As you may have noticed, it’s summer, even here in the Pacific Northwest. 
In fact, Sunday was a sunny, gorgeous day with temperatures in the 80s.  The perfect day to go to a water-themed
amusement park.

Our first stop was Uwajimaya, where we bought cooked
eel and raw tuna, which we stashed in a cooler. 
What?  You don’t take fish to amusement

Then we drove south for long time, during which we listened
to Eric Clapton’s From the Cradle.  My five-year-old loves the song It Hurts Me Too.  I hopefully asked her if she liked Clapton
better than the music her dad plays in his
car, but she would only admit to loving the one song.  In her view, The Ramones still rock the

Little Bit was all in favor of going to Wild Waves until we
got there and she was faced with the reality of getting wet.  She gamely spent about 2.5 minutes standing
in the wave pool with water up to her ankles, then declared herself finished.  She wanted nothing to do with the huge water
slides, and the pool where you hang on a glider until you get to the middle and
then drop into the water was out of the question.  I had hopes for the pirate island with very
shallow water, stuff to climb on, and lots of spraying apparatuses, but she
stuck one toe in and said it was too cold. 
Oh well, Johnny Depp wasn’t there anyway.

Meanwhile, Tigger the Fearless Nine-Year-Old and her dad
rented inner tubes and went on assorted slidey wet rides, until Technogeek
foolishly turned his back on the tubes for a microsecond, during which they
were quite thoroughly stolen.  Damn

Well, it was time for Dippin’ Dots anyway.  If you’ve never had this confection, it
consists of tiny little frozen balls of artificial flavor and unknown other
ingredients.  It comes in small, medium,
and you-should-not-be-wearing-a-swimsuit-in-public serving sizes. 

Speaking of which: Note to guy with nipple rings and teeny
tiny Speedo: there may somewhere be an appropriate venue in which to display
your “package” in that manner, but the family amusement park was SO NOT

Anyway, we wandered down to the lake and discovered gum ball
machines filled with Purina Duck Chow. 
So we bought some and Tigger tossed it, piece by piece, into the
water.  But the ducks didn’t get any,
because the Vicious Killer Fish ate it all. 
I don’t know what kind of fish these were, but there were SWARMS of
them, and they muscled each other aside and pointed their GAPING MAWS at the
sky as the duck chow rained down on them. 
It was revolting.

See them, between the two posts, dozens of them with open
mouths?  Eeeeeewwwww.

I was still shuddering in horror as we walked on to the
non-water rides.  Like an idiot I sent
Technogeek off to ride the merry-go-round with Little Bit, while I escorted
Tigger to the ride of her choice: The
Falling Star

Much to my dismay, it turned out you have to have a partner
on this ride.  Have I ever mentioned my
fear of heights to you people?

Not wishing to disappoint the child, I got on the ride with
her.  All I can say about the experience
is, it turns out I still don’t like going up high.  Or going down VERY VERY FAST.  And Tigger may have bruises because I was
holding on to her so tightly.  For her
own safety, of course.

When we finally escaped the park, it was time to go to our friend
Jim’s house, where we had a bbq/sushi party. 
Remember the fish?  I mean the
stuff in the cooler, not the Vicious Killer Fish, though god know I will never forget those foul
creatures.  It was for the sushi.  See, it all makes sense now.





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  1. That sounds like fun.  I haven’t been to a water park in about 15 years LOL.  I have seen Dippin Dots, but have not had the courage to put them in my mouth yet.  I was hoping I could identify the fishes, but can’t tell what they are.  :-/

  2. This was very enjoyable to read.  I feel like we got to hang out at the water park with you. 🙂
    I imagine it’s easier to coax kids into the water here in the sunny South, where it’s like a bazillion degrees.  Actually yesterday was “cool.”  It didn’t even hit 90.

  3. LOL I knew that, actually. Not a big raw tuna person, but LOVE eel. Prrrrrrrrrrr. And I hate those fish too. Too bad you couldn’t coax the ducks out a little further in the water. They’d have had a fighting chance at the food. But I doubt they’re starving too much. When the water gets hot on the surface, the little finned garbage cans go under where it’s cool. Duck Feast.

