Andy Rooney has had this gig on 60 Minutes for freakin’
ever.  Read that:  since I was a child, for-freaking-ever
ago.  What is he, 112?  Hear the voice of maturity and
(yes, this was mostly to see if I could successfully post a
video.  I think it may be copyright infringement to have it here,





7 thoughts on “

  1. Now Bush has a plan. But it is a secret plan. And a changing plan. And a plan on top of a plan. But the American people could not be trusted with this plan because then the terrorists would know about the ‘plan’. What a bunch of bullshit…

  2. I can’t make it work.  All I get is the end of the broadcast with that grey haired guy sitting in front of the picture of Andy Rooney.  No movement or sound or anything.
    Andy Rooney used to be a raving Republican during the Reagan years.  Apparently, he’s so disgusted with Bush he’s becoming more liberal.

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