I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive, though I do take
offense at some things/words/actions. 
And you, dear reader, can also be at least mildly offended.  You are not necessarily offended by the same
things that offend me.  In some cases,
our offensiveness buttons may be direct opposites.

But here’s one on which I suspect we can all agree.

There’s a new film, made in Turkey,
called “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq.”  It is a largely fictional examination of the
war, and it portrays American soldiers (not the government, the soldiers
themselves) as blood-thirsty monsters who enjoy murdering children. 

That’s not surprising, even though Turkey
is allegedly our ally.  What bothers me
is that two well-known American actors star in the film.  Billy Zane plays a soldier and, get this,
Gary Busey plays a Jewish doctor who harvests the organs of Iraqi prisoners and
sells them to rich transplant patients in Israel.

Yep, I’m offended.

This being America,
those actors were within their rights to take part in the production of
anti-American, anti-Jewish propaganda. 
But I can’t help but think their mothers must be ashamed of them.

I hardly need to mention that this film can and will be
shown all over the world without the least worry about rioting Jews burning
down the theaters, but I guess I mentioned it anyway.

Of course, why should we take any notice of this?  The Arab/Muslim press is full of virulently
anti-Semitic propaganda on a daily basis, including referring to Jews as pigs
and dogs. Throughout history, I doubt there’s any ill that has not been blamed on Jews by somebody or other at some point in time. 

Do I sound offended? 
Bitter, perhaps?

Here’s a chart of religions as a percentage of world population.

Draw your own conclusions.


33 thoughts on “

  1. Incredible.  Someone was stupid enough to make a movie with Busey and Zane?
    Seriously, I had no idea. Thanks for the info and the indignation. Makes me feel a litlle safer knowing that there are still a few sane thinkers out there.

  2. And the worst thing is that more stupid and rabid and unrealistic (doctor harvesting organs) the more people will believe it.  I never heard of those guys.  They must be desperate losers.

  3. I don’t think you can write them off as “desperate losers”. Neither Busey’s nor Zane’s career could be described as losing. Their filmographies extend for 30+ and 20+ years, respectively. Both have plenty of jobs in the last few years.I won’t dismiss their behavior as being motivated by hunger; I believe that they went to a third world country and made a movie to make a statement about their own beliefs and prejudices.

  4. If the Danes can draw a cartoon, the Turks can make a movie. I can bet you they will say its “a work or art”, “creativeness” and nothing to do with anti-Semitism. I’m really not sure if its in their culture/mentality but they have a thing about hitting out at others, but don’t others dare to throw shit over their side of the fence. I observe alot of that where I am, where they write in their local publications topics that are outwardly racist, sexist and deragotary to other religions. If we were to write in to the editor of that said publication in protest, you’ll never see the letter printed in the comments to the editor section – if they have one to begin with. I notice that they way its dealt here is just to ignore the beligerant nonsense unless it gets into the mainstream newspapers which will ensue with verbal outroar – but not flaming buildings.

  5. I had never heard of this movie before reading your post.  Thanks for the information.  Also, I had no idea that Judaism accounted for such a small percentage of the world’s religions.

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  7. The soldiers on the ground are as much victims of this war as anyone.  They are being used by Bush and his handlers as pawns in a very dangerous game.  Any movie that would portrey them in such a manner is irresponsible and serves only to distract from the real war criminals.  We know who they are already so that’s not even news, but Hollywood doesn’t have the balls to confront this isssue, anyway.

  8. Wow, I thought that Buddhism and Sikh were a lot bigger than that.About the movie, the Jews have been taking shit for thousands of years and they will weather this one, too. It’s just so unfortunate that one group gets all the brickbats tossed at them. And Gary Busy is effing crazy. Ever since he nearly killed himself in a motorcycle crash, he’s been one nutso mo-fo.RYC: Thanks for the inspiration. I will never give up, honest.And three other agents are reading the novel, so it’s not like I have no hope.Lynn

  9. I would have figured Busey and Zane just needed the money, but jodisgeek’s comment has disabused me of that notion.  Yep, we agree on this one.
    I have to categorize myself as one of the 16 percenters, even though I call myself “religious” and attend church regularly.  We UUs are an odd bunch.  (And not all UUs are 16 percenters.  We spread ourselves around pretty good on that little chart of yours 😉

  10. I’m just thrilled to discover that I’m in almost a minority majority: 16% non religious!  I had read 14% for US but figured that worldwide the number was lower. And it’s RISING! I like it!

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