Midnight Question:  Can one legitimately go to bed when the two
eight-year-old girls having a “sleepover” in the room across the hall
are still whispering and giggling?

And also:  I need a new blog
ring.  I considered Internet Island, but everybody on it is also
in Grownups Without Undue Piercings, or whatever that group is called,
so it would be redundant.  Somebody point me to a new Ring full of
cool people I don’t know yet.


19 thoughts on “

  1. I guess no, to that question.
    I’m curious as to why you need a new blogring.  I actually hate those things, EVEN THOUGH I’m glad to have discovered Featured Grownups because I met some terrific people there.  But if you want to meet a bunch of new bloggers, there IS a blogring I enjoy being a part of — Ellen Degeneris’ fans from Planet Xanga, I think it’s called — that might be what you want.
    I’m happy enough meeting new friends by just clicking on the commenters of friends I already have.  That’s more reliable than clicking on members of a ring, I’ve found.

  2. If we hadn’t gone to bed, we NEVER would have slept.  Eight-year olds can weather that more easily than I ever could.  And I figured they were old enough to wake me up if they really needed to!
    Really?  EVERYONE on the Island?  I like that place, and as twoberry said, clicking on their commenters can really widen the circle.

  3. Two eight-year-old girls? Absolutely. Three thirteen-year-old boys… tougher call. But at three a.m., or so, I ususally give-in to my urge to be prone. It’s worked out, so far.I’m more concerned about teenagers sneaking out of the house, in the wee hours. I watch the kids next door back out of their driveway at two or three, with their car lights turned off. *shudders*My blog ring has failed you? *hangs head*

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