Some things I don’t understand about the current Middle East imbroglio:

  1.       Why
    are Hezbollah and Lebanon
    regarded as separate entities?

Look, if a band of wackos in Montana
were camped out on the border lobbing missiles into Canada,
those individuals would be arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated by the
State of Montana
or perhaps by the U.S. Government. 
Citizens are not allowed to attack our neighbors, unless of course the
citizen’s name is George W. Bush. 

If the authorities did not prevent the wackos from bombing Canada, and the attacks went on, and on, and on,
might justifiably conclude that the U.S. Government was complicit in those

So here’s Hezbollah, camped out in Southern Lebanon, hurling
missiles at Israel for years
with armaments imported (via Lebanon’s
infrastructure) from Syria
and Iran.  Why is it not Lebanon’s responsibility to put a
stop to it?  And given that they have not
stopped it, are they not complicit? 
(Note that Hezbollah/Lebanon’s aggression cannot be excused using the
magic “occupation” mantra.  Israel does not occupy Lebanon in any way, shape or form.)

2.    Why is
it considered foul play when Israel uses its superior
firepower to respond to attacks from Hezbollah?  Isn’t the whole point of having superior
firepower to use it to win your battles, and to deter others from
attacking you?

Say Fidel Castro starting firing missiles at the U.S.  Would we hesitate to use our vastly greater military might
to bomb the island
of Cuba into gravel if
that’s what it took to ensure we would not be attacked again?

Well, maybe we wouldn’t, because our military might is
currently deployed elsewhere because Iraq…um…what
was it Iraq
did to us?

I guess that’s question #3.




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  1. Here are the bear’s answers:
    1.  All the Arabs there are nutcases with the objective of destroying Israel.
    2.  See #1 above …it’s ok by me.
    3.  See #1 and 2 above….unfortunately, all nutcases are not confined to the Middle East.    Some are running our government right here.

  2. corticosteriods… wow that sounds terrifying.  I’m guessing one would need a doctor to procure such a thing.  I had some steriod nose spray prescribed to me one time, but I was too horrified at the idea of steroids to even fill the prescription rofl

  3. I can’t remember which country Saddam is from, and which country Osama is from.  Who’s Osama? Don’t you remember??… he’s the guy who made 9/11 happen.  We couldn’t find him so President W. said, “Oh what the heck, as long as were over there anyway,  I might as well get Saddam for my dad.”   He’s such a good son.

  4. Excellent points. By the way, I saw your comment on Dan’s site, you really need to send the money to me, because I am pretty sure I am the one that nominated you a few weeks ago, in fact, I am sure of it. Since you and I are in different catagories now, we can vote for each other, I voted for you, so if you return the favor, you don’t have to pay me because I might win a lcok of dan’s hair, I am trading it for a house. All kidding aside,You really do have an amazing blog, your an excellent writer and a very smart lady.

  5. It’s a nice idea that Lebanon should disarm Hezbollah, but what you don’t understand is that Lebanon has only recently escaped from a devastating civil war between the Christians and Arabs who share this tiny country, which has no natural resources. The Lebanese military has a few rusty old planes and Vietnam-era tanks. Hezbollah is funded by the untraceable bank accounts of people and governments who blindly hate Israel. Any attempt to wrest power from the group that has de-facto control of southern Lebanon would more than likely spark another civil war, and they don’t want that. And, the only reason that Israel does not occupy Lebanon in any way, shape, or form is because Hezbollah drove them out only six years ago. Apparently they still hold a grudge.Lebanon is only complicit in that they are powerless to stop what is happening, as they have been since the seventies. It’s Israel’s understand that Syria is behind the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers, so therefore . . . they bomb the hell out of Lebanon. If they unilaterally attacked Syria, all Arab nations would declare war on Israel. They have killed over seventy Lebanese civilians so far over two Israeli soldiers who may or may not be dead. The fallacy in this is of course the same as the war on drugs. You can arrest as many cocaine dealers as you like, and the drug problem will only get worse because the benefits are greater than the risks, and the source of the problem is extraterritorial. Likewise, Israel can bomb Lebanon as much as it wants, but the source of their woes is mainly Syria and Iran, which it can’t touch. That’s what makes it completely different from some crazy wackos stirring up trouble in a wealthy country where the law rules supreme. In your scenario, Canada would be justified in thinking the U.S. government was behind terrorist attacks. Our government has the resources and the justification to stop that sort of activity. Lebanon’s doesn’t, but they have to pay for it anyway. And if you’ll notice, Israel isn’t concentrating too much on taking out terrorists the way it does with the PLO; attacking terrorist centers comes second to destroying all the infrastructure that has taken so long for Lebanon to build after the war.

