Tigger: Mommy, can you get me some cooler music?

TR: What constitutes “cool music?”

Tigger: (rolls eyes) You know, cool music, like Hilary Duff,
Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and Green Day.

TR: Those are cool?

Tigger: YES!

TR: So, teenager music is cool, is that it?

Tigger: It’s not teenager music, it’s cool music!

TR: Ok, well, I’m not too familiar with those, um, artists,
so I will have to investigate and see if that stuff is appropriate for you.

Tigger:  Mommmmm, all
my friends listen to them!

TR: Yeah, well, it’s still my job.

Help me out, Xangan friends who are cooler than moi, are any
of those “artists” clean enough for an eight-year-old?

Thanks for all the get well wishes, but they didn’t
work.  Please wish harder!




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  1. I know this is a Christian site, but it gives really helpful reviews of music with good moral standpoints… great for parents trying to decide what their kids can listen to….  Plugged In

  2. I can’t bear to listen to them long enough to be able to tell you, but I think Hillary Duff is the safest choice. I guess I don’t worry too, too, too much about my two’s listening habits, but they haven’t asked for anything specific outside of some folk favourites(which often contain some rather mature themes, now that I think about it.) They are very fond of The Killers and The Beatles.

  3. Teenager music??? I think not. Those artists (and I use the term loosely,  very loosely), minus Green Day, are geared (read: marketed) right to her age group! Honestly, you need to stop listening to blues and check out some newer stuff.It’s pretty good. And then you will be “in the know”. Won’t that be cool???

  4. hmmmm define ‘clean enough’. my kids are hooked on andrew lloyd weber soundtracks (esp. joseph), and that music is quite ‘cool’ imo, in particular the soundtrack to jesus christ superstar (70’s style rock stuff w/ really passionate soulful singing). and they like hilary duff b/c of her saturday morning tv show (i think it’s lizzy mcguire). britney is a party girl, not someone i want my girls to emulate. green day are bouncy/happy/’sold-out’ punk which have occasional expletives (but i’m certain that wal-mart only carries ‘cleaned-up’ versions of albums).lol my kids can’t stand “daddy’s cool music”. it’s hilarious (well, only to me) when lea accidentally switches the cd changer in the minivan over to my nile or vader cd’s. the kids howl and cover their ears, and lea frantically jabs the ‘switch cd’ button.

  5. Yeah.. Green Day deals with a lot of sex, drugs and masturbation (but they’re amazing song writers). Spears, Duff and Lohan may not really “hurt” her.. but the three of them do play a big role in wrecking the self esteem of the way girls think about their bodies.. my opinion though

  6. I think Hilary Duff is your best bet – besides the fact that she’s lost like a million pounds in 6 months or something, she’s on record saying that she cares about being a role model.  Her early albums are probably the best for appropriateness..

  7. I don’t know about slut puppy Brittany, but I’ve watched Lindsay Lohan in movies and she’s quite talented as an actress. I don’t know her music. I saw one Hilary movie and she is a crappy actresss, but seems clean enough. Look online and check lyrics to see how suggestive they might be. Check out a music video or 2 and make sure it’s what you would approve of.

  8. The more recent Spears albums are much more…  Adult.  One example of this is a newer song, “Touch of My Hand,” which is completely about self-pleasure.  The earlier stuff which made her famous (ie. Hit Me Baby) is much more boy-band teeny-bopper kind of stuff.  Although Green Day has some great stuff which would be suitable for anyone, the album itself is much more late teens and does contain “explicit lyrics.”  Hilary Duff is very much geared towards Tigger’s age group; her records are produced by Disney, if I remember correctly.  In fact, try the Disney web site and see if you can locate a list of their sponsored musicians.  Also, another one to look into would be Jojo, who came out with some decent teeny-bopper music awhile ago.  It’s very hip-hop. 
    If you’re still looking for ideas, just head over to any big music store and ask a sales rep.  Most know what comes in, and are pretty familiar with the younger-generation music.
    I have no idea how I know all that.

  9. Keep the Green Day for yourself…
    and then, make certain you are on the other side of the house when your DD is playing that bubblegum crap cool, teen music– for your OWN SAFETY.
    *wink, wink*

  10. Get her in the Beatles:). A quick way to see if an artist is appropriate is to look up the lyrics in google. I had to do the same thing for my 12 year old brother. He tried to sneak in Nelly and some gangster rap. That ended real quick:P

  11. Honestly, I’ve never been one to worry much about song lyrics. If the lyrics are going to twist my children in some horrible way, then Husband and I haven’t been doing our job. I suspect all of the items on your list have elements that might be deemed inappropriate, but mostly they are just nauseating. Of course, since she IS only eight (wow, they sure do start early these days), you might want to stick to their earlier works (all of them) because they are probably  more teeny-bopper-ish.

