One of the things I love about my husband is that he doesn’t
much care what I do, as long as the kids are alive when he gets home.  This makes him very supportive and

For example, back when we were engaged:

TR: Hey, let’s get married while we’re on vacation and skip
all that ‘wedding’ nonsense.


He even made the arrangements.

And last year, when I decided to leave the glamour of
stay-at-home-momhood behind and get a job, he didn’t say, “Are you out of your
freaking mind?  You’ll have to go to WORK
everyday, instead of keeping the house tidy.”

(Note: that was a joke. 
My house was never tidy, and alas, probably never will be, because we
have TOO MUCH STUFF.  But that’s a topic
for another post.)

Instead he said, “Is that what you want to do?”  It was, and now I have to go to work every
day.  Serves me right.

He never even complains about the money I spend.

TR: Can I buy a Ferrari?

T-GEEK: Is that what you want to do?  And more importantly, can I drive it?

(Note: that was another joke, because I couldn’t care less
about zoomy cars.  I would rather spend
my brain space obsessing over the untimely deaths of obscure blues musicians.)

The point is, he never hassles me about money.  Admittedly, that’s because he knows that I’m
the frugal member of the family, and if it were up to him to manage the money
we’d be living in a really big cardboard box, because we couldn’t pay the
mortgage, but we would have TONS of cool electronic devices.

T-GEEK: (waving a magazine) Can we buy a ski chalet in the
Swiss Alps?


T-GEEK: But it’s…


T-GEEK: It’s well insulated! 
You’d be cozy by the fire with your lap top while I skied.


T-GEEK: I’m sure there’s a Starbucks nearby.

TR: Well, ok, if there’s a Star…, wait, NO!

Anyway, this is a love note to my husband, who never tells
me that I’m crazy, even when I obviously am. 
Thanks, honey.

But we’re still not getting a ski chalet, because you really
ARE crazy.




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  1. It could be worse TR. My husband would move me to MONTANA! MONTANA! FOREVER! STUCK WITH NOTHING BUT MOUNTAINS AND COWS! FOREVER! *shudder* I think I’d prefer the offer of a Fr. Chalet. Even if I had to pay for it.

  2. OH NO!!! Did I reveal too much personal information?  I won’t show you the art details anymore I promise.  Oh pleeeeze don’t flag me Brer Rabbit Oh Pleeeeeeze lol

  3. So it is insulated, but does it have indoor plumbing?RYC: Yes, print on demand may be just the ticket for talented writers who can’t get the attention of agents and editors.

  4. Well insulated and a nearby Starbucks? Sounds good to me… RYC – I wrote that in a pretty irritated mood, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the plight of some of them. I’d be more sympathetic to the ones who made an effort to learn our language, but in the end I’d still stick to my guns on what I wrote. You did bring up an interesting point though about how things are in Mexico, and it’s one I didn’t really consider much. I won’t do another blog here on it though…

  5. Love your post as always, I just so much enjoy your manner of expressing thoughts and feelings about almost anything!  I have today/tomorrow off so am enjoying a rare opportunity to cruise around online and say hi to some of my favorite xangans…………. you being one!
    peace and blessings,

  6. You’re well-suited, and there’s mutual appreciation, and in love, and really, what else is there to ask for?  You make me smile, being happy for you and all.

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