  6. Yes, Israel vacated Lebanon in 2000, so why is Hezbollah still attacking them? And given that Lebanon can not/will not disarm Hezbollah, how can Israel prevent or at least slow down future attacks without removing the infrastructure through which Hezbollah is armed?

  7. 1) Have the land gains that Israel made through the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars been recognized? Last I heard the land gains hadn’t been sanctioned (but that might have changed) so the Israelis might still be occupying land. As Hezbollah is a legal political party within Lebanon, it would be difficult to say that they’re distinct entities. That being said, were it the moral majority (only US movement that came to mind) kidnapping Canadian abortion doctors, it would be difficult for a pro-life republican government to curtail their actions. It would also be difficult for the US populace as a whole to swallow sanctions and condemnations based on the actions of a group that don’t reflect the majority opinion. And the local Montanans would be equally confused as they wondered what they had done to deserve the destruction of their towns if Canada sent her helicopter in protest. Poor analogy I realize, but the best that came to mind on short notice.2) I realize that it is idealistic, but it would be nice if superior firepower only existed as a deterrant and never was used. Given that Israel’s past spankings of the surrounding Arab nations haven’t curtailed the Arab nations refusal to acknowledge the political mess that the UK washed their hands of in 47, and the UN helped create and then leave to sink or swim; it’s tough to consider Israel’s retaliation foul play. Given Israel’s past responses, I’m not certain what Hezbolla’s outcome was, but Israel’s actions are consistent with what they’ve always done.As with most people who don’t have a vested religious / cultural interest in the events that occur in the middle east, I’m firmly planted on the fence. Oh and #3, it’s a Texas tea issue.

  8. yes, when I was downtown yesterday marveling at how much light hurt, I noticed mostly politically ignorant white people who were unable to recognize patterns were bitching about something, but I couldn’t be bothered to care about what. It’s been like that since Akmed threw a rock at Cohen and Cohen blew up his bus. Which at the time was seven camels tied together. Welcome to the middle east, kid.Or maybe I’m just inhumanly indifferent when it comes to politics. ryc: I’m just amazed at the size of the clots of blood I sneeze out. I mean, g’damn.

  9. Clarification of my above comment on question #2….it’s ok to use superior firepower to wipe out said nutcase arabs….not ok for the nutcases to destroy Israel.  I wish the whole thing would just stop already.   The arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace.

  10. Personally, I think Israel went a tad overboard. But that is just my opinion. I have another opinion and it is similar to Barn_Bear’s: I wish the whole thing would stop already. Of course, that’s not going to happen and I don’t even want to think about where it’s taking us.

  11. I’m sorry if someone else already said this (I didn’t read all the responses) but the government of Lebanon is a puppet regime of Syria and other people who want Israel to go away. Hezbollah, the party of g-d, has a gun of their flag, what else needs to be said? 

  12. There is actually a tiny bit of territory still under dispute in the Golan Heights.  Syria claims the “Shebaa Farms” are Lebanese territory, although Lebanon doesn’t actually seem to claim it.  Nevertheless, I think that’s what Hezbollah uses as an excuse for its continued existence.
    In Lebanon’s defense (which is something you won’t hear from me often), the government has been trying to shake off Syria’s influence.  This apparently resulted in the assassination of Lebanon’s last Prime Minister. 
    ABlogWalksIntoABar raises some valid points.  Hezbollah may actually be at least as well armed as the official Lebanese security forces.
    That said, I haven’t been able to come up with a better solution for Israel.  How many kidnappings and random missile attacks can a country endure before it strikes back?  Whatever the reasons, Hezbollah has been tolerated and even welcomed in Lebanese territory for years.  Given that, Israel has no choice but to dismantle the group itself… if it can.
    Unfortunately, Lebanese civilians are paying a heavy price.  When its all over, we can only hope they’ll decide its not worth it to allow groups like Hezbollah to exist unchecked.

