Fact:  Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code
makes use of a theory about the true relationship between Jesus and
Mary Magdalene developed by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh in their
non-fiction book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.


Fact:  Brown clearly acknowledged the source of the ideas, including the title of the book, in his story.  He even named one of his characters, Dr. Leigh Teabing, after Baigent and Leigh


Fact:  Because of the immense popularity of The Da Vinci Code, Baigent and Leigh have sold thousands of copies of their book to people who otherwise never would have heard of it.


Fact:  Baigent
and Leigh are suing Dan Brown for copyright violations, apparently
hoping to get their hands on some of the millions Brown has made on his
best-selling thriller.


Fact:  You can’t copyright an idea.


Fact: The authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail are full of Holy Shit.



Like most people, I like to watch TV.  But not much.  Technogeek and I used to have a long list of programs.  One by one, they fell off the TV screen.  Seinfeld, Frasier, Mad About You, Murphy Brown, NYPD Blue.  All gone.  Others became too tedious to tolerate and we stopped watching.  The Apprentice.  Will and Grace.


Now we are down to a short list of shows we regularly tune in to.  Desperate Housewives (not nearly as good this season), Scrubs (I love this show), Survivor (totally addicted), and ER (also going downhill).  If it ever comes back I will resume watching the teen-ish, soapy Everwood, though I can’t explain why I like it.


That’s it for network TV.  We’ve also been renting old TV series from Netflix. Remember Upstairs Downstairs?  Now that was a great program.  Brilliant writing and nuanced performances.  I was just a kid in the early 70’s, when it first aired, so I’d never seen it before.  We watched the whole series over the course of several months.  Now that we’ve finished it, I miss the Bellamy family and their devoted servants.  I like to imagine them still living happily at 165 Eaton Place.


Now we’re working our way through The Sopranos.  We’re on the third season now.  Don’t tell me what happens. Fugetaboutit.  



And finally, due to the complaints of a certain reader, I’m posting a picture of my other eye.





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  1. I’m with Primeval Wench.  I watch three shows:  Mad Money, Grey’s Anatomy, and DHs.  I was watching the Gina Davis one but where the hell did it go?

  2. Love the Sopranos!  And suddenly I’m watching cooking shows like they’re going out of style. Never for the recipes. But I pick up great little tips and shortcuts just from watching someone else cook.

  3. One commercial show grabs me – HOUSE. Otherwise if I watch anything it will be on the History, Science, or Sci-fi channels. Oh! I almost forgot – when I was on Chemotherapy I watched Rolie Polie Olie and he saved my lfe. I still watch him when I have the time.

  4. I remember, when I was little, my parents sending me to bed so that they could watch Upstairs/Downstairs.I’m probably the only person in this country who hasn’t read The DaVinci Code, and I agree with you that the lawsuit is silly. My favorite priest used to rant from the pulpit about people who “learned all they know about the Catholic Church from The Davinci Code.”

  5. Loved your post. The lawsuit is so much horse-hockey, I agree. And, after reading through the comments, for someone who claims not to watch much TV, I see that is just a fantasy in my head. Hey! Where’s the remote? :O

  6. Good eyes, BOTH! As for network TV, piffle! I like HOUSE when I can catch it, and INVASION. Otherwise, it’s reruns or History, Discovery, PBS, & (occasionally) SCI-FI channels. CSI (Vegas) used to be pretty good but it seems to be kind of lifeless this year. Plus, Nick’s barber must’ve left town because he no longer has a forehead. It’s a frightfully distracting “do” for him. “Upstairs Downstairs” is a marvelous idea! I’m thinkin’ “Monty Python,” too!Re the authors of “The Holy Blood” and “The Holy Grail,” sheesh! Maybe someone removed “greed” from the list of deadly sins when we weren’t looking.RYC: Thanks for asking. I’m still wondering myself after all these years.

  7. I still haven’t read The DaVinci Code, either.  And I want to read it before I go see the movie.
    As for TV, we’re religious about watching Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey’s Anatomy; regular but less religious–meaning we don’t tape the show if we’re going out but will usually watch if we remember–about Boston Legal, House, and ER.  We used to be pretty regular about Everwood, too, but I’ve missed a lot and doubt it would pull me back in these days.  Hot Rod Man loves the original Law and Order but misses Jerry Orbach.
    Yikes.  That’s way more TV than I like to admit I watch.  And it doesn’t include all the stuff I watch when surfing mindlessly.  :::hangs head in shame:::

  8. Have you watched Grey’s Anatomy? There’s a lot of romance and it’s very soapy but I’m addcted to it! There’s some graphic operating room scenes in it too, they may be trying to tone that down a bit tho.
    Now the other eye has had fair time. Who would complain about such a thing???? ROFL

  9. I’d probably be a Grey’s Anatomy fan if I watched TV.  Being married to Barbara has caused me to let myself get addicted to NO MORE TV SHOWS.  After West Wing and Law and Order go off the air, I may be an ex-watcher altogether.
    I thought Leigh and Baigent were suing Random House (their own publisher, curiously) rather than Dan Brown.  I could be wrong.  I agree the lawsuit is ridiculous.

  10. We jumped in on “The Sopranos” in the third season. We caught up on One and Two via re-runs. It can be done, catching up, that is. I did the same thing with the late, lamented “X-Files.” I can’t bring myself to watch most network shows, although I got to like “House” on Fox. It’s really crazy, but good at the same time. No doctor would act like that–would he? or she?RYC: Your comment reminded me of the collar that my cat had to wear after surgery. It was this crazy thing to stop hiim from scratching the stitches. It was called an “Elizabethan collar.” Quite grand for a piece of flexible, plastic-y material.Lynn

  11. I was quite the PBS junkie growing up. LOVED Upstairs Downstairs/Masterpiece Theater. And Poldark 1 and 2. The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Elizabeth R. I, Claudius. Now THAT was good telly!!BTW–the whole concept didn’t originate with Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln. And it’s been recently proven that most of their research on the whole Dossier Secrets/Prieure de Sion was based on a fake. You’ll notice that Henry Lincoln, the third writer of HBHG, hasn’t appeared at all on this. But Baigent and Leigh have been all over the History Channel, Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. Hmmmm….

  12. I don’t own a television so am down to watching nothing.  LOL  Has been a while.  Already wished your brother a happy b-day.  Loved the grilled cheese story.  Tigger is going to be a big help to her mom.  The DaVinci Code?  The year the book came out my religion class students were reading it.  We spent the entire last class discussing the fallacies in the book.  The man gives partial truths and calls them whole truths.  Pope Benedict banned the book as one of his first things done; of course, that merely upped the sales all over again.

  13. oh man, in the early 1990s I thought my husband and I WERE Paul and Jamie from Mad About You… only we didn’t have nearly as nice an apartment 🙂 glad I’m not the only one who felt Will and Grace became tedious… Nowadays, we mostly watch Roseanne reruns on Nick at nite…

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