If you’ve been following the machinations of the fashion
industry as devoutly as I do, (what do you mean there’s no way TR follows
fashion?  What tipped you off?), you know
that the Pasarela Cibeles, a major league fashion extravaganza in Madrid, has banned
skeletal models from the catwalk.

They’re serious about it too.  Organizers are checking the Body Mass Index
of each model, and if they fall under the official “healthy” BMI range, they
are booted from the show.  So far 30% of
the models have been ousted. 

This is my favorite part: 
The director of the Elite North America modeling agency said,

“I think its outrageous, I understand they want to set
this tone of healthy beautiful women, but what about discrimination against the
model and what about the freedom of the designer…?”

That’s the problem with the world today, discrimination
against gorgeous skinny women.

Good news, heroin-chic chicks: if you can’t get work, at
least you don’t have to worry about going hungry, because you already were.

In other news, a man wearing military fatigues wigged out on
a cross-country flight and had to be restrained by fellow passengers.  He reportedly wrapped belts around his
fingers and punched the air before attempting the open the exit door

Look for the FAA to ban both fatigues and belts on all
aircraft in the near future.

Good news: with the exception of fashion models, Americans
are all too fat to need belts anyway. 
And fatigues are so outré.

That’s it for today, children.  Shake some dust.


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  1. If you look at the women’s magazines, you see that it’s predominately women who set the standard of skinniness. Well, but then it’s been said that the publishers are males. But most men I know don’t care for the starvation look.

  2. Great post! Kudos to the organizers of that show. Wouldn’t it be great if designers created fashions that looked good on real women and not coat hanger women?Thanks for stopping by. I’ve since found out that my husband’s medicine is a different brand but the same ingredients as Percoset. The doc did say that my husband could take it more often. He’s feeling much better now.

  3. Good news, heroin-chic chicks: if you can’t get work, at least you don’t have to worry about going hungry, because you already were.
    Best line ever.
    Good news: with the exception of fashion models, Americans are all too fat to need belts anyway. 
    Second-best line ever.

  4. ryc: Thanks for sharing.  And just in case you’re wondering, I’m waiting patiently to read the conclusion of Crossroads (Every time I read a section of the story,  I’m reminded off another version of the song).

  5. Reading that comment made me realize that I made it sound like a major cleaning project.  We literally set a timer for 10 minutes, and you’d be amazed at the clutter we can clear (or perhaps at the clutter that we had accumulated). . .It was really letting them sleep late that made us get started late.

  6. RYC:  Everytime I have to think what celebrity would I seriously like to spend time with as a person…LOL  Not many measure up.  So many are too shallow, and eating with dead people is gross…lmao.
    I ws so proud of Madrid for doing that.  About time we remind the world that women need body fat to be healthy.  Take that, Twiggy!  Not sure about the guy on the plane…scary concept.

  7. Shake some dust?    Isnt it suppose to be shake your booty?    I am not a devoute follower of fashion so wont comment about it.    They would call the fashion police in me.   RYC Yeah computers are suppose to make things easier.   They do get befundled and end up dirtier inside than your house sometimes.    You gotta clean it out on occasion and keep it looking pretty.   Mine was filthy and still needs some dusting and deleting.    Gotta run and clean again.   So sad when we are running dirty things.  

  8. As a plus size woman… true plus size, not size 12, LOL…. anyways I think its wonderful… models should be applauding the move too! No one is naturally that skinny….
    Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you!

  9. You mean, we’re not ALL supposed to be refugees from Dachau??? Oh my. And those poor starving models with no jobs. However will they earn the money for the purgatives now?
    Would be nice to have clothes reflect the real world. Wouldn’t it?

  10. Finally!  I always aspired to be a Supermodel…now’s my chance!!  Seriously though, I think it’s a good move.  I’ve got a nearly 14 year old that tips the scales at a whopping 102 lbs.  One of her skeletal friends recently told her that she was starting to get “thick”.  Oh course this same friend has life-size posters of Nicole Ritchie in her room.  Ick.  Have a great day!

  11. i would have commented sooner, but it took a while to scroll through the other 4o million comments. I think the safest thing to do would be for the airlines to ban people. No people can fly, only dogs and luggage, subject to cavity searches. (the dogs, not the luggage.) That might be silly, so instead, and following the ban on liquids, they could ban all solids and gases. that would cover the people, and dogs, and luggage, and gases. and, it would ensure that nothing on board could explode, except the jet fuel or the engines or whatever. thats enough for now, i think.

  12. I love it!  Most if not all fashion models are way too skinny for their own health let alone ours and our children’s, who wrongly look up to these anorexic or bulimic cuties as role models.

  13. ahhhh, but you are funny as indicated with the above post, but it is a dry sense of humor ( which I love ) and sarcastic and smart ( which I also love ) if other people don’t get that then, what a shame.

  14. supermodel discrimination hehehe…….I have two teen daughters whom at one point wanted to look like the models in the magazines or runways…..they soon learned that those girls are not the real world…it takes a lot of work to look like that “starvation”. I have always taught them to be comfortable in their own skin…….wearing a size two means squat …..who they are , who they become and their contributions to the world is what makes them beautiful. by the way…I went back 5 post….I love the way you write and what you have to say….kept me interested ! have a good day.

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