  12. I tend to buy my 9 year old the Nickleodean CD’s and the Disney CD’s with hit songs.  Those are good choices, and always clean, and have a mixture of the artists that your daughter is requesting.

  13. Hilary Duff is clean.  The others…not so sure.  Depends on your idea of clean.  Brittany doesn’t look or act clean so I wouldn’t let my kid listen to her…at least how she is now.  I think Lindsey is clean. 

  14. I love Green Day, but I wouldn’t recommend them for an eight year old (teenager yes). The girly-girls I have no idea about. I didn’t listen to girly-girls sing even when I was one. 🙂

  15. If her girlfriends are listening to those singers, then you can bet Tigger has already heard a lot of it. Look at it this way:   If she understands what they are singing about, she’s old enough to hear it.  If she doesn’t, then it will go right over her head, and all she’s done is waste some time.  A kid with parents who exhibit moral behavior,  won’t be ruined by some disgusting lyrics in a silly song.

  16. The answer is no…  Now, my stepdaughter is Tigger’s age, and she likes Green Day, but she doesn’t understand what the songs are about, either.  No way I’d let Princess listen to Britney, though — her songs are being stripped to at clubs anymore.  Toxic, Touch of My Hand, Slave 4 U… hell, I’ve stripped to Toxic for my husband before…lol.  Lindsey Lohan?  Bulimic cokehead?  No thanks.  I don’t know anything about Hillary Duff, though.
    That’s what I think about it.

  17. Green Day has a Parent Advisory sticker…Go for sweet Hilary…or how about Zoe Girls? My daughter likes them (girl Christian band…)
    Britney is trash-o-rama…

  18. I agree with the Others, early Beatles music is good if you could get her into it. Or Veggie Tales. Veggie Tales is probably the safest bet (I like the Cheeseburger song!) but probably not the coolest. In fact I wouldn’t know “cool” if it bit me on the ass.
    Oh that Pat! He’d probably tell me God’s punishing me with these Miss Clairol resistant gray hairs. It’s Divine retribution for my evil sarcasm. Don’t listen to him, you got the flu ’cause you breathed in some nasty germs, oy. Now if you had a stroke then that’s different. (I need to remember where that church sign generator site is. Had it once, but then I forgot.)
    Hope your feeling better soon. Drink lot’s of fruit juices!

  19. I would suggest staying away from the likes of Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears.I say this simply because they suck.Green Day is catchy.I’m going to guess its appropriate for a child of eight… the lyrics are decent [and not a single “f-bomb”]. Also, I’m pretty sure that there is nothing in there about the fact that Santa doesn’t actually exist.

  20. Hilary and Lindsey are the most decent, music-wise, of that list, but when you have pared down this list from the “for mature audiences only” bit, you have a girl who clearly does not even sing the music they slap her face onto, and a drug abuser with an eating disorder. Not really the best role models for kids — of course, the music world is thin on the ground with those.

  21. Don’t be silly, you don’t have the flu because you’re a bad person, you live in a city where it rains everyday because you’re a bad person.
    I suggest a steady diet of Clapton for Tigger.

  22. First you need to tell me how you did that with the sign, because that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I think they are fine, but I am not sure how strict you are, i am also not sure of all lyrics, as I don’t listen to any of it. I am alsmot positve Hillary duff is really clean. green day might be questionable. but hey, I listened to the musical Hair when I was her age and I turned out okay ( I think )

  23. HOnestly, I’d rather have my kids listen to Green Day with all their expletives than have them listen to any of those others. They are the epitome of explotive marketting to young girls. I wouldn’t buy any of them for my kids.

  24. When my daughter lived at home, I USED to know who was cool.  Now when I hear her music all I say is “who’s that”?
    At eight years old I thought Disney music was pretty cool, but that’s not the way it is these days!

  25. Clueless!!  But, I wanted to say that I love your church marquee!  It is probably mostly because you are bathed in the sin of cross dressing. (heehee)

  26. Depends on the song……….Hillary Duff isn’t that bad, but Lindsey’s songs content can be a little adult, not for kids, not that it’s bad, but it’s just not for kids.   Now, Britney, needs to put on clothes, she is awesome singer but her songs are suggestive.  Green day, they are okay, but not sure about an 8 year old
    Of course, don’t ask me I like Nickelback and Puddle o Mudd ……….idk……I just like rock-n-roll!

  27. ryc: blahblahblahseriously, you need to turn your kids onto some nice death metal. my 1-yr-old loves nodding his head & drumming along to cryptopsy, which has an amazing technical drummer in flo mournier and an english teacher in vocalist lord worm.

