Well it’s backyard campout weekend here at the Rabbit
house.  Read that: Marshmallows are
roasted over the charcoal grill and Technogeek sleeps in the tent with the
children while I get a queen size bed all to myself.  Woot!

TR: The astronomers decided that Pluto is not a planet
LITTLE BIT:  What is
it then?
TR: A dwarf planet.
LITTLE BIT: Well that’s just stinky!

TR: Are s’mores vegan?
Except for the chocolate.  And the
TR: Hit me up anyway. 
What do I look like, a fanatic?

TECHNOGEEK: When are you going to write more of your story?
TR: What story?
TECHNOGEEK: The one where you were getting into all kinds of
TR: You mean with the FBI and all the blues dudes?
TR: Does anybody even remember that story?


21 thoughts on “

  1. We’ve got some friends who consider themselves ‘unethical’ vegans.  They generally don’t eat meat or dairy but their motivation is perceived health benefits and self-sufficiency (feed your family from your garden) rather than some overactive love for animals.  They don’t obsess about whether there’s whey or boullion in their foods and they fall off the wagon every so often for sushi and Thanksgiving.  If you’re going to go vegan, their approach seems to be the way to go.

  2. Yeah, the whole “shrinking solar system” was a a letdown to me, too. Seems petty and ungracious to rescind planet status after all this time. How did that ditty go to remember all the planets in order by name? Pluto was represented by “pizza”.

  3. Yes, I think she just realized that people were shooting at her!  Next chapter, please!
    I knew that they were going to take away Pluto a few years back.  Once someone starts wanting to include more planets (Xena) then someone else has to come along and disrupt the entire system.  Phooey on them.  We’ll have to start remembering “My Very Excellent Mother Just Scored Us Novocain.”

  4. Not a vegan, nor do I want to be one, although when meat was terribly expensive in the late 70’s, yes I know, I’m older than dirt, I read a book, Diet for a Small Planet, which had some very nice recipes and easy ways to combine food to make it a perfect food combination for the balance you need when you eat the Vegan way…
    RYC: Thanks, I liked the rose too!! marilyn

  5. RYC:  Were I a winedrinker I’d probably be insufferably pretentious (instead of just a snob).  In its place I’ve developed an equally snobby taste for fine mineral waters.

  6. Yes. S’more, please. (What better to do while you’re waiting for the tomatoes?)And somehow, I don’t think it matters to Pluto that he isn’t a planet. He’d probably rather be an infamous meat-eating dog anyway.

  7. Sure we remember the story.
    Well, guess if they had done it right in the first place, we wouldn’t have to be kicking Pluto out now. Just goes to show…
    And… your very educated mother might have just served you nine pizzas, but…
    My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us None (because they were full of fat and animal products?)

  8. …so cruel of you, to leave off in the middle of a story…was mildly curious…about why they were shooting at you…i’m on holidays from xanga posting…making best efforts to get outside a bit, during the nice weather…

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