Well , I’m single again.

I suppose Technogeek might object to that designation, since
he’s only gone on a business trip for a few days.  But consider the conversation we had before
he left.

TR: Listen, don’t blow a bunch of money in those Austin
strip clubs.

Technogeek:  Don’t be
silly.  I wouldn’t do that.

TR:  Good.

Technogeek:  I’ll
expense it.

TR: Ah, I see.

Technogeek: (slaps forehead) Oh wait, in that business
ethics seminar they made me take…

TR: You mean “How to Not Get Caught?”

Technogeek: Yes, that one. 
They said we couldn’t put those, um, charges, on the expense account.

TR:  Dang.

Technogeek:  No
kidding.  So, I’ll just stuff singles in
their g-strings.

TR: Ok, but no tens.

Technogeek:  Of course

So there you have it. 
I’m a single parent.  Until
Wednesday night.  My first order of
business today: stay home with a sick child. 
Some things don’t change.


Dear Concerned Public,

you for all the calls, emails, and telegrams expressing your worries
for my well-being in my dear husband’s absence.  Let me assure you
that, through the miracles of modern technology known as cell phones
and instant messaging, I have communicated with Technogeek more today
than I would have were he here in the house.  And if he was in a
strip club at the time, he hid it well.


24 thoughts on “

  1. Doesn’t your husband know anything? Those places will put the name of any restaurant you want on your credit card reciept so you CAN turn it in on your expense report. If you talk to him, tell him I said to tell Bambi hello.

  2. I’ve had this same conversation countless times with my husband. 
    I was going to tell you a long anecdote about my husband, Mormons, and a Hooters in Arizona, but it really isn’t that funny, so never mind.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh, i LOVE being alone in the house…at least once the kids are in bed…lol! Too bad my hubbie isn’t gone much…

  4. Great you get to stay home with a sick kid while your now semi ex ( for a couple days ) gets to play shove the single in the G string. How unfair is that? Should I send a male striper to your house? RYC: Well since you said it I guess I don’t have to.

  5. The last business trip I took to Boston, there were two such facilities about a mile from the hotel.  One was “The Golden Banana” (and it wasnt even a gay bar!) and another that had “amateur night” on Wednesdays.  We never made it.

  6. He did. I am not sure what goes through a persons mind to make them think a corey feldman tattoo on their ass is a good thing.
    I hope your kid feels better!  I’ve been sick, too. I feel his/her pain.

  7. Did you watch that Oprah episode with Jay Leno, Brian McKnight and some other old guy discussing about men issues? They talked about strip club visiting.
    Actually, I don’t really watch Oprah.

  8. Ah, what ever happened to “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”
    Somehow the mental image of an Austin strip club isn’t too appealing.  A stripper with a cowboy hat dancing to Redneck Woman isn’t exactly a turn on.

  9. Just checking in, I wasn’t sure if I should send the male stripers over. I guess the kids would have to be in bed, humm maybe I should wait until hubby comes home and send you to male strip joint, They are actually fun. I don’t like when they strip all the way and shake their weenies though, that’s just silly.

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