The first
thing I noticed when I entered the place was the familiar yet vile odor.  I immediately wondered why they don’t scrub
the place down with lemon-scented Lysol, which has its own smell, so powerfully
chemical lemon that you can tell from down the block the floors are clean.

But I
think they keep that odor on purpose, because that’s what gyms are supposed to
smell like.  Maybe there’s a supplier
that sells “Eau du Gym” in spray bottles, in case there’s a slow day.

second thing I noticed was that I was hungry and my blood sugar was already
dropping before I even changed into my spandex shorts.  If I’m going to work out before lunch every
day (ok, several times a week) (ok, more than once a year), I’m going to need a
high-protein snack mid-morning.  An
easily transportable bar that I could stash in my briefcase would be good.  Snickers bars don’t count.  Suggestions, anyone?


five-year-old has unusual interests. 
Given some free time she often brings me blank paper and demands that I
fill it with math problems for her to solve. 
She’s bored with adding and subtracting small numbers so the other day I
taught her to do column addition.

Bit is a tad oppositional at times, and felt it unnecessarily restrictive to
add the numbers from right to left  (I
haven’t given her problems with carrying yet). 

“Why can’t
I add the tens first?  It comes out the

yes, but later when you do harder problems it will be important to add the ones

“I want
to do hard problems now!”

quite yet.  How about some quantum


unusual thing about Little Bit is her fastidious nature.  Sometimes I pick her up from school and find
she has changed her clothes.  (Pre-K kids
keep extras at school.)

“Why did
you change your clothes, Little Bit?”

“They got
muddy at recess.”

I examine
the discarded clothes and find them slightly dirty. 

contrast, then I pick up eight-year-old Tigger.

“Tigger!  Your pants are covered with mud!”



all I’ve got.


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  1. Just wait til you see the crazy (read:stupid) way they teach them to do addition now. She may actually have a point there! Take a Zone bar.So basically your saying your adorable children are usually dirty…? P.S. You want me to tutor her in quantum physics don’t you?

  2. Zone bars..they *are* good. BETTER are Clif bars. They have fiber. Little Bit..I marvel when I hear the math stories. DQ is like that with her clothes. But not with the math..which is ironic. DQs *MOM* is and always has been like that.

  3. Little math whiz! That’s really great.
    There are plenty of bars out there to choose from. I like the South Beach bars. They actually taste pretty good. There’s other’s you can try. Just get a single bar and make sure you like them before you buy a whole box of them. The singles do cost nearly as much as a box, but then you are stuck with a box of them you (or I do) feel as if you have to eat. I thought the Slim Fast protein bar was hiddeously horrible.

  4. Don’t you just love motherhood? 
    I enjoy my one and only son so much….most of the time.   This afternoon is NOT one of those days
    He is participating in a major school-wide talent show that happens every year, and tonight is the first performance.  Another one is on Monday.  He’s totally prepared.  He’s singing an Incubus song (Here in my Room) while he plays the piano.  A group of musician are doing a medly of sorts Collide and You and Me.  He’s singing the lead, playing the piano and has some back up singers that are in choir with him.  He will also play guitar for another person that’s doing a solo and piano for yet another.  Whatever, he’s practiced, he’s ready.  Well, he comes in after school in a foul mood.  I tried to be understanding….pre-show nerves and all that crap….but he wanted to have the last word…on whatever triggered his mood…and I’ve had a rough day at work too and I wanted to have the last word.  Well, needless to say…neither of us are speaking tp each other.  He’s taking a power nap until it’s time for the show…and I’m trying to mentally prepare for tonight.  I have to take tickets at the door and monitor the ladies at the concession stand. I’m treasurer of the Choir Booster Club.  Gosh, even took off 1/2 day from work, to order the pizza and stuff………………………………………………….
    Thanks for letting me rant…this would make a great post huh?

  5. Watch out for those bars!  I don’t know how picky you are about what you eat, but I personally have serious issues with foods that are THAT processed!!!  I was raised by hippies- what can I say.  For good energy midmorning, I would highly recommend a half or whole peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread – it has protein and carbs and you can pronounce most of the stuff on the ingredients list!  Another good choice is a handful of nuts and a handful of raisins or other piece of fruit.  I’m obsessed with nutrition lol.  I have other relatively easy options if you’re up for it.  I know a lot of people just buy packaged stuff these days and go with it… not that there’s anything wrong with that… I just won’t put those weird unpronouncable things in my body.  An energy bar is basically oatmeal, peanut butter, dried fruit and honey processed TO DEATH, made chewy with BAD fats (as opposed to the good ones in say -olive oil) and coated in preservatives! 

  6. Yep Rachelsmommy knows what she’s talking about. They teach them to add (and subtract, I think) left to right now. I can not figure it out despite several teachers trying to explain it to me but the kids seem to understand it. So – I’d let her be and let her figure out her own ways.

  7. I like those energy bagels that you buy in bulk at the Costco bakery.  (Note the alliteration.)  They come zillions to a package, and expire before you can eat them all, but they seem pretty healthy and definitely fill you up.  Good luck with that.

  8. I can’t help you with the protein bars because I generally don’t like things that are good for me.  However, I can tell you that my stepdaughter also enjoys figuring out huge math problems.  She’s 9 now so they are getting harder and harder, but she solves them like a pro.  Meanwhile, I need a calculator to check her work…

  9. I agree that Zone bars are a good choice; enough protein before a workout (10g is usually enough), a good amount of carbs, and not too many calories.  The only thing to watch out for is the saturated fat, but since you’re working out, no big deal.  That, and saturated fat is nearly impossible to avoid in any protein bar.
    Personally, I’d recommend a can of Slimfast:  It has just enough protein, not too many calories, and since it’s a liquid, it won’t get mad at you when you start working out.

  10. When my nieces were in visitng over the weekend, the 7 year old asked for math problems at the dinner table.   I’m not very good at math myself so I even had to check myself.  Marni kept yelling “Come on throw some more numbers at me!  Is that you all you got? I’m an adding machine!”   

  11. Just make sure you read the label of any energy bar you get. If I need something transportable I find it easier to put some protein powder in a bottle and fill it up when I get a chance. There usually less sugar and crap I don’t want in a “health” drink. I don’t know if I would sugerest Power Bars, their fairly gunked up with chemical goodness.

  12. Question: How do you recognize an Aussie Redneck?
    Answer: You look up his family tree and most of them are still in it!!

    Question: What do you call a New Zealand Redneck with 6 sheep?
    Answer: A pimp.

    Question: Why are New Zealand sheep so scared?
    Answer: Because Kiwi Rednecks have got velcro gloves.

    Question: Why do Aussie Rednecks curl their cowboy hats up at the sides?
    Answer: So the can fit 3 abreast in a pickup.

  13. I like the Luna bars because they’re better for you than your basic “Kellogg’s breakfast bar” kind of thing (more protein) but they aren’t chewy like most of the “power bars.”  They’re actually crispy.  They’re made by the Cliff bar people “especially for women” (which really just means they have more calcium), and the flavors aren’t bad.  I prefer Nuts Over Chocolate or Cherry Covered Chocolate.  And they stand up well to multiple days in the purse/briefcase/gym bag.

  14. my daughter has been the same way since she was teeny…..she’s always wanted to learn more, more, more
    and the clothes thing…..i can TOTALLY relate with her in contrast to her two brothers lol

  15. bag of nuts/trail mix sounds yummy.yeah, my girls go through several changes of clothes/day sometimes. it scares me.that is so awesome that little bit is hungry for knowledge like that.

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