  13. thanks for such an informative post.  I hear stuff on the new and think ‘what?’ and your description of what is happening was easy to follow.
    I have trouble understanding all the political/religious/terrorist etc stuff going on. 
    I suppose senseless acts only make sense to those taking such actions.
    Love ya, and hoping for part 5 maybe soon?  (whiney voice)  yep, post whatever ya wanna, cuz ya will anyway, LOL

  14. I don’t disagree that Israel is being way too brutal. But as Bad_Dogma said, “How many kidnappings and random missile attacks can a country endure…”Now an analogy with Cuba, that’s an interesting one. If Castro sat and lobbed missiles over to Florida for years, and we did nothing about it, and then suddenly bombed Havana to smithereens because they kidnapped a couple of soldiers… well, would it make sense?I don’t know what the right answer is, so I guess I’m like many others when I shrug my shoulders and wait to see what happens next. It’s definitely a bad, lose-lose situation. And Bush certainly didn’t help the situation by bringing our own mid-directed war to the Middle East.

  15. “…those individuals would be arrested, tried, convicted, and incarcerated by the State of Montana or perhaps by the U.S. Government.”
    I laughed because you said “perhaps by the U.S. Government”, as if the government would think, “Hmm. Missles being lobbed at Canada by some crazies in Montana…eh, we’ll let the state take care of it.”
    I don’t really have answers for your questions…mainly because right now I am entirely too lazy to type that much, and so many other people have already answered for me! I’m sure what I would have answered can be found somewhere in the 20 or so comments you’ve recieved so far.
    But I, in turn, have a question for you…
    Why do so many of your readers (so many might actually be around three) seem to be infatuated with bears?

  16. 1. The gov’t is afraid of the terrorist. They should have control of all their country, but they don’t.2. No war was ever won with parity in casualties. Don’t listen to the bleeding hearts. If left to their own devices, they’d lose their heads. Chop. Chop.

  17. I used your argument in a discussion today. Yhe counter argument was that Lebanon is a democracy & they have put a lot of effort oito rebuilding so people have sympathy for them.

  18. Quick follow up comment from my babble above after some further reading. Lebanon doesn’t have any land claim but the farms mentioned above seem to be a parcel of land that the international community is trying to get tosses in Lebanon’s direction to encourage them to move towards peace – so yes, Lebanon doesn’t have a land claim. Hezbollah is likely using the other 3 disputed Arab / Israeli territories as a convenient excuse. The commenter above is correct likely, Lebanon is being set up by the other Arab powers to take the fall as they are powerless to resist Hezbolla’s influence; especially given the amount of positives Hezbollah has done for Lebanon’s Shia community. Still, Hezbollah isn’t a controlling political party so Lebanon’s Christian community wouldn’t want to be considered completely tied to Hezbollah. The only reason I can see for the international community to be pooh-poohing Israel’s use of force is to save face with the oil exporting nations; despite the lack of surgical precision that is usually involved in Israeli military responses, their actions aren’t inconsistent with their past responses. Best wishes and thank you for encouraging me (through this question) to pay closer attention to this situation beyond what’s paraded across the CNN screen.

  19. I do believe there’s a responsibility of the Lebanese people and its leaders to rein in Hezbollah.  Your Montana analogy was very apt.  And of course Israel has not only the right but a responsibility to defend itself.  That said, a ceasefire is essential.  Ceasefire means BOTH sides stop shooting.  (Some folks have inferred that my call for a ceasefire is for just Israel to stop shooting.  That’s ridiculous.  BOTH sides.)  Also, it’s essential for people to talk to each other.  The difficulty is that there’s a natural reluctance to negotiate with terrorists.  Nevertheless, refusal to talk is just as bad as refusal to stop shooting.

  20. Iraq is full of terrists that need to be neutralized for the security of the US.  How dare you question the president’s wisdom in such matters!  Shame on you!  Remember 9/11?
    If course, those terrists were farmers, cell phone salesmen, high school teachers and x-ray technicians when we got there, weren’t they?
    I’m glad Little Bit is better…hope you had fun at the beach.

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