It is nearing 8 pm here in Washington State.  The polls close in a few minutes and then Election 2006 will, thank Gertrude, be over.


Who is Gertrude, you ask?  I don’t know, I just made that up.  The iMac I rarely use anymore is called Gertrude (named after Gertrude Stein).  My first laptop was named Virginia (Woolf), but my current laptop is called Squiggy.  What
does it say about my aspirations that instead of naming my machines
after great women authors I now saddle them with the names of oily
characters on decades-old sitcoms?


I’m sure I’ve explained this before, but if you don’t get my references
to 70’s pop culture, you are too young to be reading me.  Scat.


Where was I?  Oh yes, Gertrude.  I had a great-Aunt named Gertrude, long deceased.  If I ever actually met her I don’t remember.  Maybe she was a writer, I don’t know.  But
clearly none of the Gertrudes have anything to do with the
election.  Well, Gertrude Stein was gay, so maybe she’s relevant
after all.


So far the results from the east coast have been good.  I am particularly pleased to see Pennsylvanian bedroom invader Rick Santorum fall to his Democratic challenger.  I’m enjoying watching Floridian bible thumper Katherine Harris take a drubbing.  I’m
amused that Joe Lieberman is going to retain his seat in Connecticut
even after the Dems dissed him and chose a weak one-note singer in the


I will be delighted if the Dems take the House and Nancy Pelosi steps up to become the first female Speaker ever.  Her
immediate plan: hold onto your hats—shocking liberal maneuver
coming—raise the federal minimum wage for the first time in 10 years.  I’ve
also heard a rumor that all the Republican incumbents who lost their
seats will be required to spend the next year working for (and living on) the current
minimum wage, $5.15/hour. 


But enough of that.  Check out my nine-year-old’s favorite flash file (no, she’s not the artist, just a fan).  Good night, and Gertrude loves you.




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  1. Who the heck is Bonnie Bambalino?  The little movie is adorable!   I got a real chuckle out of it!  Is Tigger planning to do something about hamsters?
    The oily Ken Blackwell, a Republican running for Governor,  has been defeated in Ohio..He’s already conceded. Yayyy!  Senator Mike DeWine, R.Ohio,  has also been defeated .
    Now we can sit back and watch the Democrats screw up their chances to take the White House in 2 years!  Don’t you just LOVE politics?

  2. I haven’t been able to watch. . .Will call my Mom for the political low-down.  She’ll be thoroughly depressed.
    My kids LOVED the guinea pig thing.  They wanted to watch it like ten times.  I finally booted them away after about 6 times in a row.  They even want to send a link to friends.

  3. P.S. There weren’t really lines where I voted, as they had so many machines. I went around 3 PM, and there were about ten poll workers and twenty voters. When I voted at the other elementary school, there were long lines- maybe a twenty minute wait to vote. But waiting twenty minutes hardly compares with what the Afghanis went through to vote in their first post-war election. No one threatened to kill me if I voted, although Lord knows there’s plenty of verbal violence in the air. I’m registered as a Republican, although I carefully research the candidates and issues, and vote my conscience. I cannot believe the names people are calling Republicans. I would never say or even think such things about someone else just because they are registered differently than me. It makes me sad, but I guess this country really needs some healing. The economy is booming, but we can’t even care, because the war is what’s on everyone’s mind and heart right now.

  4. My computer’s name is Grainne (it’s Irish). 
    This is the happiest I’ve been about the election results in many years.  I wish we could force the Republicans to work for and live on the current minumum wage for a year!  Great idea!

  5. RYCYes and sorry!But don’t ever forget that I’m a Xangarian first and foremost.I’m just spying on MySpace and writing about it for humorous purposes.And to hook up with lingerie models of course…Kaz

  6. I’m excited for the democrats to be in power.  All their whining about partisan politics for the last decade means that we’re in for a new era of good feelings and compromise, right? 
    I would have hoped for someone more competent than Pelosi.  Maxine Waters?

  7. But I must say that the Lieberman thing makes me happy.  Joe has always struck me as a decent fellow with questionable taste in friends.  It’s good to know that, at least in Connecticut, the Cindy Sheehan wing of the party hasn’t taken over.  Yet.

  8. Love the guinea pigs 🙂 My kids like some on (they like “Ninja”), although be warned to preview before showing the kids some others (some are a bit questionable.)

  9. S_Diddy made me smile.  “Good feelings and compromise!”  Funny.
    I don’t remember Aunt Gertrude either.  I remember being upset when she died though.  Just on principle, I guess.

  10. My computer’s name is Elliot. It started as my parents’ 286 several years ago and my mom named it Elliot after the dragon in “Pete’s Dragon”. It became her dragon to slay! They got a new one, I got Elliot. As of now, Elliot has had 4 new cases, 6 new motherboard/CPU upgrades, more drive upgrades that I’m able to count and a room full of peripherals that would make The Woz blush.The original 3.5″ floppy remains.Continuity to my first computer is patent.(Reference to “The Woz” in no way advocates the use of Apple computers. We used to be neighbors, that’s all.)

  11. RYC:  By most measures the temperature in the Arctic is rising faster than elsewhere and I don’t think that anyone is sure why.  One theory is that ice reflects the sun’s radiation but water absorbs it.  As the ice melts there is more water to absorb the sun’s radiation which drives temperatures higher which melts more ice and so on and so on.  Higher temperatures also mean more water vapor in the air meaning enhanced greenhouse effect meaning more ice melting – it’s kind of a self-feeding fire.
    It’s hard to say whether global warming is directly to blame for these types of things – we just haven’t been studying the Arctic for long enough to know – but it is clear that once the ice starts to melt there ain’t no stoppin’ it.
    Here‘s a relevant news article.

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