Thanks to everyone for the good wishes to my kiddo.  She received many fine presents, including a large amount of clothing, courtesy of her grandmother, she said was “SWWWEEEEET.”  She
also got lots of books, some girly stuff (hair devices, mango-scented
bath products), and the only toy she asked for, Polly Pocket.   Her favorite present was a digital camera from her dad, with which she took silly pictures of her sister.


It’s a tradition in our family that the person having a birthday gets to choose a restaurant for dinner that night.  Tigger picked the one her friends have been raving about, Blue C Sushi.


It’s a sure sign a kid has been raised in the Pacific Northwest when she would rather eat raw fish than anything else on her birthday. 


In this restaurant, plates of sushi and other Japanese foods move around the room on a conveyor belt.  You sit at a bar and the food goes by in front of you.  When you see something you want, you grab it.  The plates are color coded by price, so when you’re all done the staff adds up your plates and charges you accordingly. 


Little Bit chowed down on edamame (soy beans).

She also likes inari (sweet rice in a tofu wrapper) and chicken katsu (Japanese chicken nuggets). 

Tigger’s favorite is unagi, which is a sweet bit of eel.



The staff gave Tigger a birthday card they’d all signed, though personally I think a complimentary dessert was in order. 


All in all, it pays for a kid to get a year older.  Almost makes me look forward to my next birthday.  But not quite.




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  1. That sounds like a great fun restaurant!  Does the food come with labels so the uninitiated can figure out what they’re eating? LOL.  No way I would have eaten eel when I was that age!
    I agree- she should have gotten a free dessert. 

  2. How clever with the colored plates. Yum. The only sushi we get comes from Costco. ryc–all seeds are smothered so putting out grass seed at the same time doesn’t work.

  3. I am coming to her next birthday party. LC and DQ went back to that Japanese restaurant, and DQ ON HER OWN asked to have sushi. LC didn’t want to freak DQ out too much so she ordered avocado rolls and California rolls. Its a big step for her. YOUR kids seem to have a tremendous sense of adventure about food. I assume they didn’t even ask for Ketchup!

  4. Hey, I missed the online birthday party!  Happy birthday to your daughter–what wonderful news!
    C played with Polly Pockets about years ago, and she saw some in a store recently and was struck by how much they’ve changed.  It’s a shame when you’re only 18 and already things are making you feel old!!

  5. ew!You’re right.  And I bet you called it dinner because you seem to be all sophisticated like that.Our kids call it supper, and have it at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

  6. i wish my kids were a bit more adventurous when it comes to food.  i get so tired of them asking for pizza, hot dogs, nachos, fish sticks, macaroni and cheese. 
    ever since i was in my early 20’s, i’ve had problems with my birthday.  something psychological.  i DREAD my birthday.  i wish i could look forward to them like my kids do.  mine is coming up this month!  ack!!

  7. Your kids are so sharp: I agree that edamame, inari and unari rock 😀 I would encourage you to try toru (octopus), maguro (tuna), agedashi tofu and kakiage (mixed tempura). And cawan mushi never fails either with the kids!

  8. I’m glad kiddo had a good birthday!She sounds like a very grown-uplittle lady!I decided on a short cut…Eek!!Hope it wont look goofy!

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