No Boys Allowed weekend continues.  Here are the highlights of our day without

10:15 am: Karate class. 
Girls punched, kicked, and shouted phrases in Korean.  I read Down
the Rabbit Hole

11:30 am: Stopped at a store to pick up a gift for Little
Bit’s friend, who is turning five.  Girls
bickered.  I pretended they were someone
else’s children.

1:30 pm: Planted beans in garden.  I demanded that Tigger untie Little Bit’s
arms and legs.  Don’t ask.

2:45: Dentist.  Girls
had teeth cleaned and polished.  I read
more of Down the Rabbit Hole.  Idiotic Dental Hygienist gave Tigger a bag
with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and three toys.  Little Bit got a bag with a toothbrush,
toothpaste, floss, and no toys.  When
Little Bit quite justifiably hollered, Idiotic Dental Hygienist admonished her
for whining, telling her to just ask next time. 
I refrained (barely) from suggesting that Little Bit try out some of her
karate moves on Idiotic Dental Hygienist.

5:05 pm: Movie.  I
paid a gazillion dollars for three tickets, two hotdogs, two packages of candy,
one medium bag ‘o popcorn, and three bottles of water.  We all enjoyed Akeelah and the Bee.  Miraculously,
neither child had to be taken to the bathroom during the movie.

8:45 pm: I hurriedly mopped the kitchen floor and then
returned to Little Bit’s room to see what she was yelling about.  Seems I put her to bed without singing her a
song and rubbing her back.  That’s
usually Daddy’s job.

9:26 pm:  Tigger had
BETTER be in bed in four minutes.

Go visit Technogeek’s site to see what he’s been up to in New York.  He didn’t complain, but I can tell he’s
disappointed that he hasn’t run into Ed Kaz.







19 thoughts on “

  1. “Pretended they were someone else’s children” huh?   I guess that’s what I should have done when my boys were growing up.  I seriously doubted that they would BOTH achieve the adult stage!!!   I thought one of them would KILL the other before they grew up.     You’re so funny!!      Have a good Sunday.    Granny

  2. I’ve considered getting a bunny, actually.  I think they’re quite interesting creatures.  I guess we’ll see.

  3. Sounds like a good day had by all. I liked your earlier comment of how children sleep with arms outstretched to what dreams may come. Poetic. We saw “Hoodwinked” a week ago (lame) and there was a child in it called Little Bit. Wondered if you had caught that.

  4. RYC:  I assume you are referring to the way Greggorant and JPHoll10 have it so that my name appears as Rick.  I think you have to change the codes somehow.  It doesn’t appear like that on MY site does it?

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