It was the first day of school for my chicklets today.  Tigger has a new swagger in her step, because
by matriculating to the 4th grade, she has entered the “Upper
Division” of her Preschool-8th Grade school.  The big shock of the day: 4th
graders only get two recess periods per day, rather than the three per day
she’s accustomed to.  I’m not sure I
approve of this recess down-sizing.  Big
kids need to run around too, although, in truth, Tigger is more inclined to
spend her recess time kibitzing with her pals. 
I guess they are practicing for their grown-up visits to restaurant
bathrooms together.

Little Bit has a reason to swagger too, because she’s a  Kindergarten kid.  Her big shock of the day: no nap time.  Not that she ever slept during nap time, but
she appreciated the chance to lie down on a vinyl-covered mat and snuggle up
with the blankie that she still plans to carry in her backpack, naptime or no
naptime.  She may be a big kid now, but
she still knows what’s really important.

Little Bit also had her first piano lesson yesterday.  Longtime readers may recall that she took
guitar lessons last year.  All I can say
about that is that guitar teachers have a very different outlook on life than
piano teachers do, and their list of priorities does not include “providing a
carefully sequenced and structured, age-appropriate introduction to music for
the next generation.”   

While my shy child could barely bring herself to speak to
the piano teacher she has known since she was a baby (because she’s Tigger’s
piano teacher too), she had so much fun practicing today it was hard to make
her stop. 

Tigger has joined the soccer team this year, which means
that now, at long last, after years of pretending, I have finally, truly
attained the title of “soccer mom.”  It
also means that we have to get up early Saturday morning to attend her first
game.  Playing soccer may be mentally and
physically healthier for her than watching Saturday morning cartoons, but then
again, a little Spongebob while one’s parents are sleeping in never hurt

In other news, the big question here at the Rabbit
household: do we remodel the bathroom, or just move?  Both options are horrifying, of course, but
something must be done. 

Moving presents the possibility of having more space, and we
are pretty cramped here.  On the other
hand, I feel confident that my husband and children are more than equal to the
task of acquiring enough additional crap, I mean valued possessions, to make a
bigger house just as cramped.

Remodeling the upstairs bathroom offers the nightmare of
several months with the bam bam guys in our faces, followed by the pleasure of
having a nice bathroom in our small, cramped house. 

Moving offers the chance to acquire a bigger mortgage at a
higher interest rate. 

Remodeling means not packing anything but the contents of
the bathroom closet, and god knows that’s terrifying enough.

What to do, what to do.







16 thoughts on “

  1. But the bam-bam guys are often so cute! We’re at the tail end of a major remodel that involved tearing the roof off 1/4 of our house and leaving us without a shower, a second bath, a back door, and the use of our sitting room for months. It was hard, but I think moving would be worse.

  2. Ah, the first day in kindergarten–heady stuff!  Goin’ to school with the big kids.
    Moving’s a tough decision these days, and it’s hard not to take a severe thrashing if you do. Until interest rates calm and the economy is a little safer (I don’t care what the government says), I’d consider the remodeling.

  3. Move.And when you leave… ditch everything you don’t need.Voila, fresh and uncluttered new start.
    ps. If you need garage sale tips let me know. Mine are more like boutique events than rummage sale!

  4. in defense of we who teach guitar… piano has traditionally been approached in a more structured way than guitar : )
    but guitar people don’t think like keyboard people, it is true…

  5. Having experienced 23 different addresses in my life, I vote for the remodel. Moving causes muscle cramps and confuses the hell outta the post office. Besides, with the remodel you can get more for the house if/when you ever do wanna sell it. (Insert big smile for Tigger & Little Bit here. New chapters are so exciting!)

  6. Are you sure the interest rate on your new mortgage would be higher?  They are pretty low now, and have been for quite a while.  And yeah, Carey, I’ve had many, many “Boutique Events” too.  They still have to take place in the garage!

  7. I would steer clear of the new house thing – housing market has leveled off and interest rates suck (a full two percent higher than when we refi’d last summer).  Then again, paying nine percent on a home equity loan for a bathroom remodel isn’t any fun either.  For under a hundred dollars you can build a nice open air latrine . . .

  8. Barn Bear has forgotten who he/she (I always forget which is Mom and which is dad… ’cause I’m old like that.) is speaking to. I need only back the car out onto to the street and then we could not only set up our charming little boutique, but eat lunch off the floor. I think I’m getting the hint, though. Jodi, perhaps we should start with de-cluttering your garage…?

  9. I vote for remodeling, and offer you a shoulder to cry on when the soccer gets too much. Both my daughters are in soccer, but if it weren’t for their grandfather, I’m quite sure I couldn’t handle the schedule. After working 8-5, it is too much to go to soccer practice every day (Eldest has T&TH, Youngest M&W practices), only to have my weekends eaten up as well. That’s. Just. Too much.

  10. We remodeled and were quite happy with it. Saves having to move the possesions which will stay in moving boxes for the rest of eternity. I agree about the recess. It’s one of the best parts of school . One can never start too early preparing for those bathroom sessions.

  11. No naptime in Kindergarten?  That’s inhuman!
    Come to think of it, I’d like a naptime too.
    Moving does offer the advantage of leaving behind the cursed slug bug house.  If you choose the bathroom remodeling, let me know how it goes… because I’ve got one or two in my future too.

  12. My aunt always said that moving was a good excuse to throw stuff out  😛 It’s easy to throw your own stuff out, but hard to get other people to throw their crap cuz to them a pile of christmas cards from 8 years ago “isn’t crap.”   Oh puhleeese 😛

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