In A few short hours, my daughter will officially be nine years old.  She wants to grow up faster, always pushing ahead to the next new privilege, another bit of freedom.  I keep trying to slow her down, because she’s a terrific kid and I want her to revel in it.


My daughter is a sunny, bouncy dynamo.  She’s a reader, a skier, an artist, and a loyal friend.  She has an imagination that populates her world with fairies and magic of all sorts.  She’s tall and strong and beautiful with a happy freckled face.  She’s confident and smart, up for challenges and eager for adventures. 


So happy birthday Tigger, my dear child, my eldest, my trailblazer.  May your nine-year-old year be wonderful.  Run fast, jump high, and be your own spectacular self.  Never, ever, let anybody squash your spirit.  Remember that I love you.  Always have, always will.  


Nine is the perfect age for you.  Enjoy every single minute of it.




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  1. A very happy birthday to Tigger!  You hold on to nine too mom, because in just a moment it will be 19, and you’ll be amazed that one became the other in just the blink of an eye.

  2. With a mother like you, she just might be able to revel in being nine.  I envy her.  Me, I hated being a kid.  But — the compensation is I appreciate where I am now.  With luck, Tigger will be as happy when she’s my age as she is now.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!She sounds like a very cool and smart young lady!ryc: Thanks!!! Trying not to get attatched to the kitties. We have found homes for most of them, but I’m hoping to keep one. Just haven’t told the hubby yet!

  4. I’ll bet your daughter just loves that you honored her on her birthday by writing such a great blog. It seems that you are giving to your child the most important thing that a parent can give to their children!

  5. They do grow up way too fast.  Just blink and she’ll be off to college….believe me I know.  I remember my son’s 9th birthday…had friends over for a sleep over…saw the pic just the other day…now all of those in the picture are off to college….
    Enjoy them…..

  6. Oh! Happy birthday to her! I have three girls 13, 12 & 10 & a boy in maybe a few days! Massive XOXs for the birthday angel!

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