, 2005


Dear American Girl Company,


I am writing in response to a news report of a protest aimed at your company. It seems the American Family Association and the Pro-Life Action League object to your support of Girls Inc. 


This caught my attention because I am a fan of American Girl.  My daughters and their friends enjoy playing with your dolls, and my eight-year-old loves to read the adventures of heroines of past eras.  Your contemporary books strike a chord with her too.  “The Care and Keeping of You” is a particular favorite.  In a toxic culture where products aimed at children often serve only to exploit them, American Girl shines as a truly worthwhile business.


I had not heard of Girls Inc, but investigated their web site after reading the news article.  It seems they provide after school programming and support for girls in low income areas, teaching them math and science, financial literacy, and resisting and avoiding drug use and teen pregnancy.  The organization encourages girls to believe in themselves, to strive for academic and athletic achievement, and to treat themselves with the respect they deserve. 


And so I am writing to exhort you to remain steadfast in your support of Girls Inc.  Do not allow extremist bullies to push you around.  The agency, like your company, offers girls a safe harbor in a fast-moving world.  Don’t let anyone take that away.




Tell them yourself. 



On an unrelated note, my dear husband has finally updated his blog, thereby demonstrating that geekitude is about more than computers.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



24 thoughts on “

  1. It’s crazy that Pro life groups would be upset about a doll company that is in support of helping teens prevent pregnancy.  I would not want my teenage nieces to ever be pregnant. 

  2. Obviously, it’s anti-family to help girls do well in math and science. 🙄 Sounds to me like Girls Inc, is a good organization, although I have mixed feelings about the American Girl doll company since they were bought by Mattel. My daughters, however, love the dolls and I know if we’d had American Girl dolls when I was a girl, I’d have loved them.

  3. Sadly typical.  Pro-life people often seem to misunderstand what it means to be a woman.  They are too busy condemning girls for pregnancy that they fail to hear their voices.  I could rant for a bit, but I’ll save my ranting for another day when I have more emotional energy.
    RYC:  Sorry about the ipod mishap.  I deleted it from my site so that it no longer does crap like that. 

  4. I’m on every bleeding hear mailing list there is.  I’m glad to know that the next time something from Girls Inc comes along that it’s a group worth giving to. The people boycotting probably don’t even buy those dolls.

  5. My daughter loved American Girls, and saved for a long time to buy her favorite. (We made a chart to keep track of her “dolly dollars”.)  I always liked their presentation of girls being strong and active.

  6. I hadn’t heard of the action against American Girl, and I’m usually pretty sensitive about that kind of thing.  Thanks for letting us know.  I’ll shoot off an email of support ASAP. 
    Fundamentalism is ugly in any color.

  7. Girl Inc. is an excellent organization. I discovered them some time back and have referenced their site several times. Sometimes, I just want to go grrrrr…
    Our topic(s) of the week have been chosen. It would be great to hear from you on one or the other. Won’t you join in?

  8. I am going to tell them myself- thank you for the inspiration. I hate it when companies (and people for that matter) let themselves be bullied that way.

  9. I had heard about spat that some groups are having with American girl.  I suppose those groups would just love their daughters to become pregnant from…ignorance!! :d

  10. I own the first five series of their books, the one you’ve listed above, and their cookbook.  We used many ideas from their magazine to help with our girl scout projects.  Loved the sleeping bag graham crackers.  Glad you are telling us about this.  You go, Girl!

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