Twelve years ago, I was a 28-year-old school teacher with a
class of children with severe/profound disabilities.

Twelve years ago I lived by myself in a teeny tiny little
apartment in Seattle’s
University District.  It was all I could
afford on teacher pay.

Twelve years ago Technogeek had long hair that he sometimes
wore in a ponytail.

Twelve years ago Technogeek shared a run-down rental house
with two cats and six newborn kittens.

Eleven years ago today I was on spring break.

Eleven years ago today, Technogeek and I were on a trip to New Orleans, long before
Katrina silenced the jazz.

Eleven years ago today, Technogeek and I were married by Judge
Julian Baudier on the Riverboat Natchez, on the mighty Mississippi.

Eleven years later, the music is coming back to New Orleans.

Long live Dixieland.





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  1. Happy Anniversary!  I hope New Orleans makes it all the way back!  I was there once in 1988, and I really enjoyed myself.  I ate at a place called The Pearl that had really good red beans and rice and jambalaya.  I bought some coffee at Cafe du Monde for home, but it wasn’t as good as how they made it.  I was missing something.  The beignets (sp) were wonderful from that place, too!

  2. Well, Happy Anniversary and good on ya! You’re getting  into rarified atmosphere with a marriage in double digits. Press on. Marriage means you always have a date  for Friday night.

  3. That is a kick wedding!Cut my long hair in order to be “more employable” Don’t think it worked…I think ol’ Hershfeld got Big Pussy real good too. Not bad art work for a 100 year old guy.

  4. Hi! I saw your link on anothermadhousewife’s site and thought I’d drop by. Happy Anniversary! My husband was born and raised in N’awlins and I’m from Georgia (we’ve been up north for 2 years now). The south is near and dear to our hearts. How cool to be married on the Mississippi!

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