Ah jeez, everyone’s coughing up their goals for 2006, as if
turning the page on the calendar will somehow make them less lazy or provide
them with several extra hours per day in which to accomplish all of their new

I thought momofjenmatt had the right idea.  She made a list of things she would rather
not do, assuming that whatever you resolve at the New Year will never actually

But I’m not that cynical. 
(What?  I’m NOT.)  Look, I’ll prove it.

I CAN meet my goals. 
They just have to not exceed my attention span.  So I’m only setting a goal for the first week
of 2006.

Here it is: There are three essay contests I want to enter,
all with deadlines in January.  So that’s
my goal for Week 1: write those three pieces. 
Hey, if I can blither on Xanga several times each week, I should
certainly be able to write three contest entries. 

In Week 2 I will begin a marketing blitz to rustle up
some new clients.  Anybody need some copy

Wait, I was only going to do the first week.  Never mind about that other stuff. 

I was thinking about making a “T.R.’s Best of Xanga 2005”
list, in which I would tell you who I thought was funny, who I thought was
touching, who I thought should have their computer confiscated, etc.  Is that too presumptuous?  Not that that would stop me.




22 thoughts on “

  1. Go ahead, make up the “T.R.’s Best of Xanga 2005” list, I’ll be presumptuous and say I make the list. But before you make that list, write those contest essays. RYC: You’re very welcome. Peace to you and yours.

  2. Whoaaaa…If you win the contests are there prizes involved that might negate your having to rustle up new clients. If so, don’t get sooooo far ahead of yourself. You don’t want to make plans you may have to change.  See, this is easy…

  3. I can’t really think of anything important that I haven’t been doing so far…so my New Year’s Resolutions consist of:1. do as I please.2. remember that chocolate, mango, pineapple, and ice cream are good for the soul.3. repeat steps 1-3.

  4. I like your New Year’s resolution because it’s something that you can do!  I stopped making resolutions because the guilt of not fulfilling them was too disheartening. 

  5. Yea yea, I’m one of the people who think they write interesting stuff but really it’s just a waste of time- to write and to read……  You’re very good though, and I love your stuff.

  6. Entering the contests would be fun plus the prescpetive of techno kids for the Emma Bomback thing would be great. At least put up the first paragraph of each entry on xanga and have us tell you which one to focus on.  Then you can  secretly ignore us.  ryc–I wondered that about the cookies too but then figured that either people in smalltown Midwest must have expected a fortune cookie from every Asian place they go to.

  7. Happy first week of the new year! I must say you have a long attention span – a whole week! Most people can’t make it through an hour. Good idea though. Here’s hoping you make it through your first week’s goals. . .

  8. You should definitly do your essay goals, because you are good! But you already know what I think about your writing. I don’t have copy that needs to be written, but you can write my xanga entries for me. I can pay you fifty cents a blog. Your best of xanga is a great idea, but you may not have the time if your working for me.Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  9. So to live out my 20 something years to the fullest, I plan on drinking (which i rarely do), and then going hiking tomorrow. My resolution is to lose AND keep weight off. Maybe tommorrow will help jump start that. Take care!

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