Yes, I do spend a lot of time writing at coffee shops.  So sue me.


Today it is snowing, a rare event in Seattle that produces two responses from the citizenry:


  1. A child-like sense of wonder and awe.  People
    wander around with their faces turned toward the sky and give thanks
    that they have an excuse for not raking the leaves today.
  2. Sheer blind panic.  People
    race to their vehicles at the first flake, determined to buy every last
    can of Spam at the local grocery emporium, lest they get caught
    Spam-less in the midst of the Storm of the Century, even though the
    forecast calls for less than an inch of accumulation.


sitting here in the window at Starbucks, I saw a man in the parking lot
stop and write in the snow with the tip of his umbrella.  I could tell he was not a Seattle native, because nobody here uses umbrellas.  He was a young, prematurely balding white guy.  I
thought at first that he was exhibiting the child-like wonder reaction
to snow by writing a mushy sentiment, or the name of his girlfriend, or
“snow rocks,” or something. 


I went back to my work for a few moments, and when I looked up, he was walking away.  In the snow he had written BOMB ISRAEL.


would a young fellow react to the appearance of snow in our normally
rainy city by expressing a wish to murder Jewish women and children? 


I’m now watching that missive, hoping someone parks on top of it, or that it snows hard enough to cover it up.  If it is still there when I leave, I will scrape it out with my shoe.


I’ll bet that guy loses all his hair before he’s 30.



Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage

Just futzing with the new toy.  Talk to me.  Use your cell phone’s free long distance.

That’s me at the end.  And apparently I’m such an addict my kids have resorted to talking to me via computer.

In other idiot news, a homeowners’ association in Colorado is
threatening to fine a woman $25 per day for displaying this wreath on
her house.

Other residents feel it is an anti-war protest, or possibly a Satanic emblem.  Same thing.


29 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmm, it’s news to me. Looks interesting, though.
    Personally, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a podcast. I’m just not sure I have enough material to do it. Podcasts and video journaling seem to be the wave of the future. Hey, maybe you could do one

  2. Starbucks seems to run in the family.   Your New Caller feature sure looks interesting…I’ll give it a try when the rotory phone conks out.   All that snow in Seattle must bring out the nutzoids….hopefully that guy will get nailed by a bus in the snowstorm.

  3. *tears up the IOU*(Good one.)I hate when devil worshippers move into the neighborhood. It’s a drag having to use up all my matches to burn a cross into their lawn!

  4. Some people are just simply insane… like people who come up with the nitpicky rules of a homeowners association. There are enough idiot laws that we have to put up with on a daily basis without some anal retentive tightwad telling me what I can and can’t do with a home I own… needless to say I don’t live in such a community. As for what that idiot wrote in the snow… there are sick people all over that just haven’t been caught and put into rubber rooms yet.

  5. Satanic emblem? Christmas, in things like traditional Christmas carols, is associated with peace. What a lovely neighborhood. (She said sarcastically.)And how strange that the man chose to write Bomb Israel in the snow.

  6. The wonder and awe tend to wear off after four or five feet of it, but yeah, the first big flakes are a miracle and in Seattle that must have been amazing! I’ve spray-painted snow a time or two but never with murderous intent…

  7. That dude needs an icy Northeastern snowball smack dab in his PUSS!Seriously, why can’t we all just get along?I don’t even know where these people have the TIME to have so much hatred. I guess his bumper sticker reads:SO MUCH HATRED SO LITTLE TIMEPtooey on hatred. You can quote me on that.Thank you Kaz

  8. I can’t believe people are protesting a peace sign wreath. Puh-LEASE, people! And, what?!? “Bomb Israel”?!?!? I don’t get it. Dontcha just wanna ask people, sometimes, why they do what they do?

  9. I think that wreath is cute.  Why hate the peace sign?  What if she just had a sign that said “Peace on Earth”?  Would that be fined, too?  Idiots.
    Why would a young fellow react to the appearance of snow in our normally rainy city by expressing a wish to murder Jewish women and children? 
    Obviously he’s mean.

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