Back in the groovy 70’s, some teacher or other showed my
class a movie called The Point.  This animated film, narrated by Ringo Starr,
tells the story of Oblio, a round-headed child born in a village of
pointy-headed people.  When Oblio gets
uppity and shows up the son of the chief bad guy in a game of Triangle Toss, he
and his dog, Arrow, are exiled to the Pointless

If you lived through the 70’s, you probably already know the
“point” of the movie.  It’s ok to be
different, and everyone has a point, even if it is not clearly displayed on the
top of their heads. 

Side note: The Point
spawned the hit song “Me and My Arrow,” which was a perfectly nice song before
it was co-opted by corporate America
and became the theme of a car commercial. 
Kind of like Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” will now forever be associated
with ketchup.

Anyway, when I stumbled across a DVD of The Point, I picked it up for my kids.  It was mainly a nostalgia move on my
part.  Surely the subtlety-free film would
not resonate with my new-millennium kids, would it?

Much to my surprise, Tigger watched it three times in a row
the day she opened it, and has now viewed it a total of 12-15 times.  And last night, with Tigger away at a slumber
party, Little Bit and I indulged in a pizza and movie night.  She chose The
for the evening’s entertainment.

What do they like about it so much?  Tigger’s favorite scene has three extremely
round and bouncy dancing women cavorting merrily through the forest.  Just like Oblio, she has no trouble at all
seeing the Point of that.  The movie ends
happily.  Oblio brings the lessons he
learns in the Pointless Forest
home, and everyone gets it.  Who needs
subtlety, realism, or dark portent? 

Give us optimism and joy.



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  1. I was 10 in 1970, I don’t remember ” The Point”. Maybe I was too old. O maybe i missed it in one of our many moves. Wonderful post Again. I can’t wait until you have a best selling book, or I read you in a magazine. Your name probably won’t be transvestite_rabbit, but I bet I recognize your writing anyway.

  2. My gosh!  I didn’t realize everybody watched The Point!  I always thought it was just we “liberals” living in the NorthEast, LOL!  For those of us who saw it before the music became so bastadized, Me and My Arrow will always be about a boy and his dog.
    Harry Nillson was a man for all times. 

  3. Too old to recall if  I ever watched the movie, but I love that optimism and joy are the theme.  Nothing says it better than being optimistic and joyful!

  4. Kids are a lot smarter than modern media moguls (cool alliteration huh?) give them credit for. …I have never heard of that film. Neither has LC. If I see it for sale, I think I will pick it up for the DQ. She doesn’t have enough DVDs presently….(rolls eyes and shakes head at the conspicuous consumption of supposed tree-hugging liberal self).

  5. Wow, I remember that movie, but vaguely.  It is definitely worth looking for a copy of it again.  It reminds me of a Cat Stevens album I have called “Numbers” which is a self-contained fairy tale about conforming and such.  I think Ringo stayed much more normal than old Cat, but that really isn’t the point.

  6. I can relate to none of this. I must be too young!
    I like the idea of a girls movie night. It’s gotten a little harder to watch a movie together (in it’s entirety) around here since the teens are constantly running in and out. *sigh*

  7. Dudette, I vote always for optimism and joy — we certainly don’t get enough of it.  Without the OC that is — or How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  I am shocked however about your blatent watching of DVDs after your admonismemt (sp) of TV *wink*.
    What is sad is the only movie I remember from the 70s, which probably isn’t even from the 70s, is the one they showed in high school where that one girl took the angel dust from her boyfriend that they made in the Chem lab and she jumped out the window and we were all warned thus that angel dust was really really bad.  Nonetheless, a total classic. Good times.  Too bad we were all on coke. Just kidding! Really — I don’t want this to come back to haunt me when I run for leader of the New World Order.  I only drank beer.  DOMESTIC beer!

  8. I hear ya! That is good not to have regrets…I try to limit mine….and go with the thought, “if it happens, it was meant to happen….if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to happen.” Stop by anytime! Sharon

  9. LOL on the Q1: I bet your girls are darlings with surprises on that day! On another note: I always thought the Smurfs were optimistic in the beginning – then it just got a bit dark. Ew.

  10. I remember watching The Point with my grandfather.  I don’t think I gave him enough credit for being as smart as he was.  But then, I was a kid and didn’t really know him.  I’ll have to look for it for my son.  He loves animation, plus, I’ve always stressed to him how proud I am of him for not being afraid to be himself. 

  11. The moment they used Hendrix’s “Fire” for a car commercial, and the moment they used a ridiculous made up story of him as a boy to sell Pepsi (how unethical is it to use a dead hippie rock star to sell a product?), the moment they used an out-of-context line of “Fortunate Son” by CCR in a disgustingly over-patriotic Levi Jeans commercial, is the moment I officially hated corporate America.  I’m afraid of what I’d be capable of doing if they ever used a Floyd song in a commercial.  All I can say is that I would be looking at serious prison time.

  12. I’ll say..how great that they both loved it..sounds familiar..I will have to check it out..and you are too funny..’ketchup’! so sorry this is late..have been ill..so you are a worrier too..stinks, I know..so glad you came by..great to see you..have a wonderful day…hugs…Lee -‘tigger’…what an adorable nick name..*

  13. “Anticipation” wasn’t originally a ketchup commercial???  Next you’re going to tell me that Beethoven didn’t write his 5th symphony for Murphy’s oil soap.
    I was surprised by how much my kids liked “Free to Be…You and Me.”  I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Point.  You can take that statement in a variety of ways, can’t you?

  14. Oooh  oooh ooooh!  “He’s got a point there!”    I loved that film and song, and have tried over the years to find them again.  I’m hoping Netflix will help me out.  Thanks for the trip down rememberory lane   ~ Paloma

  15. Yes, it’s sure nice to have movies every now and then where “The Point” is obvious!  Long live the groovy 70s!
    RYC:  Oy!  I guess we’re both addicts!  Some folk don’t like that! 

  16. “Give us optimism and joy.” And Coneheads.I’ll have to check that movie out. Never saw it, but I sure do remember the 70s. Do yer kids know they have a groovy Mom?

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