I’ve been surfing around a bit, and it seems to me that here on Xanga we have a problem.

Yes, the overuse and in fact abuse of animated graphics, dark
backgrounds, teeny tiny fonts, frames, and excessive clutter has
reached epidemic proportions.  People, please.  No matter how
witty, charming, poetic, informative or otherwise groovy your blog
might be, if no one can read it, you may as well walk around town
muttering your thoughts to yourself.

I realize my page is visually uninteresting, but it is extremely
readable.  If I had the skills to make it look cool and still be
readable, I would probably do so.  But I don’t.  And neither
do many of the people who try.

Tip for the day:  if you have a copy of HTML for Dummies on your desk, take all that extraneous crap off your site. 

That is all.


29 thoughts on “

  1. LOL.. I agree!!!  All the “pretties and music” hang me up!!!
    Now.. my background is dark.. but was it easy to read since the font is light????
    RYC:  Had to take a Hiatus.  Too addicted.  LOL
    Kisses!  Wendy

  2. I have been both bothered by and guilty of experiments gone bad….I wish there was a way to put a cool background up and have the comment fields stay solid…I have seen it done but can’t figure it out…I agree though our urge to be fancy. can make reading hard….

  3. I like my visually uninteresting page.  There are too many pages that take 5 minutes to come up on your screen and then another 5 minutes so you can leave a comment.   In frusteration, I have left these sites in mid-download.   They need to stop the madness!
    RYC:  I always have to remind myself that not everyone has snow.  I’m amazed by how many warm climate readers I have. 

  4. Kinda grouchy, eh?Sooo…last night didn’t work out like ya planned, or what?
    I’d fix up your place, here. (Unless you were referring to mine.)It really could use a change. It’s pink!!!

  5. Amen!  When I surf to a Xanga site that’s so difficult to read because it’s cluttered with busy graphics or background photographs or falling snowflakes, or because the font is teensy, I don’t stay.  I’m often tempted to dress up my blog a little, but I try to keep it simple and high contrast.  It’s better for eyes over 40.

  6. lol… thats funny because just today i put up a bunch of animations on my blog (just todays entry mind you) that i almost never use in such excess but i found myself addicted as i was putting them on there but when i finished they bugged me! LOL… i left them anyhow… it was too much work to take off!
    anyhow, i came to comment on your comment and ended up commenting myself… too much caffeine i suppose… eh hem… back where i was… regarding the thermostat, turning it up is easier said than done since i live with my sister who turns it down to 54-56 because heating the house is “too expensive”…. so when she is home, i just have to sit in my brrrrrrr and complain a bit (complaining warms me up! really it does!)

  7. Thank You!  If I come across a site like that I immediately leave!  I can’t stand trying to read through all the crap.  I shouldn’t have to highlight the text in order to read it. 

  8. Mostly it’s the kids who do it .. and they don’t know enough to realize that most of what they do isn’t compatible w/ all the browsers — and/or — they have no color sense and things clash.

  9. Yes yes yes!  I’ve had some really nice comments on some of my blogs that I tried to backtrack and check out their authors… Only to find myself someplace unreadable.  If you blog you are most likely a secret (or not so secret in my case) comment ho and if you’re site is unreadable, no one will stay long enough to comment.

  10. Right on sister! Teeny tiny fonts, jumping graphic images, and that god-forsaken music! As Bob Geldof says in the movie Pink Floyd The Wall, “STOP, STOP, STOPPIT!!!” I know the word Godforsaken is not normal for an atheist to say, but it just shows how sick of all the tiny fonts, overly animated, and music-ridden xanga sites annoy the shit out of me. Another thing that annoys me is people who get over fifty comments a day, and what they post isn’t even that comment-worthy. So I have made a decision to only post comments on sites that (a.) are actually interesting and or funny, (b.) I agree with, or don’t agree with, and (c.) are on the low comment totem pole. If you already have 57 comments, is one more actually going to make a difference? No. Besides, most of those comments are by people with fewer number of years on the planet than my collection of concert T-shirts.
    signed, Grumpy old man 

  11. Yes, and that’s why I have a boring background, and unflashy site. I read some blogs that I have to highlight the text and enlarge by 150% just to be able to read the dang things. I wonder why I read them… *mutters to self setting off for downtown area*

  12. I agree. But if you really want to see some crazy unreadable messes, check out the blogs on My husband’s neices all have blogs there, if you can really call them that, and I get a headache every time I attempt to check in with them. So I quit trying.

  13. I’ll admit I do have a dark background on my blog right now. I’d like to lighten it but not sure how. I’ve seen many with music and graphics that move with the page, makes it hard to read.

  14. The music doesn’t bother me, since I usually have my speakers turned off anyway.  But I hate having to highlight the area where I think words might be, just so I can read them.

  15. I keep my speakers turned off precisely because the blog music is annoying.  I like to listen to my iTunes collection when I’m online; but if I’m reading blogs the cacophony is awful, ’cause then both iTunes and  the blog music are playing.

  16. Let me know if mine is one of them, a fellow xanga person offered to prety mine up, then I had problems with the font etc… I thought I fixed it, but please let me know if I didn’t, because I agree, what’s the point if it’s too hard to read.

  17. I’ve always worried that my page is visually uninteresting…but I try to make up for it with mundane drivel about my life Good to see you!

  18. I agree that simple is best. I try to do that on mine. Sometimes what one person sees on his/her computer is not what the rest of the world sees. I always tell my students that they should check their work on more than one machine ………

  19. I totally agree.. I just finished reading a blog that was very interesting but I had to highlight the whole text just to read it.  Most of the time I do not have the time to do that for every blog.  I have DSL so I do not usually have to worry about download time but I do remember the days when people sent me pretty downloads that took forever to open.  I enjoy the sites that are pretty and have personal pictures added.. but spare me ones with useless graphics and no text to read.. Or text that you cannot read without getting a headache. I have been guilty in the past of overloading my site with photo’s.  Sorry, to those of you that had problems with it.

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