I am SO no longer amused by the weather, perhaps because my ears are still ringing from having my two kids plus a third sweet but exceedingly loud child in my house ALL DAY.  They wouldn’t even go outside.  At all.  And while I would not have hesitated to boot my own kids out into the frigid wilderness of the back yard against their will, I didn’t feel quite right about risking frostbite on the fingers and toes of someone else’s child.


Most aggravating thing about my day: even though the kids amused themselves and each other quite well, and I have four, FOUR, Very Important Projects I should’ve been accomplishing, I accomplished nothing, nada, SQUAT, because I cannot write with kids in the house.  I just can’t tune them out.  The impersonal din that surrounds me in coffee shops makes a nice cocoon of white noise that helps me concentrate.  But kid noise crowds out all useful thought and creative energy. 


Now, even though bucketfuls (bucketsful?) of snow are currently falling from the sky, Technogeek assures me it will all be gone in the morning, and school WILL be in session.  Perhaps he made a donation to the Weather Gods and they just haven’t gotten around to his request yet.  The Weather Gods probably have a call center where low-paid customer service operators listen sympathetically to your wishes and desires and then put you on indefinite hold while they laugh amongst themselves at your hubris.


Tea and cookies time for me. 



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  1. Go write now! They’re not still up are they???I mean if you can be funny here (godblessya), you should be able to dredge up some creative sentences for money, non?

  2. I think the reason it’s difficult to tune out the kid noise is because of the potential for damaging situations.  You know like whatever they’re doing could be destroying some part of the house or causing injury to someone.  Plus kids generally shriek a little bit more than people in a coffee shop.  I mean, in my experience.  🙂
    Bucketsful?  Dang. 

  3. Nice.  I got a laugh out of it.  We’re down to seven below zero, and still no snow.  Ew.  And I hate having extra kids in the house when I need to get something done…I had an extra Tuesday and got nothing accomplished.

  4. Extra Kids?  How’d you get talked into that?
    regarding your post, yes, as always you’re right, Muslims are a big group worldwide, but I was more talking about the illegal ones here, which is a much smaller group.  And Nancy Pelosi in particular has dialed down the language about overturning any of problematic legislation scince the Dem’s took power.  She may yet follow through, so I guess yer right there too.  Wait and see.

  5. Come live here. It only snows every ten years. Generally, kids can be sent outside all year ’round, except I guess not when there’s a tornado, which is every other day in April. And in the summer they have to be covered in sunscreen and bug spray. But there’snothing like an entire hour of peace writing in an empty house while glancing every once in a while out the window to check on the kids and the dog playing in the hose or the sprinkler. And sometimes you can even do this during Christmas holidays!

  6. Well. We FINALLY have a wee bit ‘o chilly weather in the a.m. & p.m….sorta…here in S. Calif. But mostly, it’s SUN 24-7…which does make Christmas shopping EASY-Peasy…
    Now, presently, I’m sorta WISHING for a few overcast days in a row…
    Ain’t happening. Nada. I could do snow for say, 1 day…:)

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