Your intrepid travel reporter here with an update.  The Rabbit family made it to Whistler alive and well, in spite of a dicey episode in Vancouver.  Our search for a bank at which to exchange our money for the funny looking stuff they use here caused us to inadvertently wander through the Bad Part Of Town.  I’m talking peep shows, other peep shows, and pizza joints with only three seats.  It was ugly.

We finally landed in an ever-Donald McFriendly’s…. (wait, stop, reverse that).  Would you believe they don’t sell Mighty Kids meals in Canada?  That’s right.  Children are expected to survive on a mere four Chicken McNuggets instead of the six that overfed U.S. children receive.  It’s barbaric!

Well anyway, Whistler turns out to be the world’s cutest village.  Everything matches and curvy brick-paved roads lead to an endless number of shops selling ski stuff.  And hotels.  And spas.  And overpriced restaurants.  I’m sure there’s more.  I’ll report back tomorrow.

Best thing about the hotel: heated bathroom floor.  I had heard such things existed, but never experienced it before.  I’m cold-footed, so it is much appreciated.

For dinner we had the traditional Canadian repast of sushi.  And you haven’t lived ’til you’ve watched an American five-year-old eat Udon noodles with chopsticks, or as she calls them, chapsticks.

That’s all for now.  Transvestite Rabbit signing off.



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  1. The hotel left a box of chocolates in our room. They are better than the artisan truffles from the previous post. The girls and I will be skiing all day while TR hangs out at the spa and the coffee shop.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a “Mighty Kids” meal.  Chip usually get the hamburger anyway.
    The world’s cutest village title goes to the faux Alpine village of Helen, Georgia.  Every building matches and they all sell crafts and antiques.  It’s almost sickening.

  3. Uhhhu….can’t take the thoughts of eating sushi~!! But what a rip off to only get 4 chicken McNuggets!! Don’t know how anyone can survive on only 6, let alone only 4-!!
    I also have experienced the heated floors and wow are they great!! We don’t need them down here in Texas very often but right now would be a good time to have them!! Brrrr….we were below freezing most of the wk-end and it had been in the 80’s only a few days earlier! Going to be into the 60’s by Wed and I could TELL this morning, it’s warmer….I don’t have icicles hanging off my nose or frozen feet any more!! We just can’t take “cold” down here!! Enjoy those heated floors-they are fabulous~!!

  4. Funny money? We have PRETTY money *grin*
    Whistler is gorgeous isn’t it?? though the road getting there can be rather trecherous!
    Hope you had a blast in my fair country!

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