  4. Well, the Ramones DO rock the hardest don’t they? You can’t really blame the girl. The water park we went to last had innertube rental as part of the park price. The dang things were EVERYWHERE 2 innertubes for every one!

  5. CARP! Those have to be carp! Those remind me of the carp at Lake Mead near Las Vegas. You can buy popcorn at a little cafe and gift shop and feed the stuff to these things and they do that… just come right up, all huge and freaky with big, wide mouths. Aaaiieee!! The girls thought they were great.
    And I cracked up over the Speedo guy. Had the misfortune of seeing a fellow in one of those at… why yes… a family amusement park as well. He had absolutely no but and barely kept the thing on. It was horribly wrong in so many ways. *shudders*
    Love the whole tone of this entry — just fun to read.

  6. what is it about amusement parks and fish?  at the park here the fish are so crowded they bump into each other constantly and they ARE disgusting.  i just wonder if they are also starving, but i doubt it since they are HUGE.

  7. Wow those fish are crazy. Btw, I always enjoy your comments on madhousewife and s__diddy’s blogs…ryc: I have no idea how ff sour cream is processed and probably don’t want to know. I just put up with it because it means I can eat things I like without the extra calories. I do prefer the full-fat versions of cheese/cream etc, but try to eat them in smaller quantities . . . it’s definitely a tradeoff!

  8. RYC… that is very very true.  I can’t count the number of times my friends have failed to keep me from doing something stupid and vice versa.  There’s that whole forgiveness concept again.

  9. Fun post… blog, in fact.  Looking forward to coming back by.  Curious….had you read other Jodi Picoult’s?  I didn’t read the entry because I haven’t read that one yet, but she’s one of my favorite chick lit authors……loved My Sister’s Keeper.  Almost as great a pleasure as Clapton’s From the Cradle, also in my collection. 

  10. EEEWWWWWW! my eyes. There is no place, except maybe the privacy of your bathroom that a speedo would be appropriate.Glad you had a good day at the park. Those are the things that kids remember about their childhood. You sound like you’re great parents.

  11. Hi there you* 🙂 thank you for the wish for Charlie..he is a special boy…and wow..what a day you cute..didn’t want to get wet…too bad, well, if it’s cold, it’s cold….but dippin dots..yum..and that ride…wow…I hate heights too* sounds like a nice day..sushi and all* except for those hideous fish..yikes..* Nice to ‘see’ you…have a great day…Lee*

  12. OMG I need to see if my pierced nippled, speedo wearing step brother was at your water park. Was it the tie up front kind? If so I’m sure it was him. RYC: I am sure Wichita is very nice, but I was really counting on Hawaii.

  13. The fish sound gross (and really, just rude). You are SUCH a good mom to go on he ride considering your fears of heights, etc. And this almost made me spit out my coffee: “Note to guy with nipple rings and teeny tiny Speedo: there may somewhere be an appropriate venue in which to display your ‘package’ in that manner, but the family amusement park was SO NOT IT.”

  14. Funny! We recently went to a waterpark here and I can’t figure out how people think speedo’s look good? 
    A note on your airline post:  I saw a report yesterday that said that all the usable stuff that air traveler’s “voluntarily” surrender is repackaged and sold on E-bay, or resold to charities ( I think they could give it to the charities).  The money goes to the TSA.

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  16. The last memory I have of a water park was earlier this summer when my top popped off in the wave pool. Not fun, especially for a 30 year ld who never really hit puberty. A nice pregnant lady felt sorry for me and helped me hook it back together, but the trauma was done, and I was finished with the crazy place. Thank god for a large Pepsi and some shade, where I nursed my hurt ego while watching the kids be brave and foolish.

  17. I haven’t been to a water park in years!Sounds like ya’ll had a lot of fun! I enjoypeople watching the best at places likethat, it’s always entertaining!Have a good weekend!

  18. My youngest will tell you that she loves water parks, but she only walks around the perimeter of the water play area when she’s there. She likes water, but she doesn’t like to be sprayed with water.I think the fish are carp.

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