I very rarely like any music that’s currently popular, but
I’m digging this chart-topping James Blunt disc.  Of course, it’s probably the Kiss of Death
for James Blunt to be liked by the soccer mom crowd, but that’s the way it

Just to prove that everything old is new again, the tunes on
Back to Bedlam have a distinct 70’s
flavor.  If you ask me, James sounds a
lot like Elton John in the Goodbye Yellow
Brick Road
days.  Rick says I’m
crazy.  What do you think?

Besides that, while driving today I noticed that track 7, So
Long Jimmy
, is melodically very Doors-like. 
And there’s a plinky keyboard riff at the end that was stolen directly from
Riders on the Storm.  Then it occurred to me that maybe the Jimmy referred
to in the song is actually Jim Morrison.

So long, Jimmy, so long.
Though you only stayed a moment,
We all know that you’re the one.


Did you burn that bridge yourself,
Or did the voodoo magic help?
Does everyone have a different take?
Are you just cool and I’m just baked?
Does everyone get mesmerized by your fire?

realized that James Blunt LOOKS like Jim Morrison:



remembered that Jim Morrison planned to fake his own death, and some people
think he’s still alive and living in a cheap motel near
Detroit with Elvis. 

thought, maybe James Blunt IS Jim Morrison.

But no,
if Jim is still alive he’s in his sixties. 
SO, maybe Jim DID die in a bathtub in Paris in 1972 and James is the
reincarnation of the Lizard King!

What do
you think?

Note: if
you are too young to have any idea what I’m talking about, come back tomorrow
and I’ll brag about my kids some more.

EDIT: I was half right.  Rick called the song origins correctly.  From

He won’t explain what most of the songs are about, though he
does admit that the deceptively bubbly “So Long, Jimmy” was inspired
by Messrs Hendrix and Morrison.


17 thoughts on “

  1. I have been wondering the same thing – I think its both. “Hypnotized by your fire” could mean either “light my fire” or Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at the Monteray pop festival.”Digging how the guitar goes” – Hendrix”Or did the voodoo magic help?” Hendrix (voodoo chile) OR Morrison”Sure we’re glad for the experience” Hendrix (experience).The organ lick at the end it totally stolen from Riders on the Storm, as you indicate.He looks nothing like Jimi Hendrix though (BUT – Hendrix was in the military, as was Blunt).

  2. Perhaps he’s one of Morrison’s errant love children come back to us. Sorta like Jillian Lennon got John’s talent and Yoko’s son Sean just didn’t. But I still think I’m techinically too young to have an opinion on this being in my early 30’s. I thnk I’ll lay blame on my hippie parents and their evil influence on me through music. Well, most my dad. My mom liked Air Supply…

  3. Jim is hiding out with Tupac & Hoffa in the Bahamas,..I am sure of it! I actually haven’t heard Blunt but those lyrics look cool, I gotta check him out! He’s kinda cute too, in a rugged sorta way He really DOES resemble Jim too,…maybe Pynki is right! Jim WAS voracious I hear,…Hmmmm,……

  4. The cover looks like a Doors Album.Maybe he is a love child – it’s entirely possible. I knew somebody who claimed to be the long-lost son of Johnny Mathis. His claim got him a guest appearance on Jenny Jones.

  5. I was also thinking Jim Morrison’s kid, as several folks have guessed.  They definitely look alike, although some of that could be the retro hair on James.  I love that the shaggy hair is back in on boys. 🙂

  6. Perhaps it really is Jim Morrison and he discovered the fountain of youth… or maybe lots and lots of cosmetic surgery keeps him looking young!  So long “old” Jimmy, so long.

  7. I’ve only heard the song “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt, and I like it. My taste in music is rather eccentric, though. I like stuff like Soft Cell from the 80’s and Godsmack from the now. Of course I still listen to The Who and I also like bands like Pennywise. See, I told you my tastes were odd.  

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