Most of you
undoubtedly know that the Seattle Seahawks are playing an Important game this
weekend.  And even though I live here,
most of you, who live elsewhere, know more about the Seahawks than I do.

I’m often amazed
by the inability of sports fans to comprehend my indifference.  My own father, who has known me for 40 years,
suggested that I must now regret my lifelong disinterest in the game.  My response: What game?

The kids at
Tigger’s school were all abuzz about the Seahawks’ chances to win the pennant
or whatever it is they win this year. 
When Tigger confessed her ignorance of this impending momentous event,
explaining that no sports fans lived in our house, the boys taunted her.  They had never imagined such perversity could
exist in their community.

Before I agreed to
marry Technogeek, I made him sign a contract stating that he would never watch
televised sporting events.  I made an
exception for the local hydroplane races, but he’s not allowed the shout at the
screen.  I often line my rabbit’s cage
with the current sports page, as no one wants to read it anyway.

Today’s front page
contains a dire warning: the police will be out in force this weekend and will
ticket, arrest, or possibly clobber anyone who shows up in a downtown bar
sporting anything but Seahawk colors. 
Tourists beware.

So, if the
Seahawks go to the Superbowl, we may have a party at our house.  We will offer guests good food, good booze,
and amusing conversation.  But the tv
will be off.

EDIT: Lest you think I deprived my poor husband of his manly right to obsess, see his new post.


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  1. I am fortunate.  My husband has no interest in the usual male-oriented sporting events, with the exception of some of the car stuff.  I can put up with Boyd Coddington’s bickering crew on the hot rod show occasionally in exchange for not having my entire Monday night hijacked by football.

  2. Wear brown and orange colors to honor the mighty Cleveland Browns who will be Super Bowl bound soon.   Your father should have taken you to football games so you could enjoy  the madness.   Go Seahawks for now!   BTW, have you seen my spiffy new Xanga site?

  3. I had no idea that the Seahawks had a big game, but then, I don’t follow football either. We lived in Buffalo, back when the Bills went to the Superbowl 3 times in a row (and lost each time) and I decided I liked things much better when the Bills sucked and I didn’t have to watch everyone I knew go through football insanity.

  4. I am beyond thrilled to find another non sports fan. I don’t know if you read my entry awhile ago about leaving my daughters college ( big 10 ) football game at half time because it was torture. How was I supposed to know they would turn it around and win for the first time in a million years? ( truthfully, I still wouldn’t have wanted to stay )

  5. (1) Isnt Argy Bargy the name of an album by Squeeze? (2) I can live without football, but if LC had asked me sign such a contract, I would refer to her as my ex (do not expect to see me when the Major Championships of golf are on); (3) a haiku, a limerick; and one other will do.

  6. I’m not a sports fan either, neither is my son.   Ours is the love of music…but that’s for another post. 
    Truth be told,  we too,  got all ‘caught up’ in the madness surrounding the Astros and then University of  Texas, of course.  We even wore our UT t-shirt the next day.  But did we stay up to watch the last minute manuevering that resulted in the win?  NO…the replays were fine by us.
    A pre-nuptial no sports clause…very creative, girl!

  7. I am not a sports fan either.   All that incessant talking and commenting and replays and NOISE just about turns me off.    I will watch a little while with my hubby who is particular about which sports he watches.    But only cause I love him so much and enjoy a little conversation with him between plays.

  8. While I admit I watch pro-football, I don’t keep up with college football at all, especially my old college team.  When people ask me how my college team is doing, I reply “I don’t know.  Are they playing now?”  It was really annoying when they won the baseball college world series, and I hadn’t been paying attention to it.  So, I can kinda understand how you feel.
    Sign a no-sports tv contract?  That’s a little rough.  I would have to be severly drunk with love to sign a contract like that.  Even though I don’t watch that much, it would be hard to take what little bit I have away 🙂
    RYC – Thanks for the idea.  When I get around to having kids, I can’t wait for telemarketers to hear them teething :).

  9. Honestly, Dogma! Everybody knows that the Braves can’t play the  Seahawks, they’re in different leagues.  The Braves always play the Browns.  I had this carefully explained to me by your father once, and now I consider myself an expert!

  10. I’m glad you mentioned Superbowl – I was sitting here thinking what important sports event is coming up.  LOL!  We’re not big sports lovers in this household either.  When I was in Seattle, I went to a Mariners game (baseball).  We got to the game early and took pictures of the players arriving early but I have no idea who they were – some kid next to me was telling me their names. 
    I hope the Seahawks do well. 

  11. I’m kind of a rarity among guys.  I always thought sports were overrated and boring.  Watching an army of men fight over a ball or a puck just so they can run it over to one side or another doesn’t really scream entertainment to me.  Races are the worst, and here I am, living just an hour and a half from the Indy 500.  I’m even further ostracized by my loathing of “professional” wrestling.  It’s so funny to consider the kind of guys that love watching two big, sweaty guys rolling around with each other in the ring, have all sorts of dramatic rivalries and shouting matches outside then ring, and then think I’m gay for NOT watching it.  I mean, come on.  Could you get any more homoerotic than professional wrestling?  It’s like a soap opera for guys.

  12. sports, whatever…except for figure skating and the Olympics (selected sports)…I watched my daughter play soccer, and would have enjoyed that except for all the other parents screaming and yelling at the kids. Not my thing.

  13. Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one raising “deprived” children…or is that depraved?  I have learned to somewhat keep track of the football games because it is a GREAT time to go shopping! Everyone else is home watching the game!

  14. You are not alone.  dh will occasionally watch sports but he’s not a rabid fan of anything and we almost never see football.  I think the last superowl televised in our home was in 1997. 
    I wish there were more like us, TV, then maybe more school money would go to education and less to new football uniforms. 

  15. I also was born without the sports gene and I have to endure a great deal of grief because of it. When my friends mention football around me they always add “Mark, it’s the oblong brown ball, not the big orange one.”

  16. WE are a non-sports minded family as well. We prefer intellectual pursuits. Reading, computers, video games (hand-eye coordination ya know) and the lost art of conversation. In my personal opinion, sports are for people who are bad at sex.

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