It began at 6:45, when my clock radio went off,
playing some song I don’t like on a radio station I hate.  The clock radio has been tuned to the station
I hate for years now.  Since I only listen
to the radio for the 1.5 seconds it takes me to slam my hand down on the shut
up button, it doesn’t seem worth the trouble to change it.

About the
clock radio: I got it for my 12th birthday.  For you mathematically challenged readers,
that makes it 28 years old.  Keep that
quiet, though.  If Radio Shack found out
they had accidentally sold someone a device that lasted more than six months,
they would bust down my door and haul it away for a violation of the Law of

So I’m kind
of attached to this clock radio, even though I hate the radio station.  Little Bit, on the other hand, has a super
cool clock/cd player/radio/toaster.  She
sets it for
and wakes
up to her favorite tunes.  Right now she
favors the Beatles.  Last week it was
Bruce Springsteen. 

Her clock is
so cool the glowing numbers are light sensitive.  They are dimmer in the dark, so you don’t get
that glaring greenness when you are trying to sleep.

I would kind
of like a cd player/clock, so I too could wake up to music I prefer, rather
than some obnoxious DJ, a commercial for a product in which I have no interest,
or a pop song by someone much younger than my clock. 

But I’m
keeping my clock/radio until it croaks, if only to thumb my nose at the
obsolescence inspectors at Radio Shack.

Now that
I’ve gone on for 300 words about the first 1.5 seconds of my day, do you really
want to hear the rest?


27 thoughts on “

  1. someone younger than your clock…omigodthatisoneofyourbestlinesever!You need one like mine that screams at you. Starts your day with you being all defensive, afraid for your life, and pissed off.It has to get better from that point on…

  2. I hate alarms. The best part of summer and my working at home is that the alarm clocks in the house are all turned OFF (except during swim team when someone who’s not me has to swim at 7am two days a week). I love just waking up when I’m done sleeping. That said, if I awoke to music I think I’d just drift back to sleep to the music. I love falling asleep to music.

  3. Among my souvenirs (snort) is an alarm clock given me by a friend who apparently likes to think of me growling like a bear and rending my bedclothes at 6:00 AM. This clock crows like a rooster. I don’t know anyone else who thinks about eating fried chicken at that hour, but upon hearng that sound it’s my first thought of the day.

  4. I’m with you. If it works, use it. There’s nothing you can buy today that will last as long as the old stuff did. My mom has a sewing machine that is like 50 years old and it still works. That would never happen now.

  5. I’m pretty certain that when I was 12, I had a clock radio that was already 28 years old.  It wasn’t even digital.  The clock, I mean.  But it worked.  It was ugly, though, so I eventually replaced it with one that didn’t work.  You know how it is.

  6. But I haven’t been able to use the radio for an alarm in about 20 years, ever since that hazy morning when the wake-up call came in the form of Wham!’s “Everything She Wants”–which was then incorporated into a very unfortunate dream involving George Michael in a loincloth and this middle-aged principal I knew.  Yeah, I’ll take the ungodly BEEEP!BEEEP!BEEEP! over that any day of the week.

  7. um maybe?Last year my husband went on a 5 day trip to TX. We’re in Iowa. During that time, I turned 30, got my car stuck in a ditch, couldn’t find a tow truck to go get it, missed my son at the bus stop, called the school and told them what was up, had the school bus pick us ALL up and take us home cause I was stranded in the middle of no where with th ethen 1 yr old and 4 year old. It was NOT the best 5 days ever.

  8. I got my calculator out and added 12 and 28 and, unless it gave me the wrong answer, it says YOU’RE 40!!!!   Goodness, you’re THAT OLD?!?!?   Sorry, the DEVIL made me do it!!   Loved your entry today.   About 3 weeks ago, I switched clock radios, because I like to listen to ‘talk radio’ and I didn’t like the tone of it for that.  However, I was so used to the ‘settings’ on the original one, in the dark, that, after a couple of nights, I went back to it.  My, how we do ‘get into a rut’!  Take care now,   Granny

  9. I don’t use an alarm clock. If I need to wake up at 4:00 a.m. I just tell myself to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and somehow I do. I have no idea how I do this, but I wish I could market it.
    BTW, I had you pegged for much younger than 40, damn you’re almost as old as I am.

  10. My clock radio thing is 11 years old.  It still works fine, but is turned off.  I got a better alarm.  His name is Monster and he licks my feet and kisses my nose to wake me up.  I just can’t resist the jingling of his collar.  He is remarkably consistant with his timing as well.  He is only about 3 years old…

  11. You know, the last two alarm clocks I have had were CD alarm clocks.  At first, I got it for that very reason.  Waking up to a favorite song, or random song, or whatever.  The problem I discovered is that waking up to my favorite song leads to a predictable Pavlovian reaction.  I began associating my favorite songs with rude awakenings, and thus began to dislike my songs more and more.
    So now, I have the alarm clock set to the loudest, most obnoxious song I know.  Hendrix’s Woodstock version of “The Star-Spangeled Banner.”  If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, you’re probably dead.  And even if you’re dead, you’ll probably move around enough to shut the alarm clock off.  The beauty part is, although I love Hendrix, I hate that song, so no nasty associations there.

  12. ROTFL..(…1.5 seconds..)LC bought me a one of those clock radios that docks an iPod. I didn’t read the instuctions and the alarm went off at 5 AM one day. So i took the batteries out. I use my watch now.

  13. I have clock radio/CD player.  I like it but I found that I can only hit snooze once because the CD doesn’t turn back on.   I play talk radio on my alarm clock – I hate the host of the morning show, so I usually slam my hand on the snooze or the off button to shut him up.  

  14. “Now that I’ve gone on for 300 words about the first 1.5 seconds of my day, do you really want to hear the rest?”If you can make the first 1.5 seconds interesting enough that we read all 300 words, then, yes. And you did.

  15. I had a yellow Westinghouse clock radio as a kid. I heard “Brown Sugar” when it was a brand new song on that radio. I remember listening late at night to WABC and hearing the end part of “Crimson and Clover” where the vocals jiggle wildly and thinking that maybe it was a plane flying overhead.Ah memories.I miss that damn radio and all that static.Kaz

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