I have this pair of jeans that are too long, but they work when I wear my thick-soled stompy boots.  So this morning I felt very pleased because

  1. The children went to school.
  2. The roads had improved to the point where I could drive my minivan.
  3. I got to wear my too-long jeans with my slush-worthy stompy boots, and they make my legs look longer, which I guess is the whole point of too-long jeans.


I went out to warm up the van, which still sported a substantial coating of snow.  I left the car door open as I turned the key in the ignition, because I planned to go back in the house for a few minutes.  The wipers, which I had (oh foolish me) left on the last time I drove, immediately leaped into action, sweeping a pile of slushy snow off the windshield, pushing it to the side of the vehicle, where it promptly went through the open door and landed on my lap.


Well, hell if I was going to change and miss a too-long jeans opportunity, so I went into the house and felt pleased because

  1. The children went to school, and therefore
  2. They were not there to see me performing the bodily contortions required to blow-dry the seat of my pants. 


Enough said.



14 thoughts on “

  1. Didn’t your father ever warn you about the danger of theft or worse when leaving an unattended car running?   Shame on him.   Also, thanks alot for sending your crappo weather this way.

  2. All well and good, but your tushy missed out on the opportunity to sport a toasty pair right out of the dryer. *mmmmm… cozy*
    Congrats on the back to school thing.

  3. Hair dryers… one of the best inventions of the century.  I’m lucky – my wipers don’t throw the crap inside the car.  I do have to be careful, however, when going through drive-thru windows.  I splattered more than one clerk when I still had my minivan.

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