It was just me and my eight-year-old today.  We did what any mother-daughter duo would
do—packed up our respective laptops and went to the coffee shop.  Tigger had a history report to write, and I
needed to pound out an entry for an essay contest, per this week’s goals.

We chose a large table and sat across from each other,
sipping our drinks from paper cups and tapping on our keyboards.  After 20 minutes, Tigger said she needed a
break.  I sent her to the bookstore
attached to the coffee shop and continued working.

In short order, Tigger came running back clutching a book
(the one above) that she absolutely, positively, had to have.  “Will you buy it for me pleeeeeease?”

“If you finish a first draft of your report before we leave
here, I’ll buy the book for you.”

With renewed interest, she sat down and wrote, occasionally
stopping to check her reference books.  I
pulled out my best dry humor to make the anecdote I was writing amusing yet
true-to-life.  We finished at the same
time and exchanged computers.

“Read that and tell me if it’s funny,” I said.

I examined Tigger’s report and noted a few missing
elements.  I gave her suggestions for
improvement, along with lots of praise for being detailed and organized. 

I gestured at my computer. 
“What do you think, is it funny?”

Tigger looked uncomfortable. 
“Well, I don’t get it.”

“You don’t get what?”

“What’s supposed to be funny about it?”

I guess my first draft needs some work, too.


EDIT: What the heck happened to my quotes and apostrophes?  Xanga Gods are capricious, to say the least.


18 thoughts on “

  1. heehee sounds like a fun time! RYc:YES Ive read all the books with my daughter.Love the way they were written and did ya know they were written by a guy I went to high school with who was 2 years younger? My daughter is reading the 12th one now..

  2. Cute story! Maybe you should write the report, and she can write the essay. RYC: Tony! Great idea, although semi ex would probably start working for him, and then get killed and, well, that would be bad.

  3. Great story.  I wish more kids read like yours 🙂 .  RYC: Thanks for the comments.  I’m definitely not a psychic, but if I’m right, heaven help us.

  4. What an excellent idea. I love the idea of mom-kid laptops and mucho caffeine for the mom. I may have to wait a couple of years, but hey – you’re living my dream life 😉 G’luck with the essay. Not sure that not-funny-to-an-8-yo equals not funny. The inverse might well be true.

  5. I definitely will not tell this story to the DQ. She will want her own laptop. I like dogmas comment…hehe.You don’t need punctutation. This is cyberspace. We all know what you mean…..

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