Here in Washington
State, the legislature is debating
a gay rights bill, as it does every year. 
Every year they turn it down, even though it is nothing radical.  No gay marriage, no fashion seminars, no
forced viewing of Brokeback Mountain.  It just adds sexual orientation to the list
of things for which one cannot be discriminated against, along with gender,
race, and the inability to carry a tune.

But this might be the year it passes, because one of the
Republicans has had a change of heart and announced his intention to vote
yes.  Also because a coalition of Big
Companies has sent a letter in support of the bill.

The companies include Microsoft, Boeing, and Hewlett
Packard.  I told you they were Big.

Here’s the foolish part. 
The local representative of the Religious Right, Rev. Ken Hutcherson,
has announced the need for all right-minded individuals to boycott said Big

First of all, don’t you think the RRs should quit boycotting
stuff?  After all, their boycott of Disney
World failed to change Disney Corp’s gay-friendly policies.  Their boycott of Starbucks did not force the
company to stop printing quotes from Evil Liberals on their paper cups.  As far as I know, the recent boycott of the
American Girl company has not resulted in the company disavowing their support
of the Girls Inc organization.

And those companies are easy to boycott.  Nobody really needs a high-priced doll or an
exorbitantly priced cup of coffee.  You
can just say no.

But Microsoft?  I’d
like to see you try.  If you are reading
this, you are using a Microsoft product right now.  Traveling anywhere soon?  Are the RRs going to refuse to board Boeing

As for why the RRs think it is perfectly ok to discriminate
against gay people, even though Christianity is supposed to be about love,
well, I’ve given up trying to figure that out.

UNRELATED NOTE:  Holy moly, the post below this made the poor
man’s featured content (for “Classic Xanga” sites), and the unwashed
masses came pouring in.  I don’t know whether to be proud or to
run away screaming.


22 thoughts on “

  1. The true goal of this kind of thing is to bring what is basically non existant pressure to bear on these companies.  I hope the RR’s drop off the face of the country and go somewhere where all they have to see is white chrstian faces.
    No really realistic for that either right?

  2. I am sure Microsoft is scared, ( said sarcastically), I think the RR’s need Microsoft more than than Microsoft needs them. Let me just say my standard line, What is wrong with people?

  3. Just sitting here trying to imagine life without Microsoft.  Not that I like Microsoft, but you can’t seem to do anything without them.  Except maybe your laundry, but I’m not sure on that.  I think you have to have B. Gates sign off on your method or something.

  4. sadly, the biggest deterrent to christianity is christians.w/out microsoft, there are linux and mac, either of which rock quite hard. lol believe me there are lots of ppl already boycotting microsoft, and they’re not rr.

  5. Congrats on the featured content
    As a lesbian, I am incredibly emotional about this topic. It’s ridiculous how people can’t stand to see anything different then themselfs.
    Shame. Shame on them. Unfortunatly, I live in Texas, where gay marraige has allready been outlawed as of last November 😦

  6. Holy CRAP you got a lot of eprops. See what happens when you steal an idea from me? (the sign…LMFAO).About the boycotts, I feel like eating from freedom fries right now. We are still boycotting France, aren’t we?

  7. Companies need liberals and gay people and all sorts of people (except possibly religious right members) to provide new ideas.  Corporations that want to make money will have to stop discriminating.  And boycotting Microsoft, that would be a challenge.  Might be fun to try.

  8. “As for why the RRs think it is perfectly ok to discriminate against gay people, even though Christianity is supposed to be about love, well, I’ve given up trying to figure that out.”
    My thoughts exactly.  Great post!

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