TR: Man, Xanga’s been down for three days.  I’m in withdrawal, man, I’ve got the shakes.

GUNGABOY (over for the
afternoon): What are you talking about?  It was only down for a
few hours.  I was just reading your site yesterday.

TR: What?  You’re crazy.  I can’t get to Xanga.  My computer won’t go there.

GUNGABOY: No, really, it’s working.

At this point Gungaboy began to look a trifle concerned, perhaps
because I had both hands on the collar of his shirt, pulling it ever

TR: You’re joking, right?  Because I’ve been off of Xanga for way
too long.  It’s not me, it’s them.  It’s THEM I tell you!

GUNGABOY: Yeah, well, you haven’t updated in a week.  People are getting bored with you.  You should post.

TR: (very agitated) I’m telling you man, Xanga is down, it’s DOWN.

Technogeek came along,
took the computer from me, and did that thing he does where a black
screen full of compu-notation appears.  He muttered about the
server, swore several times, and finally handed it back to me with
Xanga up and running. 

My heart rate is gradually returning to normal.  But the only thing that will fix me up completely is breakfast in bed.

Damn good thing tomorrow’s Mother’s Day.


24 thoughts on “

  1. Your kids probably coulda fixed it for ya too! Happy Mommy’s day. I think I’m gonna hold out for dinner.

    PS. Can’t I redecorate your site for mother’s day?Just email me your favorite colors and your password.

  2. Now I feel like I am crazy, I commented on this entry and it was not rude, so where did it go? I just said it was funny! And I thought they should cater your breakfast as the on my kids made last time was umm gross. So I can’t see why you would deltete it or why xanga would eat it. Very annoying!

  3. oh you poor thing.. three days without Xanga? It’s a good thing we didn’t read about you in the papers…. —ryc; oh gosh no, no boat of my own- going on the Adventuress- which is an old wooden schooner that is doing public sails – Happy Mom’s Day!

  4. Haha. You know me too well. Except…I would not need Nordstrom’s help. I’m a one woman show.Fine. I’ll just continue to adjust my monitor to black and white (and pray for temporary colorblindness) before visiting here. Are you gonna have to cook dinner tomorrow? I don’t wanna. Do you have a plan?

  5. Hi, you posted on my site, so I stopped by yours. I read your previous post and just had to reply to it.
    Your question of why do mens restrooms stink?
    First off, they don’t spend much money to put in decent exhaust systems when they build the place.
    And Second, men are like any other male animal on the planet, in the real world of nature, males mark their territory, so the males urine is strong and distinct and they spray their area to let other males know what area belongs to them. Then as time progressed and we all moved closer together into cities, we have common bathrooms, so the smell doesn’t serve a purpose, but it’s concentrated. Can you imagine Africa with all of the male lions peeing in the same spot. I’d hate be down wind.
    Third, a womens sense of smell is so much better. Haven’t you ever smelled a womans perfume from a mile away and thought, I like that, I’ll have to try it. Most men can only smell the perfume for about five minutes after it’s out of the bottle, then they’re done. That’s why they notice the other women’s and not the one that they are with. Of course this doesn’t apply to car exhaust which most guys can smell and tell you exactly what’s wrong with the car in front of them.
    I don’t know, I’m a guy and I never could stand having to stand next to someone in the restroom and make happy talk while you pee. I went to the baseball game here in town the other day, they are trying to get us to vote to put a moving roof over both stadiums and pay for it over 25 years, but yet they can’t even put in decent urinals, but they put in this trough system with a water drip system. They could have saved money and just put in a humongous litter box.
    Anyway, I’m glad that you stopped by and said hi. Come back when you can.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  6. Hi Trans:
    Thanx for posting my site and to answer the question… I’m not that sure, but I guess if they leave a phone or email that would be much better, I guess.  Have a nice excellent week.

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