This may have
escaped your notice if you are of the goyish persuasion, but it’s Rosh Hashana,
the Jewish New Year.

Best thing about
Rosh Hashana: you are supposed to eat sweet foods, symbolizing the wish for a
sweet year.  Apples dipped in honey are recommended,
as are dates and honeycakes.   Chocolate chip cookies are not traditional, but you have my permission to eat those too.  You’re welcome.

Worst part: there
isn’t one.  That whole fasting and
atoning for sins thing happens on Yom Kippur, 10 days later.  So live it up.


21 thoughts on “

  1. I have many Jewish friends, and I always enjoy hearing (and now, reading) about their celebrations and the meanings behind them.  My kids have gone to many bar and bat mitzvahs, seders, Hanukkah celebrations, etc. with their friends.  Happy Rosh Hashanah to you and yours!  Gotta love a holiday with sweets!

  2. Definition of reformed jew:Eat (god knows what for dinner) with family…sometime next week on a night when none of the teenagers are working!
    Oy.*nibbles a Nestle Crunch bar*

  3. Is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s acceptable?Oh yeah, and thanks for reminding me about Allan Sherman! I love that guy. You got as many relatives as he does? Nevermind. Stupid question to ask someone whose last name is Rabbit.

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