took me to an Italian restaurant featuring live music in the form of a band
called “Blues Union.”  If you’ve been
paying attention you know that I’m a blues freak, so the name sounded

Well, the
food was decent, the service was excellent, but I’m sorry to say the band
sucked banana slugs.  If you took the
blues, knocked it unconscious, and stuffed it inside a Hefty bag, that’s what
it would sound like.  I’ve heard more
soulful music in elevators and doctors’ waiting rooms. 

So we
gulped down the rest of our wine and skedaddled, ending up at the
bookstore/coffee shop where I spend half my life.  There’s a stage there and the “Island Jazz
Quintet” was performing with, mysteriously, six musicians. 

this was a much more entertaining band. 
Strangely, they were selling t-shirts with IJQ in big black letters on a
plain red shirt.  Is this the IM culture
run amok again?  Have graphics become
passé?  Still, with coffee in my hand, I
was pleased with this date experience.

We picked
the kids up from the Little Gym and went home. 
(Parents, if there’s a Little Gym franchise near you, check it out.  Friday “Parents’ Survival Night” is a Good Thing.  Judging by the relief on the faces of the
other parents leaving their kids there, I’m not the only one who thinks
so.)  Exhausted children went right to

this is a G rated blog, I’m going to end the narrative here, so if you read
this far hoping for the juicy details, you’re out of luck.




17 thoughts on “

  1. No but I was owndering if you took my challenge and talked about something other than the children for a full five min. But I am thinking you talked about how much the music sucked, so it turned out to be a good thing. RYC: That is so disapointing, I was going to give myself a trophy and everything.

  2. At least, at the very least, you have an italian restaurant that is willing to play something that almost, but not quite, fails to sound like Blues.  I would love nothing more than have an italian restaurant that plays any kind of live music.  The classiest place we have in our neck of the woods (literally) is The Olive Garden, and even that is 20 miles away in another city.

  3. Peru Indiana.  And I’ve tried.  God knows I’ve tried.  But Peru has an ancient Indian curse placed on it where anyone born here will inevitably return no matter how hard they try to escape.  Shit, my best friend moved to Arizona, and the event horizon is still strong enough to pull him back (he’ll be moving back in June).
    Hopefully grad school will take care of that, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Jazzy blues. I was playin some yesterday with my son, it was a kind of father/son reunion. It’s nice to get to go out on dates once in a while. Let’s us think and act like young lovers again. Did I tell ya that I love your sense of humor?By the way, ever hear of a band by the name Rusty Truck?

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