People keep asking me why I haven’t written about Mark Foley, but what is there to say?  He’s just another deranged idiot Congressman, and there are plenty of those in both parties.  Foley’s behavior does not prove that the GOP is not actually the Party of Moral Superiority, because if you bought that crock of doo doo in the first place, you are incapable of being swayed by evidence. 


I used to think that the Democrats want to control your money and the Republicans want to control your life.  Nowadays, though the Republicans (motto: Go To Hell!) still want to control your life, and they dislike spending your money, they are perfectly happy to spend your children’s and grandchildren’s money by running up a debt so huge that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined couldn’t pay it off.  Frankly, I don’t know WHAT the Democrats (motto: What?  We’re supposed to have a motto?  Ummmm, We’re Not Republicans!) want to do.


What I really want to know is, why isn’t there a viable third party yet?  The Greens (motto: We Keep Democrats From Getting Elected!) seem to have a few signature issues and not much to say about other important stuff.  But what about the Libertarians (motto: Free-Living Kooks, All Of Us!)?


They’ve been around forever.  The basic idea appeals to both socially liberal Democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans.  If they had a.) a well-articulated platform, and b.) some credible candidates, they would sweep the elections.  Why don’t they have these things?


Will some non-kook Libertarians please stand up and take over the country?




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  1. Amen and let’s do something.  I spent several consecutive Sundays publishing the Charter of the Global Greens, but, shame on all of us, we didn’t discuss it much — especially did we not discuss implementing the suggestions from the third (Political Action) section.

  2. According to my BIL who lives there, practically everyone in New Hampshire is a libertarian. Move the nation’s capital from Washington to Concord and see the libertarian influence trickle down. 🙂

  3. If there’d been a viable democratic alternative during the last election, likely the Bush era would have ended a couple years ago. It’s nice to know that Canadians aren’t alone in the ‘choose the devil you know, or the hold your nose and vote for change’ version of modern politics. Sadly voters don’t seem to want to elect either the fiscally responsible or the socially conscious candidate when the muckslinging charismatic option appears on the ballot … so why would any party choose to put forward either of those former two types of candidate.

  4. the problem with Libertarians is that most of them vote Republican, since they’re not successful at fielding candidates of their own. Given that they’ve voted Republican so long, it’s hard for them to make a break, even though it’s clear that the Republicans have no respect for civil liberties.

  5. Wouldn’t that be lovely? To have an independent candidate that wasn’t on the fringes of fanaticism that would give us a decent alternative? That could stand on his or her own merits and tell the big two to sod off and still do what both can’t? We’ll go on hoping.
    Unless you want to fund MY campaign?

  6. It’s the goddamned party bases. In order to survive the primaries, Republican candidates have to speak in tongues and Democrats have to play pickup softball with Hugo Chavez (and let him win). Our system is not rigged to reward bipartisanship, or sanity for that matter.
    Or, as Kent Brockman so eloquently put it, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Democracy just doesn’t work.”

  7. When I was young, I used to hate it when my elders would say, of politicians, “They’re all a bunch of crooks.” 
    Now I’m an “elder” and I find myself saying, “They’re all a bunch of crooks.”

  8. The Foley thing is kind of a big yawn.  The guy did something creepy but probably not illegal and promptly resigned when it came to light.  Good for him.  Few politicians act that responsibly in the face of their own idiocy.

  9. Why don’t some non-kook libertarians take over the Republican party?  (Or Democratic one–I don’t care.)  Because non-kooks understand that compromise is necessary in politics and that lasting change is incremental.  Which doesn’t mean that non-kook libertarians can’t take over the Republican party (or the Democratic party), but that libertarian voters need to grow up and stop valuing their political purity over everything else.  They need to stop being too proud to hold their noses while they vote. 
    I still think a fiscally liberal and socially conservative party would have a good chance in the current political climate.  Fortunately, no one takes that idea seriously.  🙂

  10. The current Republicans got where they are using religion. Yeah, it was a total scam, but it also was a stroke of genius. It put fear into the heart of every Democrat and turned them all into mealy-mouthed vacillators, afraid to say much of anything. The “God & Country” lip-service tactic worked wickedly well because the majority of American voters don’t WANT to THINK. (Al Gore proved that, unfortunately and rather dismally well.) The majority of American voters want someone else to tell them who the “good guys” are. So the media (plus a gazillion unthinking preachers in a gazillion pulpits) obliged. Add some suspiciously faulty voting machines to the quagmire and it begins to feel as though you and I are tilting at windmills.A third party might work someday, but at this juncture most “thinking” folks are afraid of splitting the Democratic Party, thus ensuring another reign of supreme idiocy, greed, and spiraling national debt. Even a wishy-washy Democrat in office is better than THAT!Even now, after all these years of an egregiously stupid government, I honestly don’t think that a Libertarian Party, even armed with (a) and (b) above could sweep anything but the dust from the floor of Congress.I’ve got the same questions you have, but only one broom. And no answers. (But I adore you for being a thinker!)

  11. I consider myself a Libertarian and I vote that way.  But I don’t go to any meetings or anything. 
    I don’t really count anyway since you specified “non-kook.”

  12. It costs a fortune to run for office in this country, especially the office of President.  Sooner or later, the Libertarian, or whoever the third party candidate was, would have to cowtow to all kinds of special interest groups  if he or she wanted to compete in a really meaningful way with the candidates from the major parties.  Pretty soon the influence of these special interest groups would corrupt this candidate too.

  13. The problem with the Libertarians is that whole “it’s our money, not theIRS” kookiness. That, and if I’m going to bother to vote for a third party, then that party damn well better be against neoliberal economics. The Libertarians, like the Republicans and most Democrats, are all about that.Dennis Kucinich was my man. Too bad he was too short to actually have chance at getting elected.

  14. RYC:  Actually it became a fun way for an entire weeken pklus the last two days of computer training…and tomorrow yet.  But since it is all paid, it’s really no problem other than somehow the trees dropped their leaves while I was inside…wah!!!
    The main problem with third parties is getting on the election ballets in every state.  Very hard to win a presidency if your candidate is only on twelve ballots out of fifty.  Think of Ross Perot.  He had the money to run but could not get on the ballots.  I’m thinking the issue needs to start there.  What does it take to get these other parties on state ballots?

  15. hi. May I re-publish this entry in the next couple of days on my blog, unaltered? I have no intention of picking it out, I simply want to share it with my readership and would hate to do a link only.

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