Dear Abby,

Uh oh.  There’s this web site
where you paste in a sample of your writing and it uses an algorithm to
guess whether the author is male or female.  I did it half a dozen
times with various blog entries, mostly the ones about my kids. 
Every single time the cursed thing said I was a dude! 

Now I’m confused about my sexual identity.  What can I do?

Writergirl(?) in Seattle

Late night edit:  12 years we’ve been friends and never have I seen poetry from him before.  Sheesh.  You think you know a guy.


23 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmmm, now I am even more curious about the name “transvestite rabbit.”  😉
    I tried this and it guessed I was male 4 out of 6 times.   I noticed one of the words it highlights as “female” is always.  I thought that was funny, and true.  I have three girls and I must hear that word a hundred times a day: “you ALWAYS take my toys!” “I ALWAYS have to clean up by myself.”  “My friends ALWAYS get to do that.”  As my friend says “Once is always, twice is never.”  Girls think and write in extremes I guess.

  2. Hey it thinks I m a guy, too
    I am not. I swear. I have four kids! I lactated for like thirteen years straight! I have girly toenails!

  3. Dear Writergirl,
    You might consider the possibility that the computer has a virus.  This confirmed, you will have to realize that the computer is male, because only males can be wrong.  Since you are obviously right, you must be female.  Congratulations!

  4. Ode to a transvestite rabbit
    Peering out at the day
    No thought but to sleep when it’s light
    Run around all the night
    Bitter leaf and the grey of day
    Hold no more persuasive sway
    Must needs I find a snack
    Time and again I parade and promenade
    Looking for kinship, looking for god
    Till fealty found and friendship bind
    Tasty treasures now I find
    With zeal and whimsy
    Now I run and with sudden stop
    Here a flutter there a hop
    Cross dressed with no where to go
    Sleep do I and dream of snow

  5. Reminds me of the “All in the Family” episode where Edith earlier in the day was reading a magazine while at the beauty parlor and spotted an ad from a couple who “want to get acquainted” and so she invited them over and they turned out to be a couple of swingers.  After a hilarious half hour in which the truth eventually dawned on Archie, he threw them out of the house, turned to Edith, and said, “Don’t …you …READNOMOREMAGAZINES!”
    RYC:  The NYTimes is being balky this morning.  Even though I’m registered, they’re forcing me to reregister and they’re not accepting due to technical difficulties.  Jodi, I will get that op-ed column by Dowd typed up and in a form if you can see it if I have to retype the whole thing myself.  And I won’t mind doing it, so don’t worry.  I should have time after work tonight.

  6. Perhaps there is a flaw in the algorithmn? I probably write like a guy too…Read the writing challenge below…excellemt…imaginative…kept me on my toes..made me curious…RYCthanks…I had fun drawing to an idea… Peace…Mia Lucia

  7. I’m going to try that too. Oh you’re previous entry. That sounds like a fun exercise to do.
    RYC: I really don’t know why Santa got to the Netherlands first. I never thought to ask. I’m sure it had something to do with the time difference tho. I think I used that as an example.

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