So long,
Harriet.  I’m going to miss you.  It has been quite fascinating to watch the
Right eat one of their own.  Did you
forget to sign the Oath of Perpetual, Unquestioning Loyalty to the Officially
Approved Beliefs in Spite of Any and All Evidence to the Contrary, or what?

 It was particularly
entertaining to see Bush et al simultaneously assure the Right that you passed
the anti-abortion litmus test with flying colors, and claim to the rest of us
that there is no litmus test at all.  You
can do that when you’re “cool” and “brilliant.”

 Note to self: must
refrain from penning any chirpy little memos to bosses or associates, as I will
be mercilessly ridiculed when nominated for a Very Important Position.  I hope sweet and/or naughty love notes to
spouses don’t count.

 So, Harriet, go on
back to your pleasant life of successful law practice and battering your way
through glass ceilings.  You have done
much valuable service already.  Screw the
Right, they don’t deserve you.


I signed up.      Look out, world, TR will be writing a bad novel, not coming soon to a bookstore near you.


12 thoughts on “

  1. We all saw that coming. I bet that their next step is to nominate someone who passes the ‘experience’ test but is really right wing, and when legitimate questions get raised about the next nominees politics, they will scream about progressives never being satisfied……

  2. LOL.  I’m just sitting very still hoping that there are still enough rational people (otherwise known as liberals in this government) to keep an uber conservative person out of the supreme court. 
    Fundamentalist religion is the hand of evil.  Whatever happened to the division between church and state?  The conservative Christians keep talking about how they are so persecuted…. oh the poor persecuted majority they only have THE WHOLE OF WASHINGTON DC under their thumbs.
    sigh… grumblegrumble.

  3. It’s all very interesting.  Having no T.V. I’ve seen very little of the whole process, but I’m interested to know if the press tried to eat “her alive” as well.  My Mom is very conservative (and a news junkie), and I never got a good feel for how she felt about her.  I think she’s pretty classy myself.  

  4. I found it interesting that it was the Right Wing Conservatives that put more pressure on her to back out of the nomination.  I liked the fact that she was a woman but I didn’t feel that she was qualified since she was never a judge.  There are many judges out there that are qualified enough for the job. Hopefully, thought and consideration will be used for the next nominee.

  5. Your so full of crap, you are one of the most articulate writers I have ever read, and that’s just your blog, you are also funny as hell when you want to be.  I would buy your novel.

  6. I’ve been scratching my head over Miers all day.  I’m convinced she would have been a far-right, anti-abortion force on the court… but for some reason, the other far-right, anti-abortion forces didn’t believe it.  It’s interesting and strange that the right doesn’t trust the President to know the opinions of someone who’s been a friend of his for years.

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