  28. I LOVE the Monkees!!! And their TV show, love it love it LOVE IT!!! I say rent a couple of DVDs of the Monkees and get her lovin’ ’em and then get some Monkees CD’s!!

  29. Honestly I doubt that the music will impact her even if it isn’t completely wholesome. Most probably she wont know what they’re talking about and most of the lyrics are taken over by the catchy beat. As a kid, I think it’s just hard for parents to deal with their children listening “unclean” songs – the children themselves aren’t aware of how “bad” some songs really are.

  30. No clue on the tunes. I love jazz  and the blues!
    But what’s your take on Pat Robertson?  Sometimes I wonder what planet he is from! 

  31. Hilary is the best bet.  Lindsey’s personal life and afflictions make her less desireable, her music was just ok.  But for me and my house, definately not Brittany or Green Day for an 8 year old.

  32. Hillary is safe…. I think Green Day may be a bit old….  Some of Britney is ok (her earlier stuff)….  I’m not familiar with Lindsey Lohan’s music.
    Warning!  Hillary and Britney’s music is going to drive you nuts!

  33. how is this a Christian site when you talk about your love for blood and tranvestite bunnies (which i finds funny and uber awsome).  Besides the fact that every one of those artist sucks besides Green Day soesnt really matter. Tigger if awfully young but will influenced by media someway. i think the only music you may be able to trust is classical or maybe you should try vegetales. and maybe you should try explaining to tigger that music is about art. and self excpression (bands like green day), not about “being cool”.  anyways good luck and have a nice day.

  34. Hilary Duff id okay. Britney and Lindsay are focussed on their own sexuality-never trust those two with a secret-and Green Day has some adult themes plus language. You’re a good mom though, to have checked up in the first place. -Raina

  35. Trust me, if you can trust a stanger, that music is not bad at all. But if you’re still worried about the advisory labels, you can always buy the CD at Walmart completely edited. Hope I helped!<3Mi.

  36. I would say no on the Green Day. Their new album is about politital activism and, unless she’s opposed President Bush and the war in Iraq and other political issues, it would be over her head. What I suggest is getting a $15 iTunes music card (or the music downloader of your choice) and download their popular singles for her so that she can sing allong when they come on the radio with her friends. She’s only going to like those CDs until she’s about 14 anyway.

  37. you dont know me, but your question is one that i would like to offer advice on…Hilary Duff… clean enough, but ewe!Linsey Lohan… a worshiped teenager that has the musical talent of a dieing frog…Brittney Spears… do you want your eight year old doing stripper routines and running around saying things like “hit me baby one more time”?and green day? love them… would not let an 8 year old hear it… or a 12 year old for that matter…

  38. If lyrics worry you, hook your daughter up with some great classical music. You know, Grieg, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Rossini. Just keep her away from Wagner, that stuff will make her into a Nazi. Who needs an eight year old Nazi?

  39. Lindsey Lohan- some of her songs deal with older stuff (i.e. her dad who abandoned her) but she’s okay
    Hilary Duff- I hate her, hate her, hate her. But she’s kid-appropriate.
    Britney Spears- Her first two albums are fine, but don’t ever let your daughter listen to her later stuff (“I’m A Slave For You”, “Toxic”, and “Do Somethin” in particular)
    Green Day- love them to death, but NO. From their most popular song, American Idiot: “the subliminal mind *F word* america”.
    No offense, but your daughter/her friends have a strange sense of cool. But whatever, I remember being into the Spice Girls at that age even though they were o-v-e-r.

  40. I’d say Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan would be OK for an 8 year old. Britany Spears and Greenday are more of 12 and over. The best type would probably be Hilary Duff. She doesn’t cuss, she accually wears clothes, and doesn’t have bad things in her songs. I personally don’t like her. but that’s cuz I’m older, stik wit Duff or Lohan and Definatly don’t give her Ben Folds

  41. Love the Pat Robertson bill board. Too  funny.  I LIKE teenager music. I have taken my son to a Britney Spears, NSync, Backstreet boys and Wierd Al Yankovick concerts.  Now he likes Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan, and Green Day too.  Not a bad thing. At least I can sit through the concerts without ear plugs and worrying about whether or not there will be pot smoking at the concert and people passed out in their own vomit on the stairs!  

  42. out of those…Hillary Duff is the best one.  My girls listen to all those you  listed above and more and they are 15 and 12.  I listen to the whole CD (lord help me at times because it is hard to do) before I let them buy it.  They usually borrow a friends for me to do so.  Green Day has a few ok songs but I don’t think an 8 yr old is ready for that one. 

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