(and Mojitos, too)

We were just about
to cruise on out of Ocean
Shores and head home, and
we made one last stop on the beach to take some pictures.  Tigger caught sight of a tourist attraction
we had not yet investigated: horseback riding on the beach.

“Are you going
with her?” said Technogeek.

“Me?!  I don’t know anything about horses!”

“Don’t worry,” he
assured me, “the horses know where to go.”

With that he and
Little Bit drove off to do some souvenir shopping and left me to face the
gigantic animals with Tigger.

I told the nice
woman who took my money that I had never, ever ridden a horse before.  Tigger, who took a one week horse camp
earlier this summer, was slightly more experienced and a lot more confident.

They matched me up
with a horse named Pete.  They described
Pete as “slow.”  I didn’t know if this
referred to his gait.  Perhaps they
thought Pete was dimwitted for a horse. 
I hoped it was the former.  Tigger
got a horse named Dodger, which sounded like a smarter horse.

A girl of 20 or so
helped me mount Pete and gave me basic horse-control
instructions.  You pull back on the reins
to slow or stop the horse.  You tug the
reins to the right to make the horse go right. 
You tug left to turn left. 

“So it’s just like
driving a car?”

“Pretty much,” she

Ok, I could do
this.  We went as a group… about a dozen
tourists with varying degrees of horse experience, and several employees
skilled in the art of herding us.

Pete and I got
along fine.  It turned out he did walk
rather slowly, and therefore would periodically trot to catch up with the group.  This alarmed me the first couple of times,
but I soon learned to just let him do his thing.  Trotting is very bouncy.  The saddle is very hard.  But I was ok.

Pete slowed when I
told him to.  He veered right when I
tugged right.  He’s a good horse, that
Pete.  Tigger and Dodger also got along
famously.  “Mom!” she kept calling out to
me, “Isn’t this GREAT?”

We rambled down
the coast for half an hour, and I felt rather smug and superior to the poor
schleps on their own feet, who all stopped and watched as we paraded by
them.  Then we turned around and rambled

Technogeek and
Little Bit were there waiting for us.  I
climbed down off of Pete and stiffly walked back to them.  Tigger wanted to do it again.

We’re home
now.  TGeek made me a mojito.  It’s almost time for bed.  My butt is sore.  Vacation’s over.


For the sorely missed and recently returned Mr. Rick:


3 fresh mint sprigs
2 tsp sugar (more for me)
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz light rum
club soda

a tall thin glass, crush part of the mint with a fork to coat the
inside. Add the sugar and lime juice and stir thoroughly. Top with ice.
Add rum and mix. Top off with *chilled* club soda (or seltzer). Add a
lemon slice and the remaining mint, and serve.


28 thoughts on “

  1. You’re no longer an equine virgin!I think I was four, but I’ve always been a little One time… My bro’s horse leaned over and took a huge nip out of my sil’s leg.That was three years ago and she still has the mark from his two front teeth below her knee.She still joined us for a ride up the mountain, in Mexico, last spring. gotta get right back on, they say.Aren’t you glad I didn’t tell you this story before?

  2. Twoberry knows stiff and sore.  Amazing coincidence, but when Twoberry and Barbara rode on mules down into the Grand Canyon, Twoberry’s mount was named Petey.  Twoberry was scared to look at the beautiful scenery, at first.  After a while, Twoberry realized his life was in Petey’s hands, or rather Petey’s sure-footed legs, and had no choice about it. 
    Not sure why I’m talking about myself in third person, but if you’re like me, you wanted to ride again the next day, after the soreness/stiffness wore off a little bit.

  3. at least your experience was better than mine!  I told them to give me something old… ready for the glue factory…. they promised, I wouldn’t have to do a thing…. WRONG!  he kept trotting, than running… than tried to rub me off against some trees!………I had ridden before but I was thrown off a horse when I was little so I always tense up and I think the horses sense it!……….RYC:  took me a second…LOL !  yes Jarod would be proud!!!…..

  4. horses scare me! i’ve been on a horse’s back twice in my life & didn’t like it — my daughter, however, absolutely loves horses & has been volunteer working at a horse rescue camp for 7 years… i prefer motorcycles…

  5. Horseback riding on the beach sounds like it would be so much fun! It sounds like you had a great time!  I’m jealous! 
    Thanks for the well wishes, I am feeling much better.  Why is it that husbands feel they MUST pass on their sickness? The nice thing was, that he felt so guilty for giving it to me, that he cleaned house all weekend while I slept. My kitchen is spotless and all the laundry is done. I might have to have him pass me some germs more often. (o:

  6. During our Mexican cruise last spring, all Girl Scouts present wanted to do the horseback-on-the-beach thing.  But the cruise director strongly cautioned against it, citing scores of inexperienced riders spending the remainder of their cruise in saddle-shaped pain.  I still think it would have been fun.

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