In case you are wondering
why AIDS stories are all over the news today, it’s because today is “World AIDS
Day.”  So I’ll just chime in, because
when I’m not blog-bragging about my kids, I write for an organization that
serves AIDS patients.

It seems like AIDS is all
Africa these days, and to a large extent that is true.  The pandemic over there is overwhelming and
horrific, no doubt.

What concerns me locally,
however, is that folks seem to think that AIDS is no longer a problem in the
U.S.  With the
medications now available, I’m afraid that Americans regard HIV/AIDS as an
inconvenience or annoyance, like herpes or male-pattern baldness. 

Not so.

While the drugs slow the
course of the disease for those lucky enough to get them, people still die from
the effects of AIDS.  And since health
care is far from universal, many HIV positive individuals receive no
treatment.  Even with the drugs, the
disease still progresses.  Some AIDS
patients develop dementia, and live the remainder of their lives with reduced
brain function. 

A lot of young people read
my blog, and this message is for them: 
Be safe.  Don’t let anyone
convince you there is nothing to worry about; there absolutely is.  Use condoms. 
Don’t shoot up.  If you’re going
to shoot up, use a clean needle. 
Protecting yourself is YOUR job. 
No one will do it for you.




13 thoughts on “

  1. Without getting all preachy.. mainly cuz I’ve got my past as well… plus, who likes preachiness? …condoms and clean needles aren’t 100%Awareness doesn’t seem to be helping… a lot of things. We are more educated today about STDs, the dangers of drug use, alcoholism, tobacco, etc. The problem is no one thinks it could happen to them. Makes me sad… so I just drink more coffee and get happy. What? You mean coffee is bad for me too???? grrr.

  2. Also, don’t get tatooed, don’t get piercings… it’s all dangerous.
    And you shouldn’t shoot up anyway.  Really, you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married and if you do choose to engage in pre-marital sex (be it intercourse or other sexual actions) it should be with someone you know well and you should still be tested.
    Yeah, so a girl in my public speaking class just gave a speech on HIV/AIDS.  I listened.

  3. Thanks for the message, Rabbit.  People really don’t talk about it as much anymore, do they?
    . . .I have a couple of little ones that attest to the ineffectiveness of condoms for some folks.  And yes, when the kids get older, I will share how ridiculously fertile we are (in hopes of putting the fear of God in them). 🙂
    And just out of curiousity: everyone in the news is talking about how tons of teens are now engaging in oral sex, instead of intercourse.  I’m curious about how much safer that is, as far as transfer of disease.

  4. Thank you for putting that message out.  If anyone has had unprotected sex they should go get tested for HIV and other STDs – remember you’re not only sleeping with that person but everyone else before you. 

  5. It’s on the rise, esp in married women.  Their husbands cheat on them and don’t use a condom.  Somehow this trend is not mentioned in abstinence only messages. 

  6. hmmm, what can I say that everyone else hasn’t already said. Well, since lots of young folks read your blog (instead of mine), here’s my two cents worth. Don’t get piercings in your face. Don’t wear your pants way down. Why? Well, because low rider pants and face piercings make you look like a friggin retard. I mean, really, it might be a fad, but jumping off of cliffs was a fad for lemmings, and look where they ended up. Pierce your genitals (so I don’t have to look at it) and pull your damn pants up already!
    Thanks TR for the opportunity to speak to the young